Sharon warns Jack that he promised her he wouldn’t go after Victor. She says not with what that family is going through. The timing is wrong. Jack gets Sharon to sit down and listen to the audio tape. She agrees that she doesn’t approve of what Victor done but she wants them to sit on it a few days but Ben doesn’t think they should. She tells Jack this is just the wrong time to do this.

Daniel offers to go with Jack and Ben and Sharon for moral support. When Sharon leaves Ben tells Jack they need to use this recording in order to save him. He says let him use it and he won’t even have to be a part of it. He tells Jack his seat in the Senate is in trouble and this audio tape can be the one thing they have that can save his political career. Jack finally gives in and tells him OK to go on and use it. Ben is ready to make the call for it right now but Jack stops him. He says no they are not going to give this to the press, they are going to give it to the D.A. instead.

At the hospital there were complications but this morning Victoria is doing a lot better, but she is still in the coma. They are waiting on the doctor to come to let them know how the baby is. When he comes out the doctor tells them the baby is very weak at this point and that approximately 50% of the babies this small if they survive suffer moderately with disabilities. Brad and JT are looking at the baby in the nursery. JT tells Brad he read about a baby girl on the internet that was delivered at 23 weeks. He says she was tiny but she did survive. Colleen walks up and is surprised when she sees how small the baby is. She says she has never seen a baby that small before.

Nikki breaks down with Nick and Phyllis saying she is so afraid the baby is not going to make it. She says he is so tiny and so fragile, and she just doesn’t think he is going to survive. They tell her that she did the right thing by asking them to wait to try and save the baby. As Nikki is crying on Nick’s shoulder’s Victor walks into the room looking.

Colleen calls Brad but keeps getting his voice mail. She tells Lily about them having to take Victoria in for an emergency c-section. She tells her there were complications with the pregnancy and she is sure that is something went wrong her Dad would have called her by now to let her know. JT tells Nick and Sharon that he was willing to let that baby die in order to save Victoria but now that the baby is born he feels so different. Sharon explains to him that she went into premature labor with Noah and the doctors told Nick he had to make a choice to either save the baby or save Sharon. She says she wanted him to save the baby but Nick wanted to save her. They got lucky and both survived.

Amber goes in to the coffee house and talks to Kevin in a disguise. No one at the coffee house recognizes her. She tells Kevin she plans to enter the contest and no one will ever know it is her. Kevin tells her she will never get in but Amber thinks he is wrong.

Amber goes to talk to Cane using her disguise. He talks to her about Australia and she tries to fool him about who she is. He questions her about a lot of things in the Outback. He tells her he looks forward to reading an article she claims that she wrote. His phone rings so he excuses himself. Amber walks away and runs into Lily knowing her phone out of her hand. Amber asks Lily if that is her phone. Lily says no the only phone she ever seen like that was Amber’s but Kevin intervenes and says Amber probably dropped it and doesn’t know it, so he offers to tale it and give her,. Amber walks away saying she is sure she will thank him.

At the office at Jabot Amber gets Kevin to help her. He goes to the web site he set up for the contest and changed one little word in the rules which would officially allow Amber to join the contest. He says if anyone catches it he will tell them it was only a typo. While they are discussing it, Daniel walks in and recognizes Amber right away. When they tell him her plans he laughs and tells her she will never get away with it and is surprised that Kevin is going along with her on this.

At the coffee house Ben goes to see Maggie. She is not to happy to see him. He tells her he has something she will want to see. He says he has an audio tape for him to listen to with Victor’s voice talking to JiMin. Maggie listens to the tape. She tells Paul that this only confirms now that Jack Abbott is not the only suspect in the JiMin case now.

Jack tells Sharon what Ben is doing. She asks him to call Ben and stop him. Jack says he can’t now it is too late. This is not going to the public, he told Ben to be sure of that. Sharon asks him how come he couldn’t have waited one or two more days. She says Victoria’s condition is very critical and so is the baby’s and right now that family does not need this. 

Jan Barrett

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