yr-emblem.JPGNeil walks over to Cane and helps him up after he broke down with worry over Lily. They go talk to the doctor who tells them he hopes to have an answer for them soon. Cane looks at Lily through the window of her hospital room door and looks devastated as Lily lie there with her eyes closed.

Katherine asks Jill to give Cane and Lily her love and to tell Neil not to worry about the IPO business, she and Mitchell will handle it. She hugs Jill as she heads out just as Jack walks in insisting on talking to Katherine. He tells her he knows what she and Jill are up to and he wants in on it.

Gloria scolds Jeffery when he continues complaining about being evicted and he isn’t so sure they will be compensated for the money they lost from the Cayman’s Bank. He flashes some bills at her and she tells him she knows what he is up to he will lose the bird and the hand but warns him he will go to jail for it.

When Phillip arrives at Crimson Lights he sees that Chance is there also and points it out to Nina. She swears to him that one father/son blow up is enough for one day. She says she wouldn’t object if he goes over to speak to Chance. She encourages him to do so. Phillip walks over to Chance and Chloe and interrupts their conversation asking Chloe if he can have Chance for a minute.

Nick and Ashley finalize a trust that was set up for Faith who is receiving the same share as Abby did. They says since they are on the same page there is no need for an attorney to finalize it. Next they discuss the SEC’s investigation accusing Victor’s insider trading. Ashley says she was disgusted by Billy’s article and Nick plans to put him out of business. Nick tells her he was the one that suggested Victor remove his money from the Cayman Bank but there is no record of their conversation. Ashley suggests that they have a board meeting saying she is sure Nick would want their input on this. Nick agrees but warns her to remember that this is his call.

Billy is conducting business for Restless Style at Jimmy’s when Mac tells him it looks bad for Lily. Mac is heading overt o the hospital but she says if she has to call him he better drop everything and head over there. When his phone rings he ignores it as he tells himself it will be better once he gets an office. He mutters that this is no way to run a business.

Billy talks to Ashley and now he knows she is really mad about the article. She asked if he had proof that it was insider trading and about Victoria having an affair. Then he has the nerve to show his face there at Newman. She asks him what has happened to him. She wants to know since when did he become so vindictive. She tells him she believed in him and he better not expect her to support him ever again.

Nick is on the phone when Billy marches in and puts keys on his desk and takes a seat. He tells Nick he is there to save him some time and money. Billy is sure he will win his lawsuit for being wrongfully evicted. Nick tells him he was the one who negotiated in bad faith. After all Billy is the one that said he would carry on Restless Style in its proud tradition in front of witnesses and then immediately turned it into a gossip rag. Billy wants to settle this but Nick thinks he didn’t really think this one through. Victoria walks in and says she didn’t come there to slap Billy’s other cheek. She is there to tie up some loose ends. She does however give Billy credit for her decision to move to New York. She tells him he can wipe that smirk off his face though , she is sure that things won’t go well for him and she is assuming it is causing problems between him and Mac who’s eyes must be wide open by now. She says it is too bad because she bets her had a lot of potential. Nick says but maybe not.

Jeffery tells Gloria what he is planning. He says they can steal money from the register and report it as a robbery and then Kevin can get the money back through insurance. Gloria refuses to although she is tempted to hit him in the head with a crowbar to make the robbery believable. She tells Jeffery she won’t take one dime of her son’s money.

Nina and Phillip try to get Chance to talk to them about what he is feeling. Chance says it isn’t the time or place Chloe says they can talk later as she gets ready to go. Chance says he can’t later because he is going fishing with Murphy. Phillip thanks Chloe and sits down when she leaves. He and Nina sit and look at Chance.

Neil tells Cane that Lily needs him. Dr. Peterson walks in and introduces herself and she explains that see she isn’t Patty Williams. She tells to them about counseling services and the pitfall of being lulled into the false sense of security chemo brings when treatments go well you forget what you are dealing with. Jill arrives to give her son some support. They all look scared when a nurse rushes past them going into Lily’s room.

Jack says to Katherine that he knows what they are up to. He says Neil has approached several investment bankers so Jack assumes Katherine is trying to raise some money and asks how come she didn’t come to him about it. He says he could have taken Jabot off her hands at a reasonable price. Katherine tells him she is sure he would but Jabot is not for sale. Jack says if that is the case he can only guess that she is taking Chancellor Industries public, saying he can easily confirm this. Katherine gets mad at Jack’s badgering and says she is considering putting Jill in charge of everything and then he can spend all his time chasing rumors. Murphy pops in to steal his wife. Jack says no problem he has some calls to make anyway. Katherine is happy Murphy has canceled his fishing trip. He says why go fishing when you can be at the hospital holding your wife’s hand.

Nina offers to leave Phillip and Chance to talk. Chance asks her to stay. Chance apologizes to Phillip for his outburst to him saying he shouldn’t have said those things to him. Phillip tells him it is OK he knows this great screenwriter that can edit his dialogue. Before they get into anything else Chance gets a call saying that the fishing trip is off because of Lily being in the hospital.

Lily calls Cane over to her bedside and in an obviously weak voice she tells him she feels awful. When she sees Dr. Peterson walk in it startles her until she is introduced as a member of the outreach program. When Cane and Neil leave them alone to talk, Emily sits to talk to Lily who tells her she isn’t a woman anymore. She cries sadly as Cane watches her through the door.

Mac arrives at the hospital and hugs Cane. Mac knows all about the medicine Lily has been given and she tells him she has seen it work wonders before. Neil is touched by everyone that has come and they tell him that he is family as Jill hugs him.

Jack gets Ashley to meet him at the club. He tells her that Katherine is taking Chancellor Industries public. He says if they can buy up enough shares then the Abbott’s can be a force to be reckoned with on Chancellor’s board or his takeover plans. He tells Ashley to buy as many shares as she can, saying it would be a good investment. He wonders if Ashley has forgotten what it is like to actually run Jabot, the company that their father founded and to live his dream. He asks if she is really OK with Jill being at the throne making all the decisions. He says the bottom line is Victor is really to blame and he wants to know if Ashley is going to let him get away with this.

Nick tells Billy that Newman and its subsidiaries are pulling their ads in Restless Style effective immediately. Billy thinks it is a mistake but this doesn’t surprise him. When Billy leaves Nick and Victoria have to laugh. She tells Nick she can’t work for their Dad and still be married to JT but she wants to be kept in the loop especially with regards to the SEC matter. He tells her he could drag this thing out in court for years and spend millions on a PR campaign or he could give immediate relief to those who need it and salvage Newman’s reputation. He asks her what she thinks. She says she isn’t the CEO but she thinks their Dad’s portrait is frowning down at them.

Lily opens up with Dr. Peterson. She tells her how she thought she was pregnant only to find out she had cancer instead. She says she knows she will have a baby though because of her BFF who is now dead coming to her and telling her she will beat this cancer and she will be a mother.

Billy is talking to some celeb that had already given an exclusive on wedding #5 but Billy says he gets dibs on wedding #6 then. Chloe walks in to discuss Billy coming over and kissing her like he did. Chloe hands him a large envelope which has the divorce papers in it that aren’t signed yet.

Nina and Phillip arrive at the hospital and they tell them all that Chance is grabbing some food for everyone. Mac remarks as she watches Cane through the window that you would never know he is so afraid. Neil says Cane is used to hiding things from her. He apologizes to Jill. She says it is alright, it took them all time to forgive. Mac says she has no doubt about Cane’s love for Lily, she says he adores her. Dr. Peterson writes her number down and hands it to Cane telling him she hopes good things for Lily. When she leaves Lily says she can see how tired Cane is and is so sorry she scared him. She says Colleen promised her she would live a long time so she wants to makes some plans. She says to hell with the cancer, she wants a family and when he says he does too she tells him she doesn’t want to wait, she wants to have a baby now.

Chance takes him order and is heading for the door when a guy waiting in line pulls out a knife and waves it at Gloria and demands all the money in the register. Chance grabs the guy from behind and when the man turns around he stabs Chance in the stomach and as Chance goes down to the floor the guy runs out the door.

Ashley says she is bored with being caught between Jack and Victor’s feud. Jack says ok forget that but what about their father. He says their Dad wanted them all to work together. Ashley says yeah but thanks to Jack’s backstabbing, it didn’t work out. She says it is sad but she doesn’t trust either Jack or Billy now. Jack sees Dr. Peterson in the restaurant and tells Ashley to excuse him for a minute. Ashley tells him to take his time. He walks over to Emily and asks her how she likes her job. She tells Jack she is grateful he recommended her and she agrees to join him for a drink. When Jack sees that Ashley left he says he guesses she didn’t want to cramp his style. We now see Ashley making a phone call saying she isn’t sure who is underwriting the IPO but she orders them to find out who it is because she wants to buy as much of the Chancellor stock as she can.

Lily convinces Cane that now is the time for them to have a baby. She says she just wishes that Colleen would have gone to him too, and then he would know it is meant to be. Lily says she is as sure of having a baby as she was when seeing him the first time. She tells him she knew he was her future and so is this baby. Mac comes in asking if she is interrupting. They tell her no and they invite her to come in. Lily tells her they were discussing having a baby. She says she can’t wait. The doctor walks in and is pleased to announce that the fever is gone and the danger has passed. Lily says she is feeling better. Cane looks so relieved. Neil and the rest of the crowd come in and hear the good news. Neil and Cane hug each other, Lily smiles at them. Murphy calls Chance to give him the news and is told he didn’t call the wrong number. It is Gloria that answers his phone and tells him the man he just called has been stabbed.

Victoria assures Nick that he can manage Newman alone. She says maybe it needs his new leadership for changing the world. Nick pretends to grab the phone to tell their Dad that she just called him a dinosaur. He tells her he is going to miss her as they hug. He tells her there will always be a place at Newman for her.

Jeffery says they caught the guy and he is in big trouble for stabbing a cop. Gloria slaps Jeffery saying imagine that, a robbery. She says maybe someone is trying to teach him a lesson. When Michael calls she is ecstatic telling him thank you and then she tells Jeffery that Newman gas made a formal offer to the SEC  to reimburse the account holders of the Cayman Bank. She says God bless the SEC! As they hug each other they say no more slinging coffee for them.

Jack claims Genoa City is lucky to have Dr Peterson and she gives Jack all the credit. As she starts to go upstairs she stumbles and falls into Jack’s arms. He looks at her and kisses her. Then he says good night to her as he smiles, he walks away to leave her looking confused.

Chloe signs the divorce papers saying that wasn’t so bad. She and Billy both agree it is for the best this way. She says she glad they gave it a shot at least so now she will never has to wonder what could have been. She tells him now he has Mac. He tells her one say she will find someone that is good for her this time. She tells him maybe she already has.

Katherine and Murphy watch as Jill tells Nina who is with Phillip about Chance being stabbed. Neil stands there as everyone runs off to check on Chance. Mac tells Lily she will be a great Mom. As they talk about motherhood Lily sees no need to talk about it or freak themselves out about worst case scenarios. She says her eggs were saved for a reason damnit. She says now they just need to find a surrogate. Mac tells them she could be there surrogate. She says she would love to do it for them. She tells them to just let her know when they make their decision on when.

In the emergency room Chance is wheeled in on a gurney. They rush past Nina and the rest of the family as they watch helplessly. Nina says Oh My God!

Jan Barrett

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