Brad is surprised by a visit from Phyllis who asks if he knew his friend Sharon’s marriage was falling apart. She tells Brad she can arrange for him to be there when it happens which should be any day now.

Sharon thinks back to when she tried to talk to Jack and how she accused him of keeping secrets from her. Jack is in Heather’s office and they are asking him about his involvement in the diary that was published. Jack tells them he has nothing to hide so they can ask him anything.

Tyra thanks Neil for letting them borrow his place since the power was down at their place. Neil is playing cards with Olivia when Neil compliments Tyra over what she is wearing. When Gill comes in he tells Tyra that she looks great. Neil jokes telling him to have Tyra home at a decent time. When Gill and Tyra leave, Neil tells Olivia that he isn’t so sure that Gill is good enough for Tyra.

Nikki walks in at the jail to see Victor. Ashley leaves to give Nikki and Victor some privacy. Victor shows Nikki the diary and she asks if this is the diary. He asks her if she is responsible for it getting to Genoa City. She tells him she is the one that has been moving heaven and earth to try and save him not destroy him. He asks how the hell it got to the ranch then because he left it in Mexico. She has no idea saying maybe the little girl gave it to someone. He says if he can’t prove this is a fake he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and it will be her fault.

Jack tells Heather he never met Walter Palin but he says he has knows Adam since he was in diapers. Jack says he was business associates with him. Jack claims he didn’t read the diary before it was published. Jack says he thought Victor was blackballing his own son so he made the introduction. He says he wondered about its authenticity but that was up to the publisher to prove before publishing.

Phyllis talks to Nick on the phone who complains about Jack helping Adam publish that diary. Phyllis tells Nick she is driving so she can’t talk now and promises to get to Crimson Lights as soon as she can and then she hangs up. Brad asks since when does she lie to her husband. She says she trusts her husband but not Sharon. She says Sharon can’t be with a man without jumping in bed with him. Phyllis tells Brad to call her when he changes his mind and they can talk strategy.

Nikki tells Victor she has been guilt ridden over his grief and depression. He tells her he doesn’t give a damn about her feelings and he orders her to get out. She tells him he is not the first person to lose someone. She tells him he is so damn arrogant and self absorbed. She tells him he rips the heart out of anyone who has the misfortune to love him. She says Ashley should know better than to start with him again. She tells him she is finished with him, she has cried her last tear over him. She tells him he can go to hell as she yells for the guard to open the door. Victor tells her to get out, he never wants to see her again.
Neil tells Olivia of course he misses Dru but he has found peace with Karen. Olivia asks if he loves Karen. He shows Olivia a box with an engagement ring and asks if that answers her question. Olivia tells him she shouldn’t be marrying Karen.

Brad talks to Sharon in the bar at the club. She tells him she isn’t there waiting on Jack but she sure could use a friend to talk to.

Adam acts a bit nervous when Nick comes up to him. He tells him to pull another fast one and he is going to call the cops. Nick tells him he isn’t going to hit him. Nick says he does know though that he and Jack came up with that diary together and not to even try to deny it.

Adam tells him he has nothing to hide. He tells him that Victor is a thug and no one had to cook anything up.  Nick says Victor would never write a diary like that. Adam says maybe not the Victor that Nick grew up with but what about the Victor that they wanted to lock up in a psyche ward. He tells Nick he found the diary. Nick tells him to trust him, when all this blows up he is the one that will be hurting here. Adam walks off telling Nick that he may as well get use to Victor being behind bars at least for the next 20 years or so.

Neil tells Olivia he thought she and Karen were friends. Olivia says they are but she doesn’t think Karen is the one for him. She points out how much Tyra cares for him and how she would be a better match for him. Karen walks in and stops the conversation between Neil and Olivia.

Brad notes that Sharon is kind of down. She says there is a lot going on. She says she wishes he could help but she needs to figure this out on her own. He tells her if she ever needs someone to just listen he is there. She thanks him saying she will remember that.

When Phyllis comes in at Crimson Lights she isn’t as upset over Jack as Nick is. She says he can’t go after a hangnail with a guillotine. He says Jack can’t be rationale when it comes to his Dad. Nick asks her if she doesn’t seriously believe that Jack had nothing to do with this.

Adam tells Adam he can’t come running to him every 5 minutes no matter what Nick does. He tells them they have nothing to worry about. He tells him they are going to make it through this just fine. He tells him to go home and have a glass of wine and chill out.

Paul insists that Nikki stays with him, saying he doesn’t want to wake up on Thanksgiving alone. She says ok but she will sleep on the couch. He insists that this is his place and he is use to it. She tells him ok and that he is a good friend. They start talking about the past when they were teenagers. He brings up what they said to each other when they first met as teenagers and before you know it they are kissing.

Olivia and Ashley run into each other at the club. They stop long enough to update each other Olivia says she has made Genoa City her home base and that Nate was in medical school at John Hopkins. She says she is flying there to spend Thanksgiving with him. They decide to go have a drink and talk some more.

Gill asks Tyra about her family and she tells him she has a sister with a drug problem. He says he has no family living and he usually takes extra shifts at work during the holidays. Tyra asks him if he’d like to join them for dinner, Thanksgiving Day at Neil’s.

Karen is sorry to hear Olivia won’t be there for thanksgiving but she understands her wanting to be with her son. Neil tells her he has an idea how to pass some of their time away. He says he has something to give her. He was going to wait until tomorrow to give it to her but he thinks this is the right time. He shows her the rings. He tells her he knows she already said yes but he wanted to make it official.

Heather tells Adam that Jack came in for questioning. She says Agent Dylan was satisfied with Jack’s answers she thinks the man is hiding something. Adam tells her that Jack’s marriage is falling apart. She says she keeps forgetting they are such pals. Heather doesn’t buy Adam’s excuses for Jack saying she is going to do some more digging and find out what Jack has been up to.

Gill thanks Tyra for going out with her saying he will see her tomorrow at 3:00 for Thanksgiving dinner. She says she will see him then and then he kisses her and hugs her good night. Meanwhile Karen loves the ring Neil gave her. She tells him she loves him and they kiss and hug but Neil looks bothered.

Nikki and Paul are seen in bed together naked. She asks if he thought this morning when he woke up and contemplated his day did he ever expect this. He says not in a million years. She says she has been on a roller coaster but not right now. She says it feels like they are kids again. He says only this is better because Paul appreciates what an extraordinary women she is. He kisses Nikki.

Olivia is shocked to hear Ashley and Victor are together again. Ashley says she has forgotten all about the bad times and she knows she has always loved Victor. Olivia reminds her that it was because of Victor that her grip on reality was fragile at times. Ashley says she has to do what feels right to her and being with Victor feels right.

Nick goes to see Victor and tells him about how Jack hooked Adam up with the publisher and he is probably involved more somehow. Nick tells Victor they just have to come up with a way to smoke the two of them out.

Sharon goes home and tells Jack she has made some decisions. She says she has decided to give their marriage one more chance saying she can’t handle a second divorce. He says he had hoped to hear the word ‘love’ in there. She says of course she loves him. She tells him one more strike and he is out. He tells her that the Jabot deal was his last secret, the rest is an open book.

Brad calls Phyllis and she tells him that Jack doesn’t respect Sharon anymore than he did her when she was married to him. She says that is why their marriage is headed over a cliff. She says it doesn’t matter if it falls or if it is pushed, as long as Brad is there to catch Sharon when it happens. Brad agrees saying when Phyllis calls and gives him the green light he will be there for Sharon’s sake.

Jan Barrett

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