yr-emblem.JPGLily and Cane wake up in each others arms and they don’t want breakfast. All Lily wants this morning is more of what she got from him last night.

Chloe confesses to Chance about Billy’s kiss and she tells him that she blew him off. She says he knows she is serious so she wants to know what Chance thinks about it. He says that is good and then says he is going for breakfast which isn’t exactly what Chloe was hoping to hear.

Jill defends her press release while they are in the boardroom at Jabot with Katherine. Neil was invited to attend this meeting as is Jill for them to hear about the changes Katherine plans to make. Katherine says she indeed does want to make some changes and it involves them both as she tells Jill to sit down.

Paul and Nina talk about Billy’s articles in Restless Style which Paul says exploits Patty. Nina tells Paul that she thinks Patty’s selective amnesia is self protection and she thinks she will start getting her memory back one day. Paul says right now Patty is a blushing bride in her mind wanting their Mom to make sauerkraut and ribs the next time she visits her. He tells Nina the doctor that Patty chose to look like has a strong bond with his sister.

Jack calls Dr. Peterson over to his table at the club to discuss the Restless Style article which she has read and definitely doesn’t approve of. She says once again Patty is collateral damage. Jack has to wonder how come a doctor who has built a career on the premise that people grow and change won’t believe he can change. She says she hasn’t judged him. He says he thinks that he has been tried and convicted but he would like to make a final statement before the sentence is handed down. She takes a seat to hear what he has to say.

Katherine says she is considering some acquisitions of some asset rich companies that are floundering in the economy. She says she is considering an IPO taking a significant percentage of Chancellor Industries public. Neil is intrigued with the idea and Jill likes the idea also. Katherine tells them then they need to make this happen.

Roxy reads about a concert tonight so they agree to go. Devon says he can get her back in time for classes the next day. He says after the weird vibes he picked up from Lily yesterday though he wants to check on her before they go. He says it was like she couldn’t get them out of the house fast enough so he is sure something is up. Roxy realizes what it is. She asks well who would want visitors on their honeymoon.

Cane and Lily are still in bed when she tells him she is all his. He asks her what she wants to do today. She tells him she wants to go outside to enjoy the fall weather. She says she is feeling better than just OK after all those months of having to be careful about every move she made and making sure she took all her medication and just being Lily, the cancer patient. She says she feels good now and like herself so she wants to hold onto that for as long as she can. They tell each other that they love each other.

Dr. Peterson doesn’t know why her opinion of Jack is so important to him. She tells him his visits to Patty may have eased his conscience but they fed Patty delusions. She explains that Patty has a team of competent doctors but she has professional obligations to return to. He tells her that no one has the bond with Patty that she does. She reminds Jack that he is not her patient and none of her concern. His guilt is simply not a priority to her.

Nina asks Paul about his relationship with Nikki. He tells her that Nikki went to Belgium with Victor. Nina jokes with Paul about lifting his spirits just as Phillip arrives. Paul mentions seeing a movie sometime to Nina and she says great but they want to see a comedy. Paul takes off as he hugs Nina. Nina tells Phillip she and Paul are only friends and they hang out sometimes. He tells her he doesn’t have much of a love life either but his priority is his son. He says even though Chance seems to be avoiding him right now, he won’t give up but he refuses to push him either. Nina invites him back to the Chancellor Estate to show him some photos saying she is pretty sure Chance won’t be home.

Chloe confronts Chance asking him doesn’t her huge move of rejecting Billy deserve more than just a that a girl pat on her head. He tells her he is proud of her. He says he isn’t working right now but he can’t stay and hang out with her because he has somewhere else he has to be. He tells her he will see her later leaving Chloe puzzled.

Jill, Neil and Katherine are talking about how exciting it is being on the ground floor of going public. Katherine tells them she wants both of them to benefit from this. Jill is touched that she would do this for her and Neil is as well with him only being there for less than a year. Katherine tells them they are both family so now she wants them to get busy. When Neil is gone Jill can’t help but wonder why Katherine brought her in with this. Katherine feels the need to have Jill’s forgiveness. She doesn’t care about all the things Jill did to her. She thinks about Lily and Colleen and she wants to set things right with Jill. She says she still has an empty space in her heart. She says there are people no longer around who never knew what they meant to her, like the daughter she has out there somewhere. She tells Jill she is ready to make amends with her if only she will let her. Jill smiles at her as she takes Katherine’s hand.

Paul meets with Dr. Peterson and tries to pressure her into staying on to help treat Patty because she is the only doctor that Patty seems to trust. Emily tells him she can’t relocate but she won’t let Patty fall through the cracks. She says she is sorry but she needs to go home.

Roxy goes to tell a friend about the concert tonight. When she leaves, Neil noticed how happy she seems to be. Devon says yes she is and he intends to keep her like that. Neil asks about Lily saying he has been giving her some space. Devon tells Neil it seems Cane is taking good care of Lily which Neil says he can only hope it lasts.

When they arrive at the bookstore Lily tells Neil this is the place she wants to be. He tells her OK and for her to go wander off. She jokes with Cane saying she will find him in romance which is wherever he is. He tells her if she keeps talking like that he will be taking her back to bed.

Chance keeps his distance from Chloe when he comes in from his run. She asks him how come he is acting like this. She asks didn’t he tell her he would be there when she realized she was over Billy. She says she only wanted to tell him she blew Billy off, she didn’t even tell her mother. She asks doesn’t that mean something. She thought he would care. She tells him her mistake, then she says whatever, and she doesn’t want to make this weird as she walks off.

Neil talks to Devon about his plans after graduation which Devon wants to pursue a music career. Neil encourages him to put the people together and finish writing his songs and he will pay for some studio time for him. He says he is finally happy at Chancellor so he is all for Devon following his dream. He says he knows it is a tough business but he believes in Devon.

Cane finds Lily reading a retro cook book and she shows him a car magazine she found for him. She tells him yes she knows just what he likes as they kiss each other.

Emily tells Paul that his love for Patty can make all the difference to her. When he says he has a meeting to go to, he tells her to have a good trip and thanks her for everything. When she is alone she gets a call from Dr. Lambert. She tells him she is available right now.

Jill’s never had a multi million dollar stock offering to her just to get on her good side. Katherine tells her it isn’t about her, it is a business move. She doesn’t want to lose the company like Jack did with having someone gobble up too many shares. She says she will retain the majority of the voting rights. Jack walks in and tells Jill he thought he would find her in there. Katherine asks him what can they do for him. He tells Jill he is pulling the plug on one of her dead end projects. When she is OK with that he gets suspicious. He asks if he is getting fired or something. He isn’t used to Jill being nice. He says she is only that nice to him when she knows things that he don’t. He asks Katherine what the two of them are cooking up. Katherine tells him it isn’t about him or Jabot.

Roxy realizes they missed Lily at the bookstore. When Devon kisses her she asks what that was for. He tells her he knows how lucky he is. Then we are watching Neil as he arrives at Lily and Cane’s. He is happy to see Lily in a good mood. He can’t help but notice how lovey dovey they are. Lily tells him she and Cane renewed their vows and their commitment is even deeper now.

Chance comes back and says he didn’t want to leave things as they were with Chloe. He wants to clarify the mixed signals she thinks he is sending out. When she starts talking about herself he shouts over her just as Nina and Phillip come in. Phillip tells Nina maybe they should come back later. Chance yells at him to go on and run, it is what he is good at and calls his Dad a gutless coward and then tells him to get out. Chance tells Phillip that he had a father and his name was Ryan who didn’t run. He says he stayed with him til the day he died. He tells him now that is a father. Phillip appreciates his son’s honesty saying it is a good start to rebuild their relationship but Chance says not to count on it.

Cane tells Neil he can’t blame him for not trusting him. Lily tells him she doesn’t expect his blessing but she doesn’t want tension between them when they are together. She says she is happy and feeling better. Neil says he can see that and is happy for her as he hugs her. He looks over at Cane as if to say it is OK.

Dr. Lambert meets with Emily at the club and she says it is an honor to finally meet him. She tells him she has followed his work for years. Dr. Lambert tells her that she came highly recommended to him and he would like to have her join his staff. When she hears that it is funded by the Abbott foundation, she is discouraged somewhat.

Jack tells Jill and Katherine he wants to know what they are up to. When Katherine asks what if they were just discussing what’s for dinner, he is not buying that. He is worried about Jill’s sudden cooperative nature. Katherine tells him it is none of his business. Jack asks if Neil is in on this. Katherine says that is enough and tells him he can go ahead and speculate but she has things to do. Jack says OK but he will find out what is going on. Meanwhile Jill meets with Paul at the club and asks him if he will find Katherine’s real daughter for her.

Jan Barrett

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