yr-emblem.JPGLily announces to her father that she and Cane are ready to make a baby together. Murphy comes in and tells Mac that Chance has been stabbed. Nina comes out and tells everyone that the doctor is trying to repair Chance’s spleen and if it can’t be repaired they are going to have to remove it. Phillip and Jill keep saying they know Chance is going to be OK.

Phyllis hears about Nick’s plans to compensate the people that lost their money in the Cayman Bank fiasco. She tells him he is sexy when he is being socially responsible. Jack comes in and is chided about Billy’s latest article. He is impressed to hear Nick’s plans. He tells him it makes him a much better business man than his father. Jack admits to Nick that he hates his father but he is there to make amends with him. He brought a bottle of champagne to toast Nick now being on his new position at Newman.

Billy’s lawyer assures that they will be in a new office soon but Chloe is worried about Chance because she has been texting him and she should have heard from him by now. When she is ready to leave Billy reminds her that they are divorced now so she is free to chase whatever boy scout floats her boat. When she gets outside she calls Chance again only this time Jill answers and gives her the news that Chance has been hurt.

Neil is not so sure that now would be a good time for Lily to be thinking about having a baby, He wants to go check on Katherine but waits while Cane tells Lily good bye. He says too bad about Chance but they did get some amazing news today.

While Phyllis is talking to Lauren on the phone she flips through her mail and finds a letter addressed to Summer so she opens it up. Suddenly Phyllis rushes out the door.

Jack and Nick decide Scotch is better than champagne. Nick tells Jack he has cost Newman a lot of money. Jack tells Nick he is proud of him but Nick is sure Jack has another reason for being there. Nick says he knows he is not his father but he has learned to watch his back. Jack tells him it is good to be cautious. He knows Jack was the one that wrote that article for Billy but he wonders now what happened between Jack and Billy. Jack ignores the question and starts talking about Katherine asking had Nick spoken with her lately. Nick wants to know what Jack is looking for. Billy barges in throwing some paperwork on Nick’s desk telling him there is no way he can be booted from his office space.

Jill tells Cane he should talk to Katherine who is really worried about him. Cane goes over to Katherine and they hug. Jill consoles Phillip saying she knows he fears that he won’t get the chance to mend fences with Chance now. She tells Phillip she isn’t there to make him feel bad. She promises to stand by him and she says they will make it through this.

Katherine invites Chloe to sit with her in the lounge at the hospital. She talks about young people being in pain and danger and it makes her so angry. Katherine tells Chloe to think about the way Chance looks at her. Chloe admits she likes how he looks at her. Nina listens to Chloe telling Katherine about the way Chance laughs with her and not at her. She tells her she has signed the divorce papers so her marriage to Billy is over and all she wants to do it to tell Chance. Katherine hugs her as she tells her she will get the chance to tell him maybe not tonight but she will tell him.

Billy complains about Nick’s temper saying him throwing him out was a power play and an illegal one at that. Jack says he is not there to be Billy’s wing man. Billy doesn’t want to talk about Jack, he is back on Nick illegally evicting him. Nick takes the paperwork to legal leaving Billy with Jack. Billy asks Jack what the hell is wrong with him and then says Chloe signed the divorce papers today so he asks if he wants to divorce him too. Jack looks into his eyes and says as he raises him glass and says in a toast, to Billy, my ex-brother. Jack empties his glass.

Patty is happy when Phyllis goes to see her until she finds out why. Phyllis holds up the letter Patty wrote to Summer asking what this is. Patty doesn’t remember writing it. She asks if Phyllis is Summer. Phyllis tells her no, she is the daughter that Patty tried to kill. Patty cries out that she loves children. She says she and Jack are going to … but Phyllis gets up in her face telling her she is lucky to be locked up in there. She tells her if she were on the streets she should feel very, very afraid.

Neil expresses his disapproval right away with Cane about Lily having a baby accusing Cane of being the one to pressure her into it. He says he can see Cane is destroyed over Lily being sick but he needs to put a stop to this idea of having a baby. He asks what will happen if it doesn’t happen. Cane asks what does he want him to do, crush Lily’s dreams? Cane tells him Lily needs this. He tells Neil Lily has already got a surrogate mother, Mac.

Murphy says he remembers all the names of his friends that died in the field and admits it still gets to him. He and Mac start talking about the joy of babies which they consider to be the one perfect thing in the world.

Phyllis tells Patty she hopes she is afraid and accuses her of only terrorizing people who can’t fight back. She shakes Patty telling her she has to deal with her now. Dr. Peterson walks in and wants to know what is going on. Patty runs into her arms. Phyllis can only ask if they are kidding her. Dr. Peterson suggests Phyllis give them some privacy or would she rather she call the hospital administrator or maybe the police. Phyllis goes out in the hall angry that she had the nerve to call the police on her while patting that freak on the back. When Dr. Peterson goes out to talk to her she reminds Phyllis that this is a hospital where Patty is a fragile and unstable patient. Phyllis tells the doctor that Patty stole her face and asks doesn’t that bother her. She tells her Patty tried to kill her daughter and then admits that she is Phyllis Newman. She waves the letter Patty sent Summer asking what this is. She asks her what it means. Dr. Peterson tells her the letter is her fault so she can blame her.

Dr. Peterson explains to Phyllis that she and Patty were talking about responsibility and the letter might be remorse and apology but no an attack. Phyllis isn’t interested in the psycho babble or Patty’s pity or her sadness after what she did to her family. Phyllis asks if the doctor even has a degree then tells her if she pities that freak then she is as insane as she is. She warns her to stay away from her family.

Billy complains about Jack throwing him under the bus, in front of Newman.  Jack tells Billy that particular Newman was like a son to him. Jack rants to Billy about the career opportunities he passed up in his bid to get Jabot back so he, Ashley and Billy could run it together. Billy ruined that dream too. Nick comes in and says he will honor the injunction but if he can find a loophole, Billy will be on the streets. Billy gets a text message from the only family member he has left so he runs out.

Neil asks Cane if Mac just volunteered to carry his child without any prompting from Cane. Cane asks him to think about this. Neil tells him Lily is decorating the nursery and might even be thinking of the baby as her final gift to Cane. Neil says she could be cancer free in 5 years so why not wait til then. Cane tells him she needs this now. He says coming to the hospital they feared she might die and now she has a future. He asks Neil not to stand in her way. Cane says he respects Neil enough to ask him then changes that to begs him no to take the hope away from Lily.

Lily wakes up asking how Chance is doing. Cane tells her he is still in surgery. She thinks her father got to Cane and convinced him not to have a baby but Cane says no, he wants a baby and when she gets out of there they will talk about it. She wants to plan it now and want a baby no matter what. Cane needs to hear Lily tell him she doesn’t just want to leave a piece of her behind should she die. She asks for her makeup kit. She pulls out Colleen’s charm and puts it around her neck. Cane doesn’t think it is enough to plan a future on. She tells him this charm is their truth and their family. She says if they want it enough then it will happen.

When Billy comes in he asks where Cane is. Jill tells him he is in with Lily. Mac pulls Billy away as he tells her is has been a crazy day. He tells her Chloe signed the divorce papers, and he was fighting his eviction and about Jack but Mac shuts him up long enough to tell him about Chance being stabbed. . She tells him Lily is better now but she wants a baby. He asks if she has forgotten that that is not even possible now. Mac says not if they have a surrogate. She thinks Lily will make a great Mom. She tells Billy since she isn’t really helping anyone, she wants to make a difference and asks if he saw how everyone lit up at Ashley’s baby’s christening. She tells him she needs a purpose. Billy wonders what Mac is trying to tell him but Katherine interrupts pulling Billy away from Mac. She tells Billy she is well aware of his stupid stunts but she loves him anyway and she wants him to remember that no matter what happens.

Phillip tries to console Nina who is worried sick about Chance. She says she worried everyday while he was in Iraq and then when he joined the police force. She says he was buying muffins for his family when this happened. She tells Phillip he doesn’t get to be scared because he left them. He tells her he won’t leave. He tells her he is there and he isn’t going anywhere. She apologizes as she cries in his arms.

Nick is upset when he hears about the letter from Patty and that Phyllis didn’t tell him about it. She tells him she wasn’t alone with Patty as she tells him about Patty’s doctor looking just like Patty. She says neither of them seem to care that a child almost lost their life and she isn’t sure which one she wants to strangle first, Patty or her doctor.

When Jack sees the doctor at the bar she tells him she is not in the mood to hear about his guilt or how much he wants to help Patty and she sure as hell doesn’t want him to kiss her again. She tells him that Phyllis Newman cornered her patient and wrecked her. Jack asks why now and Emily tells him because Patty sent her daughter a letter. She says Patty doesn’t even know what year it is never mind proper victim etiquette. Dr. Peterson didn’t tell Phyllis that though. Jack tells her what a great kid Summer is and how Phyllis found her unconscious and then was accused of trying to kill her own daughter and they locked her up preventing her from being with Summer in the hospital. He says all Phyllis sees Patty as is the woman who targeted her family and almost killed her daughter. Jack says he is thankful that Patty can’t do anything like that again. Then we see Patty in her cell begging Jack to come back to her.

Neil tells Cane and Lily that Katherine and the family sends their love. He says he didn’t mention the baby. He says as a parent he does have to be afraid of his daughter’s heart getting broken. Lily asks if he wants to be a grandfather. Neil admits that sure he does someday. She says OK well someday just might be sooner than he thinks.

Before anyone else can interrupts Mac tells Billy she has something she needs to tell him. She says she has offered to carry a baby for Lily and Cane. Billy tells her no way. He says that is not going to happen. He says not even a chance of it happening.

The doctor comes out to report that they were able to stop the internal bleeding and Chance is in recovery right now. Nina runs over as they bring Chance out to go to his room. She says he is so pale and asks if he is OK. As they all go down the hall with the gurney Chloe stands back with tears in her eyes. She whispers, “Thank-you!”

Jan Barrett

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