yr-emblem.JPGWhen Ashley invites Adam to join her and her family for Thanksgiving dinner but he says he will pass. He thinks back to when he kissed Sharon and how he apologized to her for it. Sharon tells him that he didn’t mess things up, he just surprised her. Adam tells her to call him if she wants to as he is about to leave. Sharon is thinking of Adam’s kiss but is interrupted when Noah walks in and she admires him at how cute he looks in a tie. When he is off to his Dad’s for dinner she promises him if she gets really bored she will call Jack. She tells him Happy Thanksgiving and for him not to worry about her.

Jack sees Dr Peterson at the club in the dining room. He walks over to her table and invites her to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. He tells her she can bring dessert as he shoves a box of treats in front of her. He tells her dinner is at 1 pm. He says he will see her then. She smiles and says she guesses he will.

Phyllis unwraps the new sofa as she tells Nick of course they delivered on Thanksgiving once she used his father’s name to get them to. She tells him she started the turkey early this morning and she wants her first Thanksgiving Dinner to be great.

Jill calls Paul and leaves a message asking him how the search is going. Jill isn’t impressed with Murphy’s pig in the blankets calling them yucky. She isn’t surprised though to see Nina enjoying them. Katherine and Murphy welcome Pearl when she arrives with some of Joe Jr’s food he sent. Nina relates that Chance only received an email from Phillip but Chance says after an exhausting 24 hour flight he thinks the email is good enough. Billy comes in to see Delia before going to Jack’s but he is told she is sleeping. He says he will watch the game to keep his mind off his screwed up life. Chloe says she doubts that the game will do that just as Mac shows up looking all sad and down.

Chloe, Chance and Nina go out the room to find some wine just as Mac announces she is going off to the shelter. She asks Billy if he is going to Jack’s. Chance gets a call from Phillip and he tells everyone Happy Thanksgiving. Jill finds Paul at the front door telling her that someone has gone through great lengths to make sure that Violet Ramsey can’t be found. He says but there is a lead. When Katherine and Nina walk up Nina asks what Paul is doing there. Jill announces that he is her date.

Noah goes to Nick’s house and is surprised to hear that Phyllis is cooking. He teases saying he knew he should have stayed at his Mom’s. He asks if he has time to go up to the main house thinking he should visit Ashley and Faith. He says something about the baby that makes him smile. Nick decides to call Ashley and invite her for dinner but she tells him she is going to Jack’s but she tells him they should come up on the weekend and visit as she tells them all Happy Thanksgiving. Adam assumes that his brother didn’t invite him but he encourages Ashley to go on to Jack’s. He looks at his phone like he wants to call Sharon but hesitates just as Sharon is doing the same thing with her phone thinking of calling him while she is holding the bracelet with the name Faith engraved on it. She calls and he admits he was just thinking about her. She asks him if he has any plans for dinner. He tells her no, except for maybe a microwave dinner. She tells him she can’t promise him a Thanksgiving feast or anything but she would love to see him. He says he would like that so she tells him to come over anytime then.

Emily arrives at Jack’s with dessert. Jack wants to make this a special holiday despite the fact that it is their first without Colleen. He tells her it means a lot to him that she came and he is delighted to find that she is a football fan.

Murphy makes a toast saying who knew going to the diner for apple cobbler would lead him to his angel. Katherine tells him that he saved her. Jill and Nina are both thankful that Chance is home safe and sound. Chance is grateful for his Mom, for meeting his dad, and for Chloe and Delia. Billy is only thankful for Delia. Mac is thankful that they can put aside their differences and come together and become a family. Chloe hopes Billy can do the same and welcome Mac’s baby into the world. Jill wants to know what the hell Chloe is talking about. She is shocked when Chloe explains about Mac making the ultimate sacrifice in carrying Lily and Cane’s baby.

Phyllis has to stop a food fight between Summer and Noah who ends up in the fight as well. Nick gets a call from Victoria. He tells her to hang on someone is at the door. When he opens it he is surprised to see Victoria, JT and Reed at the door. Nick tells them to please tell him they don’t have to be back in New York tomorrow. JT says well they don’t ever have to go back and Victoria says she will explain when later on and asks if they mind if they stay for dinner. They say of course there is enough food to go around.

Mac slips away from Jill’s questions by going to heat up the food for the shelter with Pearl helping her. Jill asks Billy about this but he says he has more humiliation to face at Jack’s so he has to go check on Delia and then he has to run.

Ashley tells Abby to be gracious when she tells her Uncle Jack to keep his belated birthday gift. Abby blurts out woohoo Happy Friday the 13th birthday and Colleen and her Dad are… but walks out before continuing with what she was going to say. Ashley apologizes for Abby saying she doesn’t know what to do about her anger. Ashley is shocked to see Emily a guest there for dinner. Abby thinks it is totally whacked that Jack’s guess it the doctor looks exactly like the psycho that kidnapped her sister. Traci calls Jack to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sharon wipes a tear from her eye before opening the door for Adam. He managed to find a bottle of wine from Victor’s cellar. He promises Sharon she doesn’t have to worry, he won’t make any more moves. He doesn’t hold it against Sharon if she doesn’t have the same feelings as he has. Sharon changes the mood by telling Adam she isn’t having turkey, she is having Pasta Prima. Adam says good because he loves that. When Sharon comes in with the bottle of wine opened and glasses, Adam asks her about the framed drawing of Cassie’s. He asks if it makes her wish for what used to be. She says not at all. She says she will always be connected to the people in it. When he sets the framed picture down he deliberately puts Noah’s photo in front of Nick’s photo of Cassie’s drawing.

JT and Victoria tell Nick and Phyllis that the company JT is working for is opening an office there in Genoa City. JT seems really impressed with his new boss, Tucker who is going to teach him everything he knows. When left alone Nick tells Victoria he can’t help but notice how happy JT seems to be. She says yeah well he does love his job. Nick wants to know how about her, is she happy?

When Noah comes downstairs he smells something strange but decides he just isn’t used to the oven being on there. Victoria asks Nick how things are going at Newman and is happy to hear that Nick has everything under control. He tells her he feels at peace saying now that Summer is improving more and more everyday. When Summer comes to Nick and hands him her doll Nick has a flashback of when Sharon told him that she lost their baby, Faith. Victoria asks him if he is OK and his eyes look straight at Phyllis as she is watching him.

Adam tells Sharon about his Thanksgivings with his Mom and Cliff. Sharon tells him that sounds like her before she married Nick. She says that is when holidays became major life events. She says she misses it but it is nice to have a quiet dinner with someone she cares about. Adam tells her he hasn’t thought about those holidays’ dinners with his Mom in years. He admits she brings that out in him.

Katherine finds Mac in the dining room nursing a glass of wine. She says she is sure that Chloe’s words were meant to ensure Chance that she is over Billy now. Mac thought Chloe was trying to humiliate her as usual. Now she is having second thoughts about it. Katherine tells Mac she has nothing to be ashamed of. She says whatever decision she makes will be the right one. Mac kisses Katherine and says she has to go load up the stuff for the shelter. Paul walks in to thank Katherine for allowing him to crash her family gathering. Katherine tells him that Jill is a far cry from Nikki and she thinks he should think about it as she walks away. Nina corners Paul and tells him he isn’t going anywhere until he explains to her what is going on.

Ashley and Jack are sorry Traci couldn’t be with them. Billy comes in and Ashley doesn’t care that he is late as she kisses him. Abby ignores Billy coming in but Jack tells him to sit down and make nice just as Emily walks in with a dish in her hand. Abby refuses to eat what’s in the dish saying suddenly she is becoming a vegan. Jack says for everyone to help themselves as he makes a toast. He says it hasn’t been an easy year and they have all endured heartache and loss but they are not alone in their grief. He says they always have each other, which will never change. He makes the toast to family!

Phyllis knows Nick was thinking of the baby but he assures her it is OK when he gives her a kiss. Nick makes a toast to second chances saying everyone has had some. He says they almost lost Noah, Summer is improving every day and Dad got a second lease on life. He says they have also had some good byes but they are grateful Victoria and JT and for Phyllis. He says he is a lucky man and will never take it for granted again.

Ashley fusses with Abby while she sends text messages at the table. Abby runs out even though Ashley tells her to sit down. She apologizes to everyone and decides she is going home. When it is just Jack, Emily and Billy, Emily goes to take a phone call. Billy admits Emily seems nice enough but admits she is a dead ringer for the woman that tried to kill Jack and Colleen. He says Jack should see her professionally but definitely not personally. Jack says he is trying to start over and build a life for himself but he doesn’t expect Billy to understand that. Billy thinks Jack is a hypocrite with his speech about family and all. He tells him to look around, the family’s doing a crash and burn. He tells him no turkey dinner is going to save that. With that he tells Jack to have a good night and he leaves.

Jill tells Katherine how happy she was for Cane with him and Lily having a baby. She asks how can Mac be doing this though knowing how much it is hurting Billy. Out side the front door Nina gives Paul the third degree til he finally admits to her that he and Jill aren’t really dating. He says she hired him to arrange a surprise for Katherine but he can’t talk about it. Suddenly Nina guesses it. She asks if he is helping Jill find Katherine’s daughter. When Jill comes outside she hangs all over Paul but Nina tells her she can drop the act because she knows everything. Jill warns Paul that she will never forgive him if Nina blows this. Nina says she must be right then, she knew that Paul would never give Jill a second look. Jill accuses her of being jealous but Nina asks why she would be jealous of a bitter woman or anyone Paul dates. She says she and Paul are friends and that is all. Paul asks if she is sure they are just friends. Nina just looks at him surprised he asks that. He grabs her and kisses her and then asks if she is sure she isn’t jealous leaving her in shock as he goes back inside.  Jill tells Mac she thinks what she is considering doing is in fact brave and pretty damned wonderful.

Sharon admits to Adam she was dreading this day but she is thankful he took the dread part out of it for her. Adam tells her he is thankful for him and her.

Nick thinks something doesn’t smell right. Phyllis says she is sure there isn’t anything else in the oven. She asks what the pink stuff. She says it is just bread stuffing as she places the turkey on the table. She says wait, Summer was making the place cards while she was making the stuffing. Summer tells her she cooks too. Noah reminds them that they have pie. Phyllis takes the turkey back into the kitchen. She says it is a disaster as she cries about having spent six hours cooking a turkey with crayons in it. Nick tells her it is ok but she wonders how he can fix this. She asks if he has a Butterball in his back pocket. He promises he will be right back and tells her he loves her on his way out.

Ashley lectures Abby when they get home about her rudeness. Abby tells her she told her she didn’t want to go as she continues texting. Ashley tells her that her family loves her. Abby says families don’t love, they lie and abandon you and die. Ashley tells her she knows she is angry and that is OK. She tells her they will get through this if they lean on each other. Abby just tells her she is going to the movies and stomps out the door.

Emily walks in catching Jack talking to his father’s photo. Jack tells her his father was an incredible man. He says Thanksgiving wasn’t just a meal to Dad when he was alive, it was a celebration. Jack says he had hoped to make a new memory today but at least she is still there, maybe they can salvage this day after all. She tells him sadly she has to go for a crisis at the hospital. He tells her that there are no apologies needed. She gives him a quick kiss on his cheek before leaving. She promises to call him later. Jack is left sitting at the end of an empty table as he sits all alone eating his Thanksgiving dinner.

Jan Barrett

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