Adam and Jack talk about how everyone will know by the end of tomorrow about Victor Newman the murderer. Adam wonders why Jack is so willing to let him take all the credit for this. Jack thinks he deserves everything that is coming his way. Adam looks at the engagement ring he has when Jack leaves and then he calls the club room to place a special order.

Nick is surprised at Sharon for taking a risk when she stole the diary. He says he is sure now that Heather will have a warrant issued for his father. He calls Nikki and leaves a message for her saying there has been a new development.

Ashley arrives at Nikki’s hotel room in London. Nikki tells her that Victor is in terrible trouble for possibly killing the man responsible for killing Sabrina.

Katherine tells Jill she is not going to the doctor today because she has somewhere else she has to go. She reminds Jill that Esther has the day off then teases her about who needs to see a doctor. When Katherine leaves Jill calls Cane and Billy telling them she needs to have a meeting with them about their grandmother.

Noah meets with his mom and dad at Newman and impresses them with his French. When he asks where his Grandma is he catches the look on both of them and asks what is going on. He asks if this is about his grandpa. Nick tells him there is a diary coming out tomorrow and it supposedly is of Victor claiming to be responsible for killing a man and of course it is a lie. Nick says he has lawyers on it now and they convince Noah to still go on his trip to Paris.

Adam calls Heather and she tells him she can’t go to lunch because there has been a break in Victor’s case so she can’t possibly leave. She says rumors of the journal are true so an international warrant has been issued. She tells him lunch will have to wait and that she has to go. Adam tries to stop her by telling her to wait, he knows who found and sold the journal to the magazine.

Ashley doesn’t think Victor is a murderer. Nikki tells Ashley about how Victor has been acting. She said he almost died from dehydration, and how Nick found him unconscious. She said he snapped and not just from grieving, his soul is broken. Ashley says she knows that kind of pain saying it makes you want to close your eyes and never wake up. She tells Nikki she survived it and so will Victor. Nikki asks her if she thinks she would have even called her if she thought for one minute he would be fine. She tells Ashley that she just might be the one person that can save Victor.

Marge invites Katherine into Murphy’s home. She has been staying there since she lost her own place. She says she is on the verge of losing her job saying her life has gone to hell. Katherine blames the alcohol and tells her she never took her for a drinker. Marge says it kind of crept up on her doing the same thing every day. She says some days she doesn’t even recognize herself. Katherine knows exactly what she means.

Jill talks to Cane and Billy about Katherine starting to sign the stock over to Gloria of all people. She tells them Katherine keeps canceling appointments with the doctor. Both of them want to talk to Katherine but Jill thinks it is past that. She thinks her mother is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s and she needs to be treated for it. Jill says if necessary she will have her declared incompetent all decisions business and personal will be taken out of her hands.

Noah asks where Jack is when they get home. He wanted to say goodbye to him. Noah asks her if they are fighting. Sharon tells him they are having a rough time since they left the magazine. Sharon tells him not to worry, they will work this out. She tells him she will meet him in Paris the end of the week and she is looking forward to spending the day there. When Jack comes home Noah ignores him and he goes out to finish packing. Sharon tells Jack about the journal in which Victor admits killing Walter.

Heather goes to her suite at the club and tells Adam she doesn’t have time for games. She wants the name of the person who sold that journal. He admits to her that it was him.

Ashley tells Nikki that she isn’t sure she can reach Victor either. She tells Nikki she is the one he always goes back to. Nikki says not now, he hates her, he wished her dead. Nikki tells her that his love for her never went away though. Nikki insists that Victor holds Ashley in the highest regard regardless of how Abby was conceived. She says he loves Abby and he respects Ashley. Nikki tells her she is their only hope. She gives her the address of the church Victor is staying at and begs her to help him.

Nick tells Neil about the journal. She says that Michael said an international warrant has been issued for Victor. Nick says they need to make an official response but Neil thinks they need to have their lawyers examine the journal. Victoria suggests that they wait until their experts prove it is a hoax. Nick says that can take weeks. He says their silence would imply that they are guilty. He thinks a press conference will show solidarity. They all agree to do it.

Jack gives Noah an envelope with money in it. Noah says sweet and thanks. Jack wishes him to have a great trip. He says forget about this journal and reminds him that his grandfather loves him and nothing will change that.

Heather scolds Adam for not handing that journal over to her instead of selling it. He tells her that Victor blackballed him, preventing him from getting a job and he needed the money. He says the money will give them a chance at a whole new life.

Marge doesn’t like the idea of going through a 12 step program. She says she just needs a pal to help her pull it together and some money for some groceries. Katherine says she will be there for her and she will buy them some groceries but won’t give her money for booze. Katherine tells her she is not a soft touch for money and starts to leave but Marge asks her not to leave. Katherine insists that Marge go to an AA meeting and says to come on, they will go find one now.

Cane thinks Jill is rushing into things too fast. He thinks they need to get her diagnosed first and hear what the doctors have to say. Jill says she is concerned about the company as well. Cane tells her she will strip Katherine of her dignity. Jill says she is not enjoying this saying it is heartbreaking but if Katherine won’t cooperate they have to do what is necessary. Billy agrees they have to do something,

After sending Noah leaves Sharon thanks Jack for talking to Noah about Victor. She says it was nice seeing the man she fell in love with again. She says she isn’t sure what he was doing with Adam, and then she says he wasn’t helping him get that diary published was he? She looks into his eyes and asks how could he? She is so disappointed as Jack stands there speechless.

Heather wants to know how Adam rationalizes this. He says this way she gets to prosecute Victor and he has lots of money to live on. He says his father owes him after ruining his career. Heather says he will make a fool out of her with her boss. Adam says now he can start his own business and they won’t have to worry about money. He says he is serious about her and their future together. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He opens the box with the ring and asks Heather to marry him.

Heather wonders if this about a wife not being able to testify against her husband. She asks why, since Adam has never even told her he loves her before. Adam says he loved her since the day they went on their country hike. He says she is his best friend and the only one he trusts. He couldn’t propose to her unless he had a way to take care of her and now he can. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and begs her to tell him she wants that too.

Jack tells Sharon that he took Adam to the publisher. He says what Victor did to that young man was reprehensible. Sharon tells him he knew how much that would hurt Victor’s family and her son. He admits to her that she is right.

Nick holds a press conference saying they are disgusted about these allegations and certainly that the journal is a fraud. They have asked that a judge turn it over to them so they can challenge its authenticity. He says his father is off grieving and when he returns he will disprove of this pack of lies until then he asks that Victor be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. They ask if Victoria will stake her business reputation on her father’s innocence. She says yes if proven otherwise she will step down from her position at Newman.

Katherine and Marge return from an AA meeting and she tells Marge that she did fine. Katherine encourages her to read the material they gave her every day. She says if she can stay sober anyone can. She tells her to call h4r if she even thinks about taking a drink.

Cane wants to hold back on taking action regarding Katherine. When he takes a call Billy tells Jill she is doing the right thing. He tells her it would give her all the power. She tells him that is not what this is all about. He says if she says so but he doesn’t believe her. Esther seems to have been listening in on them talking.

Marge is all alone and she paces the floors. She fidgets anxiously and then rummages through her purse. She finds a little bottle and opens it and sits drinking what is in the bottle.

Esther hears Jill using the word institutionalized. When Katherine comes in Esther hurries her back out the door telling her that she heard Jill is trying to have her sent away and put into a home. Katherine is surprised and asks her what for?

Jack tells Sharon it might be a good idea if he joined her in her trip to Paris so they can spend some alone time together and then join Noah at the end of the week. Sharon tells him she doesn’t want him to go with her. She needs to spend some time alone and besides now Noah has a lot more to worry about thanks to him. She ends it at that as she walks out.

Heather tells Adam that she does love him and that yes she will marry him. She kisses him and when he puts the ring on her finger she almost starts to hyperventilate.

Ashley thinks about this address and then thinks back to when Victor helped her out of her depression. In tears she calls to make arrangements for Abby saying she is not sure how long she will be because she has to go to France.

Jan Barrett

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