Phyllis tells Nick things are about to get worse. She tells him about Brad telling Heather that Victor being back which infuriates Nick.

Heather tells Victor he is under arrest Michael tells her he will bring his client in himself once he wraps up a few things there but Heather says not a chance in that happening. She says there is an international warrant out on Victor for murder and he has been on the run for weeks. When the officer handcuffs and reads Victor his rights he gives Heather that evil look.

Jack and Sharon are at the door with Jack complaining about Victor showing up. Sharon fiddles with her keys as she says she thinks he should give Victor a break. She says now let’s see if Noah came straight home from school. When she goes inside she finds Noah sitting there alone asking how was the funeral. Jack takes a call from Adam before going inside and he is in a panic telling Jack he doesn’t trust Frank. Jack tells him to take a deep breath and calm down. He tells him to stick to his story no matter what.

Adam goes up to Nick and asks if he is looking for the old man he might want to try the County Jail. Nick tells him he is looking at a lot of trouble once they prove that diary is a hoax and then he laughs about Adam and his girlfriend having one thing in common. Adam says Victor Adam tells him that if he is the one that helped Victor get put in jail then so much the better which causes Nick to punch him before he leaves.

Victor says once again Heather has jumped to conclusions without having all the facts. Michael threatens Heather with a misconduct charge. When they start to go out the door with Victor in handcuffs he stops to apologize to Ashley saying he will understand if she goes back to London. Ashley doesn’t say anything, she just kisses him and then gives him a hug.

Tracie sees Brad at the bar and tells him she understands he has had quite a year. She asks how come Jill didn’t appoint him as CEO of Jabot. He tells her that Jill’s son, cane went from tending bar to CEO. He tells her how he was CEO of Newman for a few minutes until Victor came back. He tells Tracie he isn’t involved with anyone at the moment and he hopes her husband knows how lucky he is. Tracie says she knows he will end up with the right woman. Phyllis is listening as Brad talks about the woman that got away, saying she is no longer an option.

Nick goes in at the ranch and announces that the cops are on their way. Ashley says too late they were already there. Victoria says they hauled their father off to jail in handcuffs. Nick explains the blood on his hands when he tells them he bumped into Adam. JT asks if he did that with his fist. Nick says he is going to the police station. Victoria is getting Nikki’s things and taking it to their house.

Michael talks to Heather about bail for Heather but she tells him good luck with the judge because she intends to fight it. Victor reminds Heather that she was wrong when she accused him of murdering Ji Min and she lost her job. He tells her she is wrong now too, he didn’t kill Walter Palin.

When Noah shows Sharon the flyer about the chaperoned Winter Dance she tells him she trusts him and he can go but only if he stays away from Eden. She wants him to put some distance between him and her and make some new friends. Noah tells her that what happened in Paris was not Eden’s fault. Noah runs out the room saying this sucks. Even though Jack understands Noah more he feels he has to support Sharon. Sharon appreciates his support but walks away from him.

Phyllis keeps thinking about Nick kissing Sharon but is interrupted by a phone call from a Mexican inspector asking for Jack, who he says interviewed him for a story in September. Phyllis tells him she is handling the story now so he can talk to her. He tells her he doesn’t want his name connected with the story which is now a murder investigation. He says he could lose his job for allowing Jack to take a copy of Palin’s picture. Phyllis promises the man his name won’t be used. She thanks him for calling. When she hangs up she says, Oh Jack! She calls and asks for Jack’s expense vouchers and wants it ASAP.

Paul tells Nikki that he had housekeeping turn down her bed for her. Victoria calls to tell Nikki that Victor had been arrested and Michael and Nick went there to see him. She promises to call if she hears anything new. Nikki tells Paul and Paul says it is because of the diary. Nikki says she is sure it is a hoax and of all people to come up with it, Adam. Paul thinks he must have had help though. Paul promises he will get to the bottom of this. Nikki says she knows he will.

Nick goes to see his father. He tells him he looks good, at least better than he did the last time he saw him. Victor is sorry for everything. Nick asks if he needs anything. Victor says an acquittal would be nice. He says he knows his kids are working hard to try and prove the diary is a hoax. He sees Nicks hand and asks if he hit someone for him didn’t he.

When Paul sees Heather he says he heard that she arrested Victor. She says yes but no thanks to him. He tells her he didn’t want to ruin Katherine’s funeral. She says he is only worried about Nikki. She says she won’t lose this case against the man that cost her, her job last time, not this time she says.

Adam is making travel plans while at Crimson Lights when Michael comes in and asks if he is going somewhere. He said he is going to the UK looking for a job where he has friends. He says once he is settled and buys a flat Heather can go and join him there. Michael says you kids dream big. He tells him Victor wants to see him. When Adam refuses, two large men appear and Michael says one way or another Adam will face Victor.

Phyllis guess Jack’s password muttering that she can’t believe how predictable he is. She confirms charges he made in Mexico. She says he was lying to his wife and all of them and then asks what else he was up to. She finds, Genoa City Arms, Emperor’s Legion? She dials it and finds that it is an escort service.

Noah comes in and Jack asks if he wants to watch a game on TV. Noah tells Jack that he never had Eden over there because he didn’t even think at the time that she even liked him. He said their friendship came out of nowhere. Jack tells him about some of the problems between him and his mom. Sharon listens as Jack tells Noah of his love for Sharon calling her the greatest woman he has ever met. He admits their problems are because of him. Jack tells him the bottom line is that he is a terrific kid for sticking up for Eden like he did. He tells Noah he could take a lesson from him. Tears roll out of Sharon’s eyes as she listens.

Michael tells Adam that the cops will save him if he screams. He says he needs to man up, Victor deserved to face his accuser. He says he is the only thing between Victor and freedom. Victor glares over at Adam as he is shuffled into the cell.

When Nick gets to Restless Style Phyllis hides what she is working on as she jumps up to greet him. She asks how Victor is. Nick is saddened by the idea of his father spending the rest of his life in jail. She says they won’t let that happen though. She asks if he is ready to go home and he says yes. He says he will go warm up the car. She says ok and she will be right down. When he walks out she slips the papers into her purse and leaves to join Nick.

Sharon tells Jack she is going up to read for a while. She thanks him for talking to Noah saying he is a great stepfather. When she starts to go upstairs he stops her asking her if she wants to dance. Sharon doesn’t seem to be enjoying the dance though.

Brad is at the bar drinking his drink as he orders another one, he is thinking about when he told Sharon he loved her as they were parked in the underground garage.

Lauren encourages Eden to ask about Lowell’s trial. Michael doubts he will be convicted saying if he is they will appeal. Lauren notices that she has her mother’s necklace on. She tells her that she thought she lost it. Eden said she thought she did too but Noah gave it back to her after French Class.

Ashley tells Nikki that Victor has been arrested and he is not too happy about it but he will. Nikki says she hopes he is eating. Ashley credits Nikki for his being home now. She says that is her words though, not Victors. She says it was a genuine act of love on Nikki’s part and she will never forget that. Ashley tells her though that Victor still blames her for Victor’s death and she is sorry for that.

When Adam goes in to see Victor, Victor tells him his mother was a kind and decent woman that he has inherited nothing from. He says she would turn over in her grave if she knew how he has become. Adam disagrees. He says she would turn in her grave if she knew how he set him up. He says Victor’s family treated him like dirt but he played the loving father and then he just tossed him aside like trash and ruined his life. He asks Victor who the hell is he to do that to him. Victor tells him he did that to himself. He tells Adam he is setting him up for a murder that he didn’t commit and he knows damn well that he didn’t write that diary. Adam says experts have tested it so he better get use to jail Dad! Victor tells him not to ever call him Dad again, saying he is dead to him now. Victor tells him he is going to crush him like a cockroach and he won’t know what hit him but he will crush him. Victor turns around and leaves the cell without looking back. Adam looks like he lets out a deep breath now that that is over.

Jan Barrett

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