Katherine and Marge are driving to the place so Marge can dry out. Suddenly lights are in Katherine’s eyes and you hear tires squealing.

Nikki and Jill feel the need for discretion here and Paul tells Detective Wallace he would understand the situation. Wallace says they will do their best as he leaves. Esther comes in with sandwiches which irritates Jill. She can’t believe they didn’t notice that Katherine was drinking again. Jill says because she was hanging out in dive bars where none of them go. They all wonder where she can be.

Kevin finds the patio door at Crimson Lights locked with a note on the door. He has all that cash on him and he thinks back to how he couldn’t bring it back to the Estate for Katherine. He puts the money back into his jacket. Amber talks to Daniel about how Kevin was acting. When he comes inside he says thanks for covering for him. He snaps at Amber and tells her to quit fixating on his money and then he goes back into his office. Amber is even more suspicious now.

Phyllis is in Nick’s suite and complains because she can’t reach him on his phone. She leaves a note for him asking him to meet her signing it as Bill. Then she leaves a P.S. asking where he is?

Nick is with Sharon as they stroll the streets of Paris together enjoying the sights. Sharon can’t believe she is in Paris. She says she has always wanted to go there. Nick insists on showing her around the city and She finally agrees saying he could probably use the break anyway. He tells her to at least have dinner with him then he asks if she is scared. She tells him yes then she laughs as she takes his arm.

Ashley spots Victor and yells out to him asking if that is him. She runs up to him saying yes it is him and she hugs him. He pulls her away and mumbles as he asks what she is doing there.

Nikki looks through all of Katherine’s calls and sees that Amber was the last call on the phone. Jill tells her not to use Katherine’s phone to make the call because she might get suspicious. Nikki calls Amber using her own phone but Amber tells her she hasn’t seen Katherine but she wants to. She said she called her cell and a man answered. Jill says that was probably the bartender. Daniel tells Amber that the answer is simple. Katherine probably just lost her phone.

Phyllis walks up to the photographer and introduces herself and shakes hands. She tells them she is looking for her husband and asks has he been there. Meanwhile Nick and Sharon are having fun together in a restaurant. Nick tells her she looks happy like the first time he took her to the ranch. Sharon says she was in awe back them. She says Nikki took her to be a gold digger. She says she is going to have to take it easier on Noah’s girlfriends.

Ashley explains to Victor what she is doing there and about her talking to the priest. She asks if he is there looking for solace and answers. He asks what if he told her he was guilty as sin and then he walks off. She calls out to him saying she knows he is not guilty. He asks how she knows that. She says she knows he wouldn’t kill a man. She says Nikki thinks he is guilty but she knows him better than that. She says Nikki was trying to help him. He says she is the one that’s responsible for all of this and then he walks away again.

Noah says he told the school he was meeting with his parents for this? He says he is not impressed when Eden brings him into the little book store. She tells him that Hemingway use to hang out here. She translates for Noah quotes from Hemingway. She says she forgot how to live when she left Malibu but now she remembers.

Daniel tells Amber to stop worrying about Kevin with the money. When Kevin comes out, Daniel asks him why he has been is a bad mood. Kevin claims he has stuff going on and decisions to make. He says his meeting with Katherine never happened and he doesn’t want to talk about it now as he walks away.

Phyllis is joined by the model and the photographer who is dressed in red. She tells him that Mr. Newman isn’t there yet but he will be there soon. She says let’s get going.

Nick and Sharon drink wine as he talks about her style and how she never changed which leads them to talking about Victor’s mustache. Sharon tells him he will find Victor. Nick isn’t so sure about that. He tells Sharon that Ashley is there looking for him too. He says he hopes she can find him and get through to him.

Ashley yells for Victor to stop. She asks him how many times he has picked her up when she didn’t think she could go on. She runs after him. He says it is no use because he is dead inside. She grabs him as he collapses in her arms. She asks if he has been eating. He doesn’t want her pity. She tells him he has to eat something but he says he isn’t hungry. She tells him to come with her so he leans on her as they go towards a café.

Nikki finds Kevin’s number. Jill says he was Katherine’s pet project so it is worth a shot. Nikki calls and asks Kevin if he has seen Katherine. He tells her he tried to see her. Nikki asks if she told him she’d meet him at her house. Kevin looks at the money and then finally says it was a computer related thing. Nikki says she is sure he will hear from her soon then and thanks him and then says good bye. Amber asks if that was Katherine that called but he tells her to leave it alone, it wasn’t Mrs. C.

Sharon reminds Nick that he is supposed to be searching for his father. He tells her he is glad she is there while she is feeling normal again. He says there is a really big bridge he wants to show her.

Eden guesses that Noah is bored while they are in the book store. She starts talking about her mother saying maybe she hung out there too. She says that probably sounds stupid. Instead of leaving Noah decides he will stay a few more minutes with her.

Victor looks at the plate of food that is in front of him in the café. Ashley begs him to take at least one bite for her. He takes a bite and then he starts shoving the food into his mouth.

Phyllis oversees the photo shoot with the model turning and smiling while the French music is playing while a crowd gathers around to watch.

Eden and Noah go to the cemetery and she finds Jim Morrison’s grave first. She says he was her Dad’s favorite. Noah tells her that her Dad sounds cool and maybe he can meet him one day. Eden laughs as she says no not a chance of that happening. He says that is ok, making Eden feel guilty. She then explains to him that her Dad is in jail.

When the waiter takes away Victor’s plate, Ashley notices that Victor looks better. Victor says he is grateful to her but she has to leave him alone now. He tells her that no one must know she found him in Paris. She tells him that his children love him. He says that doesn’t matter as he stands up and leaves her.

Nikki has tried all the leads she can find from Katherine’s phone. She even tried some AA group leaders. She says no one has seen Katherine. When Nikki and Jill are about to leave Jill tells Esther to stay there saying they will call her if they find her. Esther yells out WHEN, not IF and then she prays to God for help.

Kevin apologizes to everyone for being a jerk. Amber and Daniel leave but Amber is even more convinced that something is not right between Kevin and Mrs. C. Daniel isn’t worried about it but he agrees to help her find Mrs. C. When Kevin goes back to his office he plays with the money and he asks himself where Mrs. Chancellor is.

Katherine’s car is now seen lying in a ditch. Suddenly a weak hand with blood all over it reaches out and then it falls.

The model and the photographer tell Phyllis good bye after the shoot is over. They tell her this shoot was the smoothest that they have ever done. Juliet says that she is sorry she didn’t get to meet Nick and she says she is sure Phyllis will love the cover. Phyllis turns down the offer for a ride saying she would like to walk the streets of Paris.

Nick and Sharon are cruising the canals on a boat looking at the scenery and sights. Sharon says loves it there. Nick says he has been to Paris so many times. He thanks Sharon for letting him see Paris again through her eyes. She tells him as a teenager she always dreamed of being there. She gets embarrassed so she quickly changes the subject.

Ashley yells out to Victor to stop again telling him she understands. He turns around ands asks how could she understand. She says she saw it in his eyes how deeply he cared for Sabrina. He says when Sabrina was pregnant with his child she was murdered. He tells her nothing he did for her in the hospital helped her. He says now all he feels is alone, so damn alone. He says it is like when his mother left him on the doorstep at the orphanage. She tells him he is giving up. She asks if he gives up what she will do. She says knowing she will never walk or talk with him again. He softens and holds her and then kisses her. Then he hugs her close to him.

Jan Barrett

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