A woman looking like and talking like Marge walks into the funeral parlor where the coffin is and looks around saying to the camera that that is her in that coffin. She says she doesn’t know who sprung for her coffin then says probably was old Murphy down at the bar. Then she wonders who all will come to her funeral.

Sharon catches up with Noah as he is leaving and tells him he has to come home straight from school and he sarcastically tells her he will and leaves. Jack tries to apologize to Sharon. She says she needs time still and she tells him she and Nick will handle Noah.

Nick tells Phyllis that his mother isn’t taking the news about Katherine too well. Phyllis helps him finish fixing his tie as she says Nikki is lucky to have him and Victoria helping her. He tells her last night was great. She whispers to him that it was but it will teach him to go to Paris with his ex-wife. He tells her he wished that she had been there with him. She tells him she was just joking, and one thing she doesn’t doubt is their commitment to each other.

Jill touches Cloe stomach and asks how her grandchild is this morning. Then she asks if she can talk to Billy and Cane alone. She tells them that she will probably get most of what Katherine left behind. She announces to them that she is taking over Katherine’s role of chairman of the board and she wants the both of them by her. Billy says he guesses that means he will be getting a promotion.

Victoria and JT find Nikki at the club. She tells them she couldn’t sleep so she came there. JT notices Ashley walking in and mutters ‘someone’s back in town.’ Nikki looks and sees Ashley so she walks over to her saying she was surprised to she her. Ashley tells her that Katherine was her mother’s best friend, she had to come. Ashley tells her that she and Tracie are staying at the club. Nikki asks her about Victor but when Ashley tries to avoid the questions she asks her why is she being so evasive with her. Ashley tells her that it is no longer any of her concern and says isn’t that why she asked her to go find him. She tells Nikki that Victor doesn’t want to see her that is how much he loves her. Nikki says she still loves Victor. Ashley tells her she knows but she still thinks it is best that she just moves on now and she walks away.

Cane argues with Billy about a wisecrack he made to Jill. Billy wants a larger presence in the parent company. Jill assures him that he will but just not now. She says she has to decide where they will be the most helpful. Cane tells her that she can count on them and then turns to Billy and says, Right Billy? Jill says she wants to step into her mother’s shoes with her dignity and strength. Cane hugs her telling her she will do a wonderful job.

Phyllis tells Nick that Estella is going to bake cookies with Summer and then Nick gets a call from Sharon and Phyllis hears him ask her if she handled it. Daniel and Amber come over and Daniel asks Phyllis to go easy on Amber because she is taking this hard. Phyllis tells Amber and Daniel about Noah’s actions in Paris so Daniel promises to talk to him.

Sharon and Jack talk about her trip to Paris and about Nick being there. She tells him she would have gone crazy while looking for Noah if Nick hadn’t have been there for her. She swears she wasn’t trying to hide that Nick was there. He tells her but she wasn’t exactly forthcoming about it either. He hugs her but she pulls away and tells him that Nick is not their problem anyway.

Jill is happy when Brock arrives at the Chancellor Estate. She introduces him to Cane and he tells them all that Mackenzie won’t be able to come because she is sick but she sends her love. Brock sees Cloe but he knows her as little Katie. Brock says he can’t imagine life without the Duchess. Billy leaves with Cane and Cloe so Brock and Jill have some time together alone. He says this place will never be the same again.

Tracie comes to the Abbott Mansion along with her mother, Dina Mergeron who finally meets Sharon. Dina tells her she doesn’t need to be shown the way to freshen up because she knows her way there.

While all the ladies are all talking, Jack gets the door and finds Agent Dylan flashing his badge at him. Jack asks how can her help him. Dylan tells him his name came up in a murder investigation and regarding the diary. Jack tells him he has a funeral today but agrees to meet with him tomorrow morning at the DA’s office. Sharon asks Jack who was at the door and he lies telling her it was someone with the wrong address.

While standing around Katherine’s coffin Nina walks in and tells Jill that Phillip is still in Iraq. When Nina hugs Esther she asks who the cutie is with Jill. Esther tells her that is Cane. Nina says oh the one that was replaced with Phillip. She says well he is no Phillip.

Daniel and Amber see Gina and Danny as they come in. Everyone talks about how sad this is and how wonderful Katherine Chancellor was. And she will be missed. Gina states that she and their Dad are in heaven together now. Nikki arrives with Victoria and JT and then Paul walks in to help with Nikki.

Now we see Marge again saying this is not bad at all but she wonders who all these people are. She wonders where everyone is that she knows. Suddenly she realizes that this isn’t her funeral it is Katherine’s. She is shocked and asks how come these people don’t know the difference in her and their own kin. She yells out where is Katherine. She wonders could Katherine be dead too. She calls out for Katherine asking if she is there too. She yells that Katherine tried helping her so now she wants to help Katherine telling her to hang on as she runs out. When she passes Nikki, Nikki feels a draft behind her.

Phyllis tells Victoria and JT that Nikki is tougher than they think she is. She says women can endure almost anything to save their family. Nick smiles at her as she smiles back at him.

Nina hugs Danny saying it is so good to see him. He brings in Daniel and she is surprised at how time flies with Daniel being all grown up now. Paul walks up and Nina asks about Cricket but he says she couldn’t come. Danny says this feels like a nostalgia tour. Amber props up the sketch of Katherine that Daniel did by the coffin. She looks at Katherine and asks what about the book tour. She cries that they were supposed to do that together. She says her mother never believed in her but Katherine always did.

Jill walks over to Nikki as Brock asks everyone to take their seats. Nikki asks for just a few more minutes. Jill tells Nikki she is laying it on a little thick. She accuses Nikki of upstaging her with her mother for years. Nikki doesn’t know what brought this on but she doesn’t appreciate it, not today at least. She says she has tried not to intrude but Jill says that is all she has done. Jill snaps at her to wring out her hanky and sit down.

Jack and Tracie are happy to see Dina there who is surprised to see Dina. Dina tells her that she and Katherine were once best friends. Sharon excuses herself saying she has to talk to Nick. When she gets over to Nick Jack sees her hugging him and then Phyllis freezes when she sees them thinking back to seeing them in Paris.

Billy tells Jack that Jill didn’t waste time with the big speech saying she can’t believe she did it today. Jack says Jill deserves Chancellor Enterprises but Jabot belongs to the Abbott’s. Billy says they should get it back.

Sharon whispers to Nick that Jack is upset that she was with Nick in Paris but she says that doesn’t matter. She says when she was talking to Jack about getting their marriage back on track all she could think about was their kiss. Nick says but it was just a kiss. She shushes him when she notices Phyllis watching.

Phyllis walks over to Amber who is standing by the coffin and she mentions that she really did love Katherine, didn’t she. Amber snaps back at her asking why she would care. Phyllis says she thought of Katherine as a good woman that inspired a lot of people. Amber says she took her seriously and even trusted her with her memoirs Phyllis says maybe she was a crazy broad that saw past the bleach blonde hair and little girl voice. Phyllis stops and then she apologizes saying it didn’t come out like she meant it. She says she is sorry and today isn’t a good day for her either. She tells Amber they are stuck with each other and then admits she didn’t mean that either. She calls for a truce with Amber with no games. Amber holds her hand out and shakes hands with Phyllis.

Mitchell Sherman shows up and he tells Jill he is sorry for her loss. He tells Jill that he has scheduled a reading of the will as Katherine had instructed him to. He tells Jill that Katherine had made some recent changes and he would have his secretary send out details of the time and place. Jill looks slightly worried now as she sits next to Billy.

Jack invites Ashley to sit with them but she takes her seat alone instead and Dina asks if it is because she is there. But Jack says he doesn’t know. Nikki watches and suddenly she stands saying she thinks she is going to be sick. She says she needs some air as Paul and Victoria help her. Nikki is shocked when she sees Victor walking in coming down the aisle. He ignores everyone as he walks in. Paul holds Nikki back from going over to him as Victor takes a seat next to Ashley. Jack sits there and watches as he grits his teeth.

Marge is now seen back at the scene of the accident looking for Katherine. She sees her lying on the ground near the river. Marge yells out Katherine! She goes down to where Katherine is and tells her it is her begging her to say something. Marge is standing there and she begins to face and once she is gone Katherine’s hands and eyelids start to move.

Jan Barrett

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