Victor and Nikki each prepare to appear in court for the decision on what they are going to do about Victoria. JT tells Nikki he can’t possibly respect anyone that would be willing to let their own daughter die. Meanwhile Michael warns Victor not to lose his temper in front of the judge. Victor promises not to for the sake of his daughter. At the courthouse Nikki takes some medicine and starts choking on it as she tries swallowing it with nothing to drink. Michael hurries up and gets her some water. As soon as she gets her throat cleared she starts crying about that baby not having a chance if they take it right now.

Phyllis walks up with her phone ringing telling them it is Nick and he has news about Victoria. He says the news is bad, her latest urine analysis shows that her protein levels have gone up and they are monitoring it closely to be sure it doesn’t effect her kidneys. In court the first witness calls in is Dr Webb. He is questioned about Victoria’s condition. Nikki’s attorney drills Victor on the stand with questions. Victor is fuming over the questions he asked him and yells at Nikki for allowing it outside the court room. Next up on the stand is Nikki and Michael has his chance to question Nikki. He asks Nikki if she has any proof at all of her daughter’s wishes and of course she has to say no. Next they question Brad about his reasons to think he is qualified to act as guardian over Victoria right now.

Gloria is a bundle of nerves wondering about the letter from John that his ex cell mates son told her about. Kevin tries calming her down telling her the man promised to look for it for her. Kevin is pacing the floors waiting on Jana’s doctor to call him with the test results she had yesterday. Gloria gets a call from Jeffery inviting her out for dinner tonight which she gladly accepts. Kevin asks her how come she can’t stay away from this guy, she answers with a question to him asking why he can’t stay away from Jana. Kevin tells her not to even go there with that.

At dinner Gloria tells Jeffery all about how Jill and Katherine are at each other’s throats all the time and even though it is gossiping she fills him in on a lot of things about them.

Jill comes in and tells Gloria she came up with an idea. She asks her what does she thinks of them having a contest for women of all sorts and ages. They think this is a great idea and Jill wants to go for it. Later Jill runs into Lily with Cane and she tells her about her plans for this contest. Jill tells her that she was the one that hired her mother the first time. Then Jill gets an idea and tells Lily she should consider entering the contest herself.

Lily thinks about what Jill said. She remembers back when Cane told Jill she was a natural beauty and Jill agreed with him, leaving Lily actually considering entering this contest of Jabot’s.

Neil and Cane argue over the responsibility of the Clear Springs accident. Cane wants Newman to put up the financial responsibilities and Neil tells him that he will read the reports and get back with him. Neil is frustrated that all Cane seems to be interested in is money when the Newman’s are going through the hell that they are. Lily comes to the office and he let’s off steam about it then later apologizes for it since Cane is her friend.

Nick is sitting in the room with Victoria talking to the baby telling it that its Mom will have to teach it things when suddenly a buzzer goes off and nurses come running in the room. Nick calls Phyllis and tells them there was no change in Victoria. They still don’t know about her kidneys yet.

Just as the judge is about to render his decision Brad comes in with some new evidence. He claims he has a letter from Victoria written to him that will prove that Victoria would want them to save the baby no matter what the cost is.

Jan Barrett

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