Phyllis is at the club making sure all the preparations for the family Thanksgiving is done like she planned. Meanwhile Victoria and Nick are at the jail visiting with Victor. Victor tells them they shouldn’t have come, they should have stayed with their families. Victoria says they are meeting with them later. He tells them that their mother was there and Nick asks him what he said to her. Victor tells him he told her what she needed to hear from him.

Nikki wakes up with Paul next to her in his bed and she says she can’t remember the last time she slept so well. Paul swears to her that this was not his intention when he invited her to stay there. She says she has to get dressed to go to dinner and she asks if he has plans with Heather. He tells her no and Nikki assumes it is because of his devotion to them. He says Heather made her choice.

Heather and Adam join each other at the club and Heather is happy they are celebrating Thanksgiving together. Adam promises not to mention the journal at all saying this is the first Thanksgiving they have together. She tells him they will make their own family as she smiles at him.

Jack watches as Sharon plays a video game with Noah. Noah wonders about Cassie’s paper turkey and Sharon says it is on the table already. Jack tells Sharon he is sorry this won’t be a big family Thanksgiving dinner but he is glad she is giving him another chance. She tells him she won’t be able to trust him for a while and not to expect things to change overnight.

Tyra, Anna and Gill arrive at the Winter’s for dinner. Lily and Devon are in the kitchen to get the food when Tyra notices Karen’s ring on her finger saying she guesses now it is official and offers her congratulations. Lily comes out and announces that this year she didn’t cook the turkey and everyone cheers.

Cloe and Cane arrive at the Chancellor Estate and Cloe comments on Esther’s clothes knowing she can take the credit for picking the outfit out for her. Esther starts to take their jackets when Cloe reminds her that she doesn’t have to do that anymore since now she owns half of that house.

When Billy walks in he asks Cloe if she was waiting for him at the door and he remarks that she looks incredible. He watches as Cane hugs Jill and then walks in. Jill tells her two sons that this dinner is what Katherine would have wanted.

Murphy brings Katherine to the diner and Joe the cook thinks she is Marge and he tells her to get to work when she greets him with a How do you do?

Nikki insists that Paul joins them at the club for dinner. They both agree that what happened between them last night should be kept to themselves.

Victor tells the kids that he blames Nikki for following him to Mexico and finding that diary. Nick thinks that Adam and Jack are the ones to blame. Victor is sure that once the diary is proven to be a forgery he will be released and home by Christmas.

Cloe scolds Esther for cooking dinner saying she should have hired someone to cook. Esther says she didn’t mind doing it. Jill says she went to Katherine’s gravesight this morning for a private chat with Katherine despite their volatile relationship. She says she would give anything just to hear Katherine’s voice again.

Katherine is not catching on to this waitress thing so easily when Pearl walks in and greets Murphy. Some of the customers start complaining about not getting their orders and getting them wrong when Joe yells at Katherine about screwing up warning her that he will fire her. Katherine snaps back at him telling him not to use that tone with her saying she is doing the best she can. Pearl cheers her on saying you tell him Marge!

Lily notices that Neil and Karen are glowing. Anna tells Tyra that she would have a ring like that too if she got married. Tyra says but she needs a proposal first. Gill is called into work for the night shift because of someone calling in sick. They talk about their own traditions for thanksgiving when Lily says now it will all be part of their traditions too. They all make a toast to their family.

Sharon remarks that the turkey was nice and juicy this year. Jack suggests that they watch the football game together but Sharon says she has to bring Noah to the club to join the Newman’s for their dinner. Jack says that he is grateful that they are all together saying nothing is more important to him than the two of them.

Nikki talks about how pretty Summer looks in her little dress and then she hugs Victoria before that all sit down. Phyllis says Daniel is having dinner with Amber this year who is cooking their dinner. Victoria says poor guy and they all laugh. Phyllis says she has worked her fingers to a bone getting this dinner prepared. They each talk about what they have to be grateful for this year. After each say what they have to be thankful for Adam and Heather walk by and he tells them it is too bad that they will only see Victor behind bars. Heather tells Paul he doesn’t have to explain why he is having dinner with the Newman’s. When Heather and Adam are walking away Nick says just loud enough for them to hear for them to enjoy the holiday and once the truth gets out about what Adam did to his dad it will be the last one they have together.

Anna says this is the best Thanksgiving she has ever had. Gill tells everyone he hates to eat and run but mentions that he likes the idea of them double dating with Neil and Karen sometimes. Lily is on her cell phone and she tells everyone it is not her internet friend, it is Billy. Neil is surprised and wonders when they started spending time together but Lily says they are only just friends.

Pearl watches Marge and mentions that she noticed she is acting as if she has never seen a diner before. She says she isn’t even talking like herself. Katherine tells her she has not been drinking and then goes back to work. Murphy tries helping her out telling her she is doing great but then reminds her that she forgot a soda for table five.

As the Newman’s talk about Thanksgivings in the past they remember the year Zapato ate the turkey. Nikki is refusing to let Adam ruin her spirits. Phyllis takes Summer to the puppet show. Paul wonders what his future son in law is up to. Victoria tells him about Adam’s involvement with Jack and how Jack helped him find a publisher for the diary, Nikki isn’t surprised saying that they should never underestimate Jack’s need to make Victor suffer.

Noah and Jack are watching the football game when Sharon tells Noah it is time to go. Jack takes a call from Tracie wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. Noah notes to Sharon he can see that things are weird between her and Jack. He says he doesn’t need to go to the Club. Sharon tells him all is well and then Jack walks in telling them Tracie invited them all to go to New York. Sharon doesn’t say yes, she only says they will see. Jack tells Noah to tell his Dad hi. Noah says great we’re all together while Grandpa is stuck in jail.

Joe rings the bell ordering Katherine to pick up her order. She snaps at him again telling him to refrain from speaking to her like that. He asks who is she, the queen of England or something. Joe threatens to fire her again and tells her that her boyfriend better order something saying this ain’t a hotel. Katherine quickly tells Joe an order for her friend telling him to put a hat on the pie, then says that means ice cream as she rings the bell for Joe. Murphy laughs in the background.

Jill and Esther argue when Esther mentions how empty Katherine’s spot looks. Esther tells Jill she wouldn’t be feeling so guilty if she had been nicer to Katherine. Jill comes back saying she knows she did not just say that. She says if she does have any regrets it is none of Esther’s business. Jill stands up and says to Esther that she has said enough. She says she has crossed the line this time. Esther asks what she is going to do about it, kick her out. She adds good luck leaving Jill speechless.

Gill gets to work and is given a missing persons report with Anna’s picture on it. He says well what do you know, that is Anna Hamilton.

Neil answers the door when Billy comes over. Neil wonders if it wise for Lily to be friends with her ex fiancé’s brother. Billy says he hates to see how Cane treated Lily. Lily walks up and let’s Billy in. Billy thanks Devon and Anna for singing at Katherine’s funeral.

Billy takes Lily out for a walk but they return soon when Gill and a woman from social services arrive. He tells them it seems that Anna has been reported missing by a Yolanda Hamilton. He tells Tyra to prove to him that she is Anna’s mother and this can all be solved. Tyra tells him she is Anna’s aunt but she has raised her since she was a baby. Devon admits that Anna is his sister and he refuses to let them take her away. They say that Yolanda is a drug addict and Anna is scared to death of her.

Phyllis comes back to join the family saying Summer is doing an art project with Aunt Victoria. Sharon and Noah come in just in time for dessert. Phyllis and Sharon say their quiet hellos to each other and Nick tells everyone that they have got to get Sharon’s recipe for cranberry sauce one of these days. He tells Sharon he will get it out of her one day he promises. Phyllis doesn’t seem to like cranberry sauce.

Jack goes to see Victor in jail which doesn’t surprise Victor at all. He tells Victor he has been thinking about the things he has to be grateful for and having Victor being behind bars is one of them.

Cloe talks about her pregnancy with the family, and then tells cane she understands how come he couldn’t go with her for her last appointment then she rubs her stomach and says Daddy is after all a CEO. To keep Esther and Jill from fighting she makes the announcement that they did an ultrasound on the baby and she found out the baby is a girl and she wants the baby’s middle name to be Katherine. Jill says Katherine would be honored. She says this calls for some champagne and she looks at Esther to go get it. Esther refuses to wait on Jill anymore. She says she is officially firing herself saying now they are equals so she better get use to it.

When Katherine’s shift is finally over she takes off her apron and thanks Murphy and
Pearl for their help. She says she is ready to get out of there because her feet were killing her. She says if she is going to be a waitress she is going to be the best damn waitress there is as they leave the diner.

Heather and Adam are back in their suite when he gives her another gift. She opens it and finds mistletoe and then holds it up so he kisses her. He tells her that they are each other’s family now and then he asks her how a Christmas wedding sound to her. She kisses him indicating that it sounds good to her.

Jack is sitting across the table from Victor and he continues to taunt Victor. When Victor sits he tells Jack he won’t think this is too funny when they find his prints all over that notebook. Jack insists that he just introduced Adam to the publisher. He tells Victor he liked the part of how he held Palin’s head under water the best. Victor asks if Jack wrote that part himself. Jack tells Victor he doesn’t blame him for taking this mob guy out but now everyone knows he is capable of murder. Victor tells him he hasn’t murdered anyone but he just might do that when he gets out.

Anna asks why she had to come home from her friend’s house saying she was having fun. Tyra tells her that the authorities now know that she is not her mother and that Yolanda is looking for her. Gill introduces the social worker saying first they will place her in a foster home. Gill advises Tyra to find herself a good lawyer. Anna begs Devon not to let them take her away from her family as she cries in his arms.

Jan Barrett

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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