yr-emblem.JPGLily eats Halloween candy for breakfast but when Cane hands her medicine to her, he holds onto her hand. He apologizes to her. She can remember the way he is looking at her as the way he used to look at her. She tells him she misses him looking at her like that.

Lauren has to cut Michael’s romantic mood off because she is late opening the boutique. She promises him to revive his mood later though. She tells him she still can’t believe he agreed to help his mother get her money back risking it to put him in a precarious position with Victor.  She tells Michael she wishes she had pulled her ads in restless style as soon as Phyllis sold it to Billy. She says hates even remotely endorsing that kind of garbage.

Gloria calls Michael and leaves a message for him who is apparently avoiding her calls. Jeffery is upset over receiving an eviction notice from Phyllis. Gloria tells him she is sure they are going to be getting their money back thanks to Billy. She says who knew little Billy Abbott might turn out to be their favorite person.

Amber goes back to Jimmy’s and thanks Mac who tells her that her night was a bust before the security woke her telling her they had set the alarm off. Amber tells her that she knows Mac wants to see the best in Billy but the rest of the world sees him as a jerk. Billy walks in and Mac jumps his case for not saying hello to Amber. He says she hates him anyway and he says Mac doesn’t look too thrilled with him either. When he asks if they are fine she says she can’t say they are, and she doesn’t know if they ever will be.

Abby tells her Mom she doesn’t want breakfast if it will include a lecture on underage drinking. She says she wasn’t drinking last night anyway. Ashley says only because Amber and Chloe made sure of that. Abby doesn’t think Victor cares about her since he took off to Europe with Nikki for what, months? She asks can she go now, saying she is going to be late for class. Ashley tells her to come right home after school.

Noah tells Sharon thank God there is no school as he promises his Mom he stayed out of trouble last night. He says he isn’t looking forward to the other kids making digs at him about his Grandpa and he says when he spent so much time at the hospital he got so far behind and thankfully Eden helping him catch up. Sharon tells him she wasn’t alone last night that some friends came over and she enjoyed herself.

Nick sits at his father’s desk and when he looks at the photo of him and Victor he tells his father he will make him proud of him. Then he looks at the photo of Phyllis and Summer and says the same to them as well. As he notices a bouquet of flowers with a card, Adam walks in after Nick summoned him. Nick warns him to stay away from Sharon. Adam doesn’t think that is for Nick’s call. He says he and Sharon are only friends anyway and he would never hurt her. Nick says he probably told the same thing to Heather too. Nick tells him it is a good thing he is going to be busy with a PR junket and he better learn to shut up and follow orders. When Nick tells Adam that is all, Adam tells him Dad’s seat feels good doesn’t it. Then he says to enjoy their father’s chair while it lasts.

Michael finally goes to see Gloria. She asks if maybe his pal Phyllis could give them a break so they won’t be homeless. Michael offers to pay their rent for a month but Jeffery wants the cash. Gloria doesn’t want a hand out, she wants justice. She says with Victor coming out smelling like a rose she wants Michael to nudge the SEC and get them to care about the victims in this mess. Michael has a meeting that he is late for and Gloria figures it is with the SEC so she tells him to run along and make his mother proud. When Michael leaves she tells Jeffery that Michael will never let her down and this might turn out better than they even imagined.

Amber admires one of her designs, the leather jacks that is on display at the Boutique. Lauren tells her the sad thing is there are two dozen just like it in the back. She tells Amber it isn’t her fault, it is the economy. She asks Amber if she still wants a job not as a designer though. Amber tells her yes she will take it.

Lily reminds Cane that they did renew their vows but remembers that they had skipped the honeymoon. She tells him that her doctor told her that is isn’t too soon. Cane is nervous and hesitates so Lily makes the move towards him and kisses him. Before they get started good there is a knock on the door and they have visitors, Roxanne and Devon.

Billy comes back in at Jimmy’s to try to talk to Mac again. She tells him she doesn’t want to continue the pattern of him screwing up and he being disappointed in him. She says it isn’t just about the magazine, she is somewhat jealous that his life has a purpose and hers doesn’t. Sharon comes in and Billy assumes it is to get back at her job but she tells him she is there to quit.

Abby meets with Noah and Eden at Crimson Lights. She tells them she is grounded but her Mom is so busy with Faith that she has no idea what she school schedule is so she should be able to coast for weeks. Daisy comes in and as they talk about last night Eden tells them that what they did was stupid. Noah reminds her that she crashed last year’s party too. Daisy wonders if she could get a job there at the coffee shop. Abby says maybe Eden could put in a good word for her. Eden tells them Kevin has a full staff with kids who actually need jobs not kids who just want to score free drinks. Daisy says she is on a full scholarship and she needs a job to pay for food, clothing, and shoes. Abby says criticizes Eden for her lack of fashion sense which causes Noah to look disappointed.

Ashley sees Nick is making himself comfortable behind Victor’s desk but she came in for her quarterly report. She says she may be divorcing Victor but she is not walking away from Newman or her seat on the board. She tells him, like it or not he is stuck with her. Nick just grins at her. She tells him she intends to make a difference in the company but she isn’t out for revenge Nick understands and says he doesn’t plan to just be a figurehead. They are both spreading their wings and look forward to what each have planned for Newman. Ashley says she thinks it is time Newman went into a different direction.

Daisy says they told her to try again in six months about a job there like she can wait that long before getting a job. Amber comes over and asks why all the long faces. When they say Daisy needs a job, Amber suggests she tries at the boutique saying she could take her over there. Daisy gets the address saying she would rather go alone but tells them to wish her luck. Eden thinks that that girl is the last thing Lauren needs. Abby objects telling her she doesn’t even know Daisy. Eden comes back saying neither does she.

Sharon says yes she does have a problem with Billy’s article. She tells him he trashed her son’s grandfather and his aunt for no good reason. Billy thinks Victor still having Colleen’s blood on his hands when he took her heart was reason enough. She asks Billy if this is about revenge or is it his need to cut people down to be the big man. She says she knows the answer but why hurt Noah and Abby in all this. She tells him she can’t work for him and she no longer recognizes the magazine she once loved. When she walks out Billy looks over at Mac and he says at least this time he didn’t get slapped.

Roxanne brought Lily some soup full of leafy greens. She says she read where it was good for cancer patients. Lily and Cane are anxious to be alone right now but their subtle hints don’t work. Lily finally pretends she is tired and ready for bed so she thanks them for coming and shows them to the door. When they are gone Cane carries Lily back into their bedroom.

Lauren trashes a copy of the magazine. She starts to leave when Daisy walks in and talks about knowing Amber and mentions needing a job. Lauren tells her if Amber gives her a thumbs up she will hire her. She tells she will be in touch but she has to go now to give someone a peace of her mind.

Michael congratulates Nick He says he just came from a preliminary meeting with the SEC and thanks to Billy’s article they seem to be focusing on the Cayman bank matter. He says it is incredibly hard to prove that Victor had no inside information. There is a lot of public sympathy towards those who lost their money and now the SEC is being pressured to pursue those who didn’t. He tells Nick the bottom line here is that this is going to cost them, big time.

Sharon is proud of herself for standing up to Billy. She wants to call someone so she calls Adam. She says it felt so good letting Billy have it. She asks him what is wrong. He says he was thinking about what he put Victor through. She says yeah but he feels remorse for what he did. He warns her that is she keeps being kind to him Nick will flip out. She says he already warned her. Adam says given her history with Nick and Adam’s past he can’t really blame Nick but now he has guaranteed a way to keep Adam away from Sharon by sending him out of town. He tells her he is there to tell her good bye.

Nick wonders what they can do to make the Cayman debacle disappear. Michael says they need to repay the money that Victor withdrew plus interest and penalties. Nick asks how he can come up with that kind of money though. He asks should he close divisions or lay off people, just because some thinks that Victor is guilty. Michael tells him if he really wants to make this go away now this is the only option.

Lauren comes in to talk to Billy telling him she is pulling all her ads from the magazine. Billy doesn’t seem to care saying he has sold more copies than ever and the way he looks at it, Lauren is actually getting a bargain. Lauren tells him she respects her clientele and won’t choose sensationalism over substance. She tells him what he did to Victor and Victoria was disgusting. Billy tells her to have a nice night as she walks out.

Cane and Lily are in bed. She is lying there bald and with a port in her abdomen saying she feels like an alien. She says it is like a Star Trek episode, with him playing Captain Kirk and she is a Klingon. She says at least Klingon’s don’t have to worry about birth control. Cane tells her how beautiful she is. He says being with her is a gift he never thought he would ever have again and he doesn’t want to ever mess this up. She tells him that he won’t as they kiss.

Daisy thanks Amber for putting in the good word for her because Lauren hired her. When Amber goes for a latte, Abby talks about reinstating her account at Fenmore’s. Ashley comes in and because she remembers how it was being a teenager she tries not to embarrass her in front of her friends. Abby says if she did she wouldn’t be there right now. Ashley insists they are leaving right now!

Michael and Lauren meet with Gloria and Jeffery on the patio and Michael tells them that the SEC will expect compensation from Newman so those who lost money should get in line when the cash is being handed out. Gloria looks at Jeffery and says they aren’t going to be poor anymore. Lauren nudges her to thanks someone, Gloria gives all the thanks to Billy.

Billy finally realizes his folly in trying to take on the Newman’s and asks is even God on Newman’s payroll. Mac puts her arms around his neck and tells him she loves him and him jumping into things that some people may see as him coming off as cocky but she knows he is just hopeful and she also knows he is hurt that things aren’t working out.  She tells him that when Colleen was in the hospital he never gave up and if she was still alive she would say that the articles aren’t all that Billy is. She tells him he just needs to see that too.

Nick sits there stands at Victor’s portrait and sighs. Then he sits and stares at the desktop photo. Another flower arrangement is set on the desk with a card but without reading it he just tosses it aside.

Sharon says power must be going to Nick’s head. She says it is ridiculous for him to be sending Adam out of town so they can’t be friends. Adam tells her he has been cooped up so long at the ranch so it would be nice to get out and see the world. She thinks he is being a good sport about all this. She tells him she will sure miss him. He hugs her and says he better go. She tells him to have a safe trip but she looks strange.

Jan Barrett

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