Sharon tells Jack she will call him back after she confirms that it was Nick that he heard in the back ground. She asks Nick to just leave it alone. The school tells them that Noah told them he had their permission to skip the last two tours. Nick yells that his 15 year old is roaming the streets of Paris alone. Nick tells the man that he wants him to get him someone that is in charge and a lawyer because he is going to sue someone’s ass.

Nikki goes to see Victoria. When Victoria let’s her in she tells her that She’s Dead! Jill is devastated. Cane and Esther hugs her as she tells them it was like watching a movie under water. Cloe says they should call Billy. Jill collapses in Canes arm as they make the call.

Billy is with Lily when they call him He asks when he answers the phone if there are problems in Hong Kong. He asks, “What!” Then he says “Oh No!”

Mike answers his cell phone and tells them he won’t comment on the alleged diary and states that there is a lawsuit filed against the magazine that printed it. He tells them never to call him again. When he hangs up he asks how that guy got his cell number anyway. He tells Lauren that someone paid a lot of money for the rights to publish it.

Ashley and Victor wake up in bed in their suite in Paris and they tell each other good morning. Ashley asks Victor if he’d like to go for a walk with her. He kisses her on the chin and agrees to go for croissants.

Jack is mad as he throws the phone. John shows up to talk to Jack. Jack says Sharon is on her high horse but he doubts she would have told him about Nick being there if he hadn’t have heard his voice. John hints to Jack that he is the one to blame here.

Sharon starts feeling guilty for spending the day sight seeing. She says Noah went to her hotel room and she wasn’t there. Nick says he is with that girl so he is going to be fine. He says he is just a kid on an adventure, and then he adds that he is also a kid that he will strangle. His phone rings and he is told that his son Noah is in jail.

Ashley and Victor are seen walking the streets of Paris arm in arm while they look into each other’s arms now and then.

Nikki is in shock as Victoria tries calming her down. Nikki tells her about how they found Katherine and about how Katherine was drinking again and no one suspected it. She tells Victoria she thought everything would turn out OK. She asks why Katherine wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

Cane thanks Cloe for being sympathetic with his mother and Esther. She says it is no big deal but he says yes it is and he appreciates it. She asks if there is anything she can do for him. She tells him she is there for him. He says he always dreamed of finding his family and of the grandmother that embraced him and now she is gone, just like that. Billy arrives and Lily looks upset as she sees Cane hugging Cloe. Cloe runs over to Billy and hugs him then she thanks Lily for coming and even hugs her. Jill walks up and grabs Billy and hugs him tight as they both cry.

Jack wants to know why he didn’t know that Nick was going to be in Paris too. HE asks why Sharon is avoiding his calls. John makes a point of telling Jack that he is feeling shut out now just like Sharon was feeling and he asks what Sharon will do when she finds out about his ridiculous scheme. Jack says he is screwed and there’s no fixing it. John tells him to call Sharon and be honest with her and mean it. Jack says he can’t do that now because it will seem like he is crowding her.

Sharon and Nick both jump on Noah after they show their passports to the police. Noah is worried about Eden and where she is. The police say Noah has been charged with defacing property. He says is sorry and only a vase was broken. The policeman says they have had problems in that area before so he goes to talk to his boss. Noah explains about the boys attacking them and says that is all that happened. Eden shows up at the police station and she runs up to Noah and tells him she is so worried about him. Nick asks if she is the same young lady he saw dancing with his son at that party. Eden quietly says it is nice to meet him.

Victor and Ashley walk around the beautiful Paris. Victor says he has never noticed the leaves. Ashley notices a woman standing close by and she remarks what a beautiful baby she has. Victor looks at Ashley and asks her to please stay with him.

Billy doesn’t understand. He says his grandmother hadn’t had a drink in years. He tells Jill this is not her fault because Jill says she feels guilty for trying to have Katherine declares incompetent. She tells them all that she did love her mother. Cloe brings Esther a cup of tea as she tells her how Katherine never made her feel like a maid. Cloe tells her that she only wanted more for her cause she is her Mom. Cloe lets Esther hold onto her.

Lily gets a moment with Cane alone and tells her that she wishes there was something she could do for him. She says she has lost people that she loved too and it is hard to lose someone like that.

Nick decides to go back to Genoa City with Sharon and Noah saying his son has to come before his father in this case. Sharon mentions that they should contact Eden’s parents. Eden cops an attitude and tells him her father is in jail and her mom is dead so good luck reaching them. She tells them her brother is Michael Baldwin and he will get her out of anything. Nick calls Lauren and tells her to put this on speakerphone so they both can hear it. Nick tells them about having Eden with them. He tells what happened but they are both ok and with them now. Nick asks if they would like for them to chaperone her back home and Michael agrees that he would appreciate it and then he asks to speak to the little angel.

Eden gets on the phone and Michael yells at her asking how he is going to break this news to Lowell. He tells her that Lowell trusted him with her life and he accepted that responsibility. When he hears Eden sniffling he softens and tells her they are glad she is safe. He tells her to listen to Nick and Sharon and they will talk about it at length when she gets home. She says ok and then hands the phone back to Nick. Phyllis gets home and gets Summer from the baby sitter who informs her that the baby missed her mom and dad. Phyllis takes Summer on her lap and tells the sitter she will settle up with her later. She sits there and thinks back to seeing Nick and Sharon kissing.

Billy calls Jack and gives him the news about Katherine. He tells Jack he is going to stay at his mom’s and he asks Jack to let Sharon know. Jack thanks him for calling and letting him know. Jack pours himself a drink and says he always thought Katherine would live forever. John shows up again and tells Jack that is why they must cherish people we love. He tells Jack if he loves Sharon he needs to show it and let her know he really cares.

Nikki blames herself for not being there for Katherine. Victoria tells her that she can’t keep blaming herself every time something goes wrong. Nikki feels guilty for convincing Jill not to call the police. She says if she had called them maybe Katherine wouldn’t have been in her car. She cries saying it was her fault, first Sabrina and now Katherine.

Ashley brings in the newspaper and when Victor asks what is wrong she shows it to him with the headlines saying Billionaire Admits Murder in Diary.

Esther tells a story about when Katherine was married to Derek Thurston and how Douglas was madly in love with her and at one time he actually challenged Derek to a duel over Mrs. C. She tells them how Katherine loved the attention.

Jack calls Sharon and she tells him that they have run into a little snag there. Jack tells her he isn’t calling to check up on her, he is calling to give her some bad news. He tells her about Katherine dying in a car wreck. She thanks Jack for calling to tell her and then she gives the news to Nick and Noah. When Jack hangs up with Sharon he calls Phyllis and gives her the news about Katherine.

When Michael’s phone rings he tells Lauren to let it ring but she worries it might be Eden so she looks at the phone and sees it is Phyllis calling. When she answers Phyllis tells her about Katherine. Michael hears it is about Katherine and he wonders what could possibly be wrong with Katherine this time of night. He tells Lauren that he isn’t sure he wants to hear this. Lauren tells him she was killed in a car accident tonight as she cries in his arms.

Ashley tells Victor they can’t possibly think about a future between them as long as he has this mess hanging over him. She tells him he needs to go home and clear all this up. He says he has no home to go back to. She told him he needs to tell police that he didn’t write that journal. She begs him to please take care of this. Victor says he never wants to step foot in that town again.

Jan Barrett

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