Jack calls Ashley leaving urgent messages for him then he tells Dina he is feeling sick to his stomach. He makes note that Ashley was the only one in the chapel that wasn’t surprised when Victor walked in. He says he hopes now that Victor will disappear again but not with Ashley.

Nikki talks to Paul and the children about Victor suddenly showing up at the chapel. Phyllis says well at least Ashley did get Victor to come back and then she asks wasn’t that what they wanted. Nikki tells them all she doesn’t want to talk about it now because today is all about them honoring Katherine’s memory. Paul and JT offer to go look for Victor but Victoria says that her father knows they have been looking for him yet he took off again. Nikki says they are probably on a plane off somewhere now anyway.

Victor and Ashley are out at the ranch. He remembers Katherine’s last words to him telling him he needs to return to his life and family. He looks at Ashley and tells her that is her now and he says she has brought him back to life.

Murphy is trying to help who he thinks is Marge but it is Katherine. She doesn’t know who he is. He tells her she has been calling his place home for a while now. He says she must have bumped her head to cause her memory lapse, offering her some strong coffee hoping it might help.

Jill thanks everyone for coming to the club. Billy asks Brock how come he calls Katherine the Duchess. Neil makes an announcement that he hopes they could all gather around for a happy occasion for a change, like a wedding. He says Karen has accepted his proposal. Lily is excited saying she thinks that is fabulous. He says a formal announcement will come out so for now he asks to keep this under wraps.

When Nina is introduced to Cane and Cloe she laughs and says ah Jill’s real son. Cane changes her statement by saying her ‘other son’. He says Phillip will always be Jill’s child in every way that matters. Nina was glad to hear that and she said she would love to talk to Cane about both Phillip’s saying her son is off serving his country in Baghdad.

Nikki remembers that her stuff is out at the ranch and asks Paul what if Victor goes there. She says he will be furious with her. Victoria and JT offer to go to the ranch and check. They tell Nikki to stay there and eat something. Nick is worried about his mother saying she is hanging by a thread. Nikki tells Paul that she went to Ashley and asked for her help. She admits that she thought Ashley would be the only person that could help him. And now it looks like she was right but it is killing her.

Ashley asks Victor if he has made arrangements to meet with the authorities. When Victor sees Estella they are both surprised to see each other. She tells him that Mrs. Newman has been staying there, meaning Nikki. Victor asks Estella if she will bring back the rest of the staff saying he is staying and then he asks that she kindly packs Mrs. Newman’s things.
Amber sees Kevin and Jana at the club and mentions that she didn’t see them at the church. They tell her about the flood they had but Amber tells Daniel that Kevin is acting guilty about something. She says something definitely was going on the other night.

Murphy brings Katherine a cup of coffee saying she must have really tied one on last night. She asks was she drinking. He says yes she was, like a fish. He tells her she has got to stop drinking or it’s going to kill her.

Victoria sees her father at the ranch. She hugs him and while JT goes to the kitchen she and Victor talk. He says all is forgiven. He says bottom line is that they both loved Sabrina so she shouldn’t worry anymore about it.

When Brad sees Adam and Heather he can’t wait to spill the news that Victor was there. He tells them that once the funeral was over Victor took off like a bat out of hell. Adam looks worried when Heather thanks Brad as she makes a phone call. Brad says it was nothing. He was just doing his civic duty.

Everyone raves about Gina’s lasagna. Nina and Amber meet and she tells Amber they have something in common, she says she is living in L.A. now as a not so successful hotshot screenwriter. Daniel admits her draws a little but he is more impressed to hear that her son was in Iraq.

Kevin and Jana express their condolences to Jill Liz tells Jill that she is glad that she told Jill that she was adopted as she hugs her. She says she is grateful that she and Katherine had that time together. Meanwhile Murphy tells Katherine she should shower and get out of her dirty clothes. He shows her where Marge kept her clothes and Katherine tells her she knows.

Sharon approaches Lauren at the club saying she knows this isn’t the right time or place but she has to say she thinks Eden is a bad influence on her son Noah. Lauren defends Eden by firing back at Sharon pointing out that after all it was Noah, Sharon’s son that was arrested. She does agree that the friendship between Noah and Eden should end and then she excuses herself as she walks away.

At the Abbott mansion, Noah and Eden are there as he skips study hall. Eden doesn’t thinks it is such a big deal though. He tells her he has something for her but it is in his room so he goes up to get it saying he will be right back.

Dina says she is leaving much against Jack and Tracie’s wishes. She says she diverted her flight for Katherine’s service but she has to get back to her charity event. She kisses them both good bye telling them she loves them she asks that they keep her informed about Ashley’s involvement with Victor saying it is most disturbing.

Adam is acting nervous while Heather is on the phone making sure that Victor doesn’t get a chance to leave town. She makes sure the private jet is grounded, his passport is flagged and that she has covered taxi, bus, trains and even limos within 100 miles.

Nina asks Esther what she is going to do now. Retire? She tells her that surely Jill wouldn’t throw her things out on the front lawn but Esther isn’t so sure about that, saying she just can’t seem to think past today.

Tracie and Lauren talk to each other about their husbands and then Lauren offers pictures of Fen. She starts to apologize to Tracie for being such a bitch when they were kids. She says she saw the movie Mean Girls and after that she wanted to call her but never did. Lauren tells her she was truly sorry saying she would like to think of herself as a better person than that. Tracie forgives it all as they hug. She tells Lauren that Katherine would be proud of her.

Heather asks Paul how come he didn’t call her from the funeral to let her know about Victor being there. All he gets the chance to say is her name before she cuts him off to leave to go track Victor down.

Michael goes to see Victor and he explains to Victor about the diary that supposedly contains his confession to murder. Victor says he never had a damn diary. JT tells him that Adam is claiming that he found the diary at the ranch. Victor says he sees now and then he says he’ll be damned.

Adam yells at Jack that Victor is back. Jack warns him to lower his voice just as Sharon walks up asking what is going on. He says Victor showed up and made his grand entrance sitting next to his sister. He says he was too upset to notice anything else.

Brad sits next to Phyllis at the bar saying he sees Big Daddy is back. Phyllis asks Brad what did he do when he acts like he is fishing for information. He tells her to ask Heather Stevens. She says My God you gave Victor up to the cops! Brad walks off with that smug smile on his face like he is so proud of himself.

Lily tells Cane he did really good on the speech he gave at the funeral she tells him that time really does heal things. Cane looks at her and disagrees saying not always.

After Katherine showers and is dressed in Marge’s clothes she admits to Murphy that she is famished. Murphy comments on her big words asking if she has been doing her crosswords again. He laughs saying he is cooking her favorite, pork and beans so he wants her to eat up. Katherine doesn’t seem to be so hungry now that she sees what there is to eat.

When Noah comes downstairs he tells Eden to close her eyes and hold her hand out. She is happy when he drops her mother’s necklace into her hand. She thought it was lost forever. He puts in on her neck and she thanks him by hugging him. He tells her if he is ever not grounded maybe they should go to a movie or something and she says yeah maybe.

Sharon tells Nick about her talk with Lauren and how Lauren insinuated that Noah’s the bad influence. She is appalled asking Nick if he can believe that. She says those two kids shouldn’t be hanging out together. Nick thinks they should get together with Michael and Lauren once things settle down and talk about this. Phyllis isn’t happy to see her husband once again in the arms of his ex wife.

Jack orders a double scotch and then he asks Gloria and Jeffery for some good news. He tells Gloria to tell him that she got Katherine to sign over that stock to her. When Gloria says nothing he figures that means she didn’t. He isn’t happy. He tells her it is over then. He says their chances of getting Jabot back are as dead as Katherine is now.

Sharon catches Brad just as he is about to go outside for some air. She tells him today has been a stressful day for a lot of reasons as she hugs him. Phyllis sees Sharon in the arms of yet another man and she is disgusted by it.

Mitchell Sherman tells everyone that he has scheduled the reading of the will for tomorrow morning. He starts to say at Katherine’s house but changes it to the house. Jill asks him about the recent changes he mentioned. He tells her she will find out about that tomorrow morning. Then he looks at Liz and speaking only to her he bids her a farewell. Jill seems to be worried now.

Katherine tells Murphy that his mean for her hit the spot saying her head is so filled with cobwebs. Murphy blames it on the booze saying she just needs to sleep it off so he ticks her in for the night. He tells her he is going to take care of her. Katherine tells herself that her name is Marge in a whisper as she falls asleep.

Mitchell sees Gloria and he announces to her that she was written in Katherine’s will and tells her he will have someone call her about the reading of the will. Gloria and Jeffery wonder what this means now.

Nick offers to take his mother home but she says now she isn’t even sure where home is anymore since Victor is at the ranch. Paul says he will get her a room at the club for tonight and Nikki agrees to that as she leans on Nick while Paul arranges it.

Michael tells Victor that he has petitioned the courts to have the diary authenticated by the lab that JT and Paul use. He says the forensics team would put a rush on it. Victor tells him that he is glad that he ignored the fact that he had fired him. Michael credits the kids for that saying that Nick and Victoria have been working all over trying to prove the diary was a phony. The doorbell rings and Victor answers the door to Heather. He says hello Ms Stevens he has been expecting her.

Jan Barrett

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