Neil and Karen start to make the announcement to the kids and Roxanne when Tyra and Anna walk in. They say they came in just at the perfect time. Karen tells them all that she and Neil are engaged to be married. Tyra smiles but it is clear that she isn’t happy about this announcement.

Jack talks to his lawyer and tells him that Ashley’s proxy is the only one he is waiting for. He says he needs it to make Jabot his. When she comes downstairs he tells her that this is the time they need to make their move to take over Jabot and get it back for the family. When he still refuses to tell him who his silent partner he, she refuses to give in.

Gloria tells Jeffery that Jack will work with them because he wants this as much as they do. Michael comes rushing in asking her to sign a paper recanting her statement against Lowell. Gloria refuses to sign it saying it would ruin her public image but she tells Michael that she admires him for standing by his father.

Kevin thinks back to when Katherine left her bag with the money in it when Jana interrupts telling him that it is their three month anniversary which won’t be derailed because of Katherine’s funeral. When she leaves Amber and Daniel come in telling him that they were just at the reading of Mrs. Chancellor’s will. When Daniel tells Kevin what Katherine left to Amber he says OMG that means you are rich. Daniel and Amber don’t look so happy.

Billy, Cane and Cloe are on the patio when Cane and Cloe invite Billy for dinner saying now is the time that family should be together. Billy says he has had enough of the black suits and sad faces. He says he would rather get back to the land of the living.

Gloria walks into the Abbott home saying ‘Hail to the conquering hero’s of Jabot’. Jeffery says Gloria is already decorating the CEO office in her mind. After a disagreement about who will be in charge Jack thanks them but tries to get them out of there before Ashley comes back but fails. Gloria brags to Ashley about what Katherine left her in her will. She tells Ashley that Jabot will be where it belongs calling Jack her partner. Jack freaks out and then Ashley says no way in hell as she looks at Jack.

The Winter’s are celebrating when Tyra offers her congratulations. Neil jokes about how Karen finally gave in. Neil sees Lily busy texting someone. Devon tells him she met someone online. Lily tells them she is going to meet the guy in a public used book store but won’t take Devon along with her for safety. Devon teases saying maybe this guy could be her date for their wedding.

Cloe tells Cane she wants to invite her mother and Canes mother for dinner. When Cane walks off to take a phone call, Billy is busy texting and Cloe begs for his attention. She grabs his phone and reads his text remarking that he likes that model huh? Billy reminds her that she got the good guy, the nice home and the large bun in the oven so stop fantasizing about her brother in law and he walks off. Cane comes back and agrees to take Cloe to a used book store to pick up some classic baby books.

Amber doesn’t understand Kevin’s attitude, saying an amazing woman just died. She says he wished her dead and didn’t bother to go to her funeral. She hears Kevin on the phone as he talks about buying a car. Amber is shocked telling Daniel that she thought Kevin said he was broke. When Gloria walks in she raves with Kevin saying Katherine did it, she left him the stock saying it was thanks to Kevin.

Michael tells Lowell that the new federal prosecutor is a fair man. Lowell thinks the charges will be dropped especially with Gloria recanting her statement. Michael starts to tell him she didn’t do it but they were interrupted saying they were ready to see them now. Michael asks for more time but Lowell says they don’t need time.

Lily gets to the book store with Devon and Roxanne and Roxanne thinks this is so romantic. Lily admits that she and this guy don’t know what each other look like. Lily sends the mysterious Sonny a text message while Devon and Roxanne say they are going to hang out in the travel section. Billy is outside when he gets his message. He answers OK meet you in Literature.

Tyra is struggling with the numbers adding up when Neil tells her he is happy that she is pleased about his engagement, saying it means a lot to him. She looks at Neil like she loves him herself.

Amber is convinced that Gloria paid Kevin to kill Katherine asking Daniel didn’t he hear Gloria. She says Gloria has everything she has ever dreamed of because Katherine is dead. Daniel doesn’t see it her way but understands that she is upset but it was nothing more than a rainy night and a bad decision on Katherine’s part. He says it isn’t a conspiracy to get Jabot stock. He says Kevin had nothing to do with that. Amber is convinced that Kevin did this for his mother, Gloria.

Ashley hangs up the phone and then starts in on Jack. She says he has lost his mind partnering with Gloria saying that woman has no ethics. Jack says they have a lot of stock and he wants it. He says this is strictly business. He tells her that her proxy is the last piece of the puzzle asking if she won’t do it for him then do it for Dad. Jack says if they can get the company back it will change everything. The thought of Cane Ashby being CEO makes him sick. He says he has to make this right. Ashley tells him that their father was proud of him but Jack refuses to take no for an answer.

Roxanne sees Billy and remembers him he as the ringmaster. She takes him over to meet Devon. Cane and Cloe walk into the book store and he is aggravated that this looks like all the other book stores she has been dragging him to. He goes off to the Ancient History section and when Billy gets away from Roxanne he sees Cloe and runs over to her telling her not this time.

Gloria is so proud of her inheritance from Katherine. She thanks Kevin saying he was a soldier for the cause. He sadly says they made a sweet old woman think she was losing her mind. Jeffery reminds Gloria that WE will be running Jabot. Gloria promises to take care of Kevin showing her love to him with lots of zero’s. Kevin wants to know can he spend some money like in buying Jana a car. Gloria tells him to go ahead and get one for her saying it feels good to bring that kind of happiness to your child.

The prosecutor flips through the pages in his file while Michael talks about the corrupt police investigation. Lowell had a good reason to hide from the authorities. He shows him a memo of where Mr. Sullivan refused to testify and for his honesty he was sent to prison and he would swear to it now. Lowell thinks that the statement from Gloria would help. Mr. Shay says that he would consider that if she can convince him. After the meeting Michael has to tell Lowell that they can’t count on Gloria.

Jeffery is starting to wonder if Gloria could be trying to squeeze him out while she runs Jabot. He warns her that he can pull the plug anytime he wants to. She tells him to stop being a party pooper. He warns her more telling her not to count him out, and don’t underestimate him and don’t ever try to screw him over.

When Jana returns she notices Kevin’s naughty smile. Amber asks Jana what’s Kevin’s deal. She tells Amber that she is glad to see him happy. Amber asks if she wants to see happy then she should look at Kevin’s mother. She says that Gloria gives credit to Kevin for her getting Katherine’s stock. Jana says Kevin has nothing to do with that. Daniel finds Kevin on his laptop searching for a gift for Jana and he says he thought he was broke. Kevin tells him he is putting it on credit asking where he would get a bunch of cash anyway. Daniel apologizes and says he will try to get Amber to chill out.

Billy accuses Cloe of stalking him and it is making him mad. He says maybe he needs to tell Cane that he isn’t the first Chancellor to be with Cloe. She tells him then Lily will find out he has Cloe Cooties. She says since that is what caused Lily and Cane to break up why she should cut him any slack. She tells Billy she doesn’t like him and calls him pathetic and then she walks away. Billy sees Lily reading in the corner but Cane walks over to her before Billy can.

She thinks Cane is ‘Sonny’ but is disappointed when he tells her he is there shopping with Cloe for baby books. She tells Cane when he apologizes that he doesn’t need to say he is sorry for shopping. He says he knows he has hurt her but he is surprised to hear she is there to meet someone. She tells him she can’t do that if he is there though so he walks away. She sees Billy and asks what he is doing there.

Jana asks Kevin why his mother was thanking him for her inheritance. He assumes it is because Katherine was just grateful about his computer help Jana questions that to be enough to put Gloria in her will. Jana tells Kevin she loves him but she doesn’t want money or objects, she just wants him.

Ashley and Jack talk more and she says she feels like Jack is putting her in a horrible position. She finally gives in telling him OK bring Jabot back to the family damnit. He promises it is the best decision and he won’t screw it up. Gloria and Jeffery walk in claiming what a wonderful day it is. She wants champagne saying the Abbott’s will control Jabot once again.

Tyra thanks Neil for helping her with the books and then she tells Anna it is time for them to go. When she has a moment alone with Karen she tells her that she knows she’s sweet with Anna and all but she doesn’t have to feel obligated to have Anna in her bridal party. Karen says Anna is already excited about it. Karen tells her that coming back to Genoa City for Neil was the best thing she ever did.

Lowell is sure that Gloria will come through for him. Michael comes in telling him that Gloria told him to count her out. They are going to have to rely on Howard. Lowell says no, Gloria will come around for him. When they hug they are warned that there is to be no contact. Michael looks worried.

Amber bites her lip when Kevin makes a speech about his wonderful wife of three months saying he wants to give her everything in the world. He says when he first met her she had to sell her scooter. He brings in a scooter for her and Jana is so happy to see it. She tells Kevin she loves him and then kisses him. Daniel smiles but Amber looks even more worried.

Cane is irritated that now Cloe is ready to leave. He accuses her of only wanting to come there was because she knew Billy was going there. She denies it. Billy asks Lily if she missed the internet guy again. He tells her maybe he seen her with Cane and realized she was in love with another man. Lily says she doesn’t want to love him. Cane is about to walk over to Lily until he sees her and Billy hugging each other.

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