Victor and Ashley are seen standing by the river kissing. Then we see Phyllis frustrated by not being able to reach Nick on his cell phone. Meanwhile Nick notices no messages at all on his cell phone and tells Sharon if anyone wants to get in touch with him they know how to reach him and then they make their plans to take a tour of Paris together.

Esther tells Cloe how worried she is about Katherine and Cloe tries to calm her down. Cane comes in saying that the Detective is still looking and he is keeping it out of the news. Esther thanks them both for being there saying she didn’t want to be alone. Cane hugs her and says she is family.

Nikki and Jill are riding around looking for Katherine and they are wondering how she could have just dropped off the face of the earth. Nikki says she is really getting a bad feeling about this. Then we see Katherine’s car’s headlight going dim and then it just fades out.

Esther worries over Cloe who claims she is fine until Cane says he will take some tea. When Esther leaves the room he tells Cloe she should continue showing some compassion with her mother. She tells Cane he is pretty OK sometimes and then she smiles at him.

Amber and Daniel go out to the Chancellor Estate and Cloe lets them in. They tell her that Katherine has been drinking again.

Back in Paris, Eden and Noah look for Jim Morrison’s grave saying it is the 4th biggest tourist attraction in Paris. Noah starts asking questions about her father and then he admits his father was once in jail too and he was innocent too. Eden says her dad is innocent too. Noah says well he could still get out like his dad did. Eden admits feeling all alone with her Dad in jail.

Ashley brings Victor to her hotel room holding his hands and they kiss again. He takes off his coat as they head towards the bed. They get into bed together

Eden and Noah find the grave and are surprised that Morrison was only 28 then they say he was actually only 27, because he died 5 months before his birthday. She mentions his poems and brings up one of her favorites. She asks Noah if he knows of it. Noah says he loves it, saying it is from the greatest hits CD. Eden thinks the grave is cool but was expecting it to be more. Noah takes off his scarf and puts it around Eden’s neck.

Phyllis walks around Paris eating and mingling with the people as she looks around at the agriculture in Paris.  Sharon and Nick are on the boat taking the tour as she raves over the Mona Lisa. Nick has never been inside the Louvre. He asks Sharon what she wanted to be when she grew up. She says a dancer but her mom didn’t have the money for her but she ended up getting pregnant and having the baby so that blew that. She use to dream about it until her mom would scold her back into reality He says he never wanted to be like his dad, stuck behind his desk while his kids grew up.

Amber defends Katherine saying she isn’t drinking but Cane says this time it is true. He tells her about a relapse a few years ago. Amber wonders if that would explain her memory lapse. Esther screams out OMG  I got a fax and it is about Mrs. C.

Esther calls Nikki and reads the fax to her and Jill on the speaker phone. She tells them it is from a drug and alcohol rehab center, saying a private room has been reserved but since she didn’t show up, does she still want it. Jill asks OMG how far has this gone?

While walking around Phyllis crosses a bridge and she smiles as she passes two people kissing. Nick is still with Sharon and he is smiling just as much as Sharon is as they pass the Eiffel Tower.

Victor and Ashley are lying in bed together and Ashley thinks back to just two days ago she was there in London living her life and now she is there in bed with Victor. Victor says she has made him feel alive again, something he didn’t think was possible.

Jill and Nikki are both shocked with the fax. Katherine was on the verge of going into a rehab center and they had no idea. They figure she must be somewhere drinking so they decide to check the hotels. Nikki thinks back when she called Katherine when she herself was in Mexico drinking. She wonders why Katherine wouldn’t have called her. She should have knows she would understand. They spot something on the side of the road. They ask what that is over there. Jill pulls over as Nikki covers her face saying it looks like a car went over the side of the bridge.

Cane called Katherine’s AA sponsor, her doctor, and even the minister but no one has seen Katherine. None of them knew anything about her drinking again. Daniel says well it is obvious she didn’t want anyone to know. Cloe just looks at her mother. Jill calls and tells Cane that a car left the road on Route 18 and it looks like his grandmother’s car.

Still lying in bed Ashley tells Victor how scared she was seeing his eyes like they were when she found him. He says he was dead inside. She says she prayed hoping what they shared would somehow mean enough to make him want to find something worth living for. She says and now here they are the distance and the years between them have disappeared. He says he has wonderful memories and some painful ones too. She says those memories are what made them who they are. She says when she is in his arms there is no other place she’s rather be.

Eden and Noah talk about how weird it is that they came all that way to see Paris and they are hanging out in a cemetery. He tells her about Cassie saying he goes to her grave a lot. Then he tells her about his parents being divorced. She didn’t know that. He says that they are still close though. They end up kissing.

Sharon’s eyes tear up as she watches the merry go round. She thinks about Cassie saying she would have loved it. She starts crying as Nick rubs her back and then he gives her a hug.

As Noah and Eden decide to leave three teenagers walk up asking for cigarettes. Eden says they don’t smoke. They ask about some money and Noah tells them they are not giving them any money. When one of them speaks something to another in French Eden says they can understand them and she calls him an idiot. One of the guys grabs her as she screams telling him to let her go. The boy snatches her necklace off from her neck while the other boys hold Noah back.

Sharon thanks Nick for a wonderful day. He thanks her too saying he saw places he’s never seen before too. She appreciates him making this trip so wonderful for her. She says this is real and it isn’t a postcard. She tells him she is getting cold so he rubs her shoulder asking if that is better. When she looks up at him they end up kissing. Unfortunately Phyllis is still walking around and she happens to spot them while they are kissing. She starts to go over to them but changes her mind and instead she runs off.

Jill and Nikki make there way down to the car that went off into the ditch calling out for Katherine. When they get up to the car they shine their flashlights inside the car and they see what they think is Katherine with her eyes open and dead.

Noah shouts at the guys holding Eden to get their hands off of her. The boy drops the necklace while he is struggling to hold onto Eden. One of the guys punches Noah knocking him to the ground and then he goes towards Eden. Someone calls out scaring the other boys off. Noah calls out to Eden to run. He spots her necklace on the ground and picks it up just before the cop walks up to him. He tells the cop that he was attacked but the cop thinks it was him that stole the necklace and takes him with him.

Sharon pulls away from Nick saying she can’t do this. She says she can’t be the other woman. They can’t have an affair, not after how heartbroken she was when he chose to be with Phyllis breaking their own marriage up. She tells him she will see him tomorrow and then she walks away.

Phyllis is back at the hotel packing up to leave when she finds the note she left for Nick. She rips it up and then leaves the room.

Cane gets the call telling him about Katherine being dead. He quietly says she is gone. Amber starts crying as Daniel holds her to comfort her. Esther is devastated so Cloe actually hugs her as she cries.

Still by the car Nikki sits next to the woman that she thinks is Katherine saying OMG. She closes the woman’s eyes as Jill watches. Then suddenly Nikki throws herself across Katherine and cries.

Jan Barrett

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