Jack is working hard to get out of the spotlight as a murder suspect. He is worried that he might lose his place on the Senate seat. He says he is planning on helping the police find out who the man is that is responsible for JiMin’s murder. Sharon walks in and tells him she will not let him go after Victor. She tells Jack that she has always stood by him for everything but she will not let him go after Victor. He asks her what she wants him to do, take the fall for the murder of JiMin. Sharon says no, but right now is the wrong time with Victoria being at the hospital right now worrying about Victoria and the baby. She tells him if he does this then she doesn’t know him at all and she can never stand by someone she doesn’t know. He says in that case he has to forget the plans for her sake. He tells her he couldn’t stand it not having her by his side.

Ben harasses Maggie at the coffee shop about the police department’s way of handling the JiMin’s murder case. She talks to him expressing her feelings not knowing that a reporter is video taping the conversation they are having. Later someone calls Jack telling him about the tape being aired on a web site online. He and Sharon watch it. Ben comes in and Jack jumps on him about going to the press about the JiMin case. Ben tells him he never went to the press but he thinks none of that matters now anyway. He tells Jack and Sharon of an audio tape that was found of Victor with JiMin. He tells Jack apparently JiMin didn’t trust Victor either. This is now evidence that Victor was behind the leak all along.

Brad comes into the court room before the judge renders his decision with a letter he found from Victoria when she was pregnant before stating that she loved her baby more than life itself. The judge takes the letter in as evidence. The judge asks Brad considering his interest in this case does he really think he could be able to decide on what to do with Victoria with her best interest and not just because he thinks the baby might be his. Brad tells him he was in love with Victoria and he can’t ever forget that so yes he thinks he can.

Kevin and Cane discuss the internet. Kevin set up a new Jabot web page. Lily walks in and Cane calls her over so he can show it to her. Amber sees Cane with Lily making her think about when Cane asked her to sign the papers saying she will not go after the Chancellor money. She remembers telling him he can do what he wants to do to her, she will never stop loving him. Colleen comes up and Lily shows her the new web page. She tells her about the new online contest that Jabot is starting about looking for women with inner beauty available for women of all ages.

Amber goes to Cane and is making small talk about the contest thinking of ideas for it. When she finally comes out with the possibility of her entering he tells her that it is off limits to family members. She tells him but they are divorced so she is not family. He tells her he doubts his Mother would allow her to enter after the last fiasco.

Jill comes into the coffee shop and Amber tries to sell her pitch with the young face and designer bit. Jill tells her to let her guess, this person Amber is talking about is her. Amber says well yes. Jill tells her no way. It won’t ever happen and besides it’s not for family members. Amber tells her that she isn’t family anymore. Jill reminds her that she never was legally married to her son anyway since she forged the marriage license. Jill tells her to forget ever entering this contest, she won’t let her. Amber tries convincing her that she has changed but Jill still doesn’t listen. Amber whines to Kevin about how Jill won’t let her join the contest. He tells her Jill will not change her mind but he did tell her to hold on though because the Miss Wisconsin Contest should be coming up soon, sarcastically of course.

JT and Nick talk about Victoria. JT is against them waiting to do the c-section on Victoria. He is devastated at the thought of losing Victoria. In court Michael asks the judge for an opportunity to let Victor speak. Nikki’s attorney says as long as his client also gets the chance. The judge states that as long as there are no other objections he will allow it. Victor begs the judge not to allow Brad Carlton to have the final say about what happens to his daughter. Nikki tells the judge this is a hard decision to make. Michael later tells Victor that was one powerful letter and he asks if maybe in light of this Victor ought to reconsider his decision here. Victor states that he would rather live with his daughter never speaking to him again than to live with himself knowing he let her die.

At the hospital the doctor tells Nick and JT that Victoria’s condition is getting worse, and that they have not been able to stabilize her.  JT calls Victor and tells him that if they don’t do the c-section they will lose them both. Nick calls Nikki and tells her that Victoria is getting worse and they have to do something soon.

The judge comes in and is told of the change in Victoria’s condition and he orders the emergency c-section to be done on her right away. Nick is on the phone with Victor and Nikki. They are prepping Victoria for surgery and Nikki asks Nick to put the phone up to Victoria’s ear. She tells her that she and Victor both love her very much. Later at the hospital the family all gather in the waiting room and Victor says a prayer for Victoria.

The doctor comes in and tells the family that there were some complications during the surgery. Victor and Nikki ask him what does that mean. The doctor says at this point her condition is very critical.

Jan Barrett

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