Gloria is getting ready to go to the reading of the will. She is nervous thinking that she may only inherit a swift kick in the you know what. She says she doesn’t want to get her hopes up but Jeffery tells her she just might be surprised saying that after all Katherine was a class act

Jill isn’t happy that Nikki is there for the reading of the will. Cane reminds Jill that she was Katherine’s daughter and Katherine loved her very much. Jill cries that she is gone now.

Murphy tells Katherine good morning calling her Sunshine thinking she is Marge. When Katherine wakes up she doesn’t know where she is but she remembers Murphy finding her down by the river. He promises her that he is going to take good care of her. ‘

Billy gets a surprise visit from John asking him if he is really prepared to hurt the people that love him possibly alienating them for good. Billy says he was but he isn’t so sure now.

Ashley comes in for breakfast and Jack starts in on her about her involvement with Victor. Tracie comes in saying she wasn’t so sure if Ashley would have been there this morning. Jack asks Ashley how many times she is going to let Victor burn her. Ashley asks Jack how many times do they have to have this conversation and she asks if he wants her to go or can they just sit down and have breakfast.

John asks Billy where his loyalties lie, with the family or with the Chancellor’s. Billy says he knows what he is doing. He asks if he is pitting Jack against his mother and asks if that is wise, John tells him his loyalties lie who ever he comes out on top with. Billy says he has two families that he wants to be a part of but doesn’t fit into, he says Jack treats him like a kid and Jill is all about Cane. He says he can’t compete with the kid that was stolen from her. He says Katherine was the only one that made him feel like he belongs. After John scolds him he disappears and then Billy joins the family telling them he can’t stay because he has to go to the reading of the will which surprises everyone that it is being done so soon.

Katherine remembers Marge telling her about Murphy. She tells him she is trying to remember him. He tells her she has been staying there in his trailer and he has been trying to help her stop drinking but not doing a good job of it. Katherine thinks back and she remembers being there before. Murphy tells her it is because of the booze that her memory is cloudy and he tells her she can dry out there.

Amber and Daniel go to the Chancellor Estate and they talk with Esther. Amber asks her if she knows yet where she is going to live. Gina and Danny come in giving hugs to everyone. Danny says he can’t stay because of a concert. Billy comes in and asks Brock for Mac’s contact info in Darfur. Cane pats Billy on his shoulder before he joins Jill, who is wondering what changes were made in the will.

Mitchell suggests to everyone to have a seat so they can get started when Gloria and Jeffery arrive with her wearing sunglasses announcing that she is there now so they can get started. Jill and Nikki both looked surprised to see her there.

Jill asks what Gloria is doing there. She remembers oh yeah, Katherine’s promise to John on his deathbed. Mitchell thanks all for being there and begins. Brock will get 1% of the estate in trust so he can continue his good works and he will be named chairman of the Chancellor Foundation. Her stepchildren Danny and Gina will get ½ of 1%, Esther will receive one tenth of 1% allowing her to live independently. Esther is thanking Katherine for being so generous. Then Mitchell goes on to say that Esther also gets 50% ownership of the Estate. Esther looks like she is going to faint from shock but Jill looks appalled. Billy teases Jill telling her now it looks like she is going to have to find herself a new maid.

Jill says Katherine must have been drunk when she made these changes. Mitchell says Katherine wasn’t impaired at all. He tells her if she contests the will the estate will be whittled down from years in court, it’s iron clad, and he asks if a few million worth it. He says it is a billion dollar estate.

Cloe tells Cane now they don’t have to worry about her Mom moving in with them. As Mitchell continues he says Katherine has left her dear friend Nikki, who was more like a daughter to her, all her jewelry including her favorite heirloom ring. Jill looks heartbroken.

Murphy feed the last of the milk to the stray cat around there but says he is glad to see Katherine eating. He reads the headline in the paper saying that Victor Newman as been arrested for murder. She wonders why that name sounds familiar. Murphy says Newman is the richest man on the planet then he says he guesses money isn’t everything. He sees the ring on her finger and asks where she got it. He asks if it is real. HE asks or did she get it from a gumball machine.

Jack tells Tracy she did such a good job raising Colleen. When invited to stay for Thanksgiving Tracie says she already has plans but they can talk about Christmas. Ashley isn’t sure where she will be. When John appears and talks to Jack the girls snap him out of it and ask if he and Sharon could join them for a long weekend in Bath. Jack says he will have to get back to them.

Murphy comes inside and tells Katherine it is time for her shift at the diner. Then he realizes that she is off today. Katherine asks what diner. Murphy wants to take her to the hospital but Katherine freaks out on him saying NO, everyone’s trying to force her to go to the hospital. Murphy looks confused when he asks who everyone is.

Mitchell goes on reading the will. She leaves her grandchildren, Ethan, Billy, Mac, Phillip 4th, ¼ of 1% interest in trust. She leaves Amber 1/5 of 1% so she and Daniel never have to worry about funding their artistic pursuits. She also leaves Amber sole rights to her memoirs which freaks Jill out. Mitchell turns to Jill now saying to her daughter, Katherine says they often disagreed saying she’d want her by her side in any fight. She leaves Jill the remainder of her estate except for 5% of Jabot shares saying she knows Jill will lead Chancellor Industries into the future. Now Mitchell addresses Gloria. He says Katherine says in John’s memory she leaves Gloria her favorite Ming dynasty vase which was a gift from John. Jill assumes this is all so she stands to thank Mitchell but he says that he is not done yet. He goes on to say that Gloria gets the remaining 5% shares of Jabot stock. Gloria and Jeffery are both delighted.

Daniel congratulates Amber for her inheritance with the rights of the memoirs. Amber says she doesn’t know if she wants to bring the family more grief or not. Brock asks to hear more about those memoirs, even though Nina thinks that some things are better left unsaid. Daniel whispers to Amber asking just how much 1/5th of 1% is.

Mitchell tells Gloria that she can pick up the paperwork for the stock transfer at his office. Jeffery smiles and grits his teeth as he says it is takeover time. He tells Gloria she has never looked hotter than she does right now. She tells him it’s time they go home now. Meanwhile Jill wonders what Gloria did to Katherine to make her do that. Gloria tells Jill it was because Katherine really liked her. Billy tries to encourage Jill by reminding her that she just inherited Chancellor Industries.

Murphy shows Katherine the apron she wears at work and the name tag she wears with the name Marge on it. Katherine asks if he means she slings hash for a living. Murphy says they aren’t billionaires like Victor Newman is but its not so bad there. Katherine cries out asking what is wrong with her and she asks what is happening to her.

Jack tells Ashley and Tracie goodbye and he tells Ashley that he will be there for her no matter what happens with her and the mustache. Gloria and Jeffery come in and give Jack the news of what Katherine left Gloria. She tells him the plan is back on. Jack smiles to himself and they leave the room saying, you don’t say!

Jill talks to Amber about the memoirs. She tells her she will fight her every step of the way if she tries to publish it. Amber smirks when Jill walks away and she tells Daniel now she will make it her life’s mission to publish that book. Daniel asks if she needs an assistant.

Ester brings Nikki all of Katherine’s jewelry saying it is all there except for the emerald ring. Jill says it must be in the safety deposit box. Jill assumes Nikki won’t be coming around there much anymore but Esther’s tells Nikki she can still come to see her. Nikki tells Jill thank you and leaves with her jewelry.

Jill says she never thought Katherine would give away controlling interest in Jabot. She says now they are extremely vulnerable and even Cane worries about it now. Jill says she doubts anyone else has enough shares to take control but she plans to try and buy out as many shares as she can just to be safe. Billy tells her that she got Chancellor Industries and a lifetime of hell with Esther. Cane says that is his mother in law they are talking about jokingly. Jill realizes that now she doesn’t have anyone there to tell her what to do anymore. She says it is about time she steps out of Katherine’s shadow.

Murphy is holding Katherine’s hand telling her he is going to help her lick the drinking and so will the regulars from Joe’s. He tells her that she can lean on them. Katherine thinks it is strange that this doesn’t feel like home to her

As Gloria and Jeffery are about to celebrate with champagne Gloria says that karma finally paid off which brings in John saying he wouldn’t classify this as good karma. John asks if she is proud of herself for putting one over on her friend. She says Katherine didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. 

John appears to Jack again warning him that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Jack says it’s not about power. It’s about the family company. He says he wants Jabot back as a family company, the Abbott Family he adds. When he turns around John is gone and he finds himself all alone there.

Jan Barrett

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