yr-emblem.JPGJack gets Nick’s message telling him their deal isn’t going to happen. When he says Nick’s name out loud Katherine hears him and turns around and calls Nick. He agrees to meet her at the club to discuss a business matter with her. Phyllis comes downstairs and Nick tells her he is going out but it isn’t for some crisis, it is for an opportunity.

Chloe and Chance disagree about her having feelings for Billy still. Chance says why else would she been cheering Mac on about this surrogacy thing if she didn’t. Finally Chloe tells him he is right.

Ashley tells Billy she does believe in happy endings but she says love all by itself doesn’t guarantee it. She asks him what he is doing tomorrow for Thanksgiving. He tells her he was supposed to spend it with Mac but that isn’t going to happen so he is going to be working. He tells her not to worry about him and for her to go home to that precious baby.

Sharon comes downstairs with Faith in her arms. She tells Adam Faith was feeling left out up there and she was crying. Adam thinks this is a bad idea and he never should have put Sharon in this position. He tells her to just take the baby back upstairs and they can call it a night. When she goes upstairs Adam looks worried.

Chloe admits she is happy that Mac and Billy crash and burn. She says if that makes her small then fine. He says she looked like she had been punched in the stomach and she says it is because she feared Billy would love Mac’s baby more than Delia. Chance doesn’t believe that line saying he knows what he saw, she was hurt. He decides to call it a night and heads up to bed with Chloe looking upset.

Billy overhears a young lady on the phone while at Indigo. Her date seems to have stood her up. He goes over to her and tells her his name is Liam and he would like to buy her a drink. She tells him her name is Kelly and he says it is nice to meet him.

Katherine tells Nick all about her busy day. He says he has heard the rumor about 25% of Chancellor Industries going public. She tells him she is just waiting for the SEC to give her the go ahead and she has made a list of potential investors. Nick asks if there is anyone he knows on the list. She tells him that the Newman’s are on the top of her list. She says they should be honored, because not everyone gets invited to this party.

Jack goes to see Nick but Phyllis tells him he isn’t there. She tells him she needs to talk to him though. Jack figures it is about the deal her was offering Nick but as he explains Phyllis doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her he is frustrated about Nick just blowing him off. Phyllis figures it out now saying maybe it is because she told Nick that she and Jack slept together.

When Ashley comes home she is surprised to see Adam home. He tells her about the Nanny having to leave. She asks what about his date and Adam just says she understood. She tells him now that she is home he should go on with the date but he says no, it is too soon. She encourages him to get back out there saying he has a lot to offer. She says if his date knows his history and still wants to give him a chance that says a lot. She tells him to give himself a chance as she goes to see about Faith when she starts crying. Adam calls for his car as he listens to Ashley with Faith on the monitor telling her that Mommy is home now.

When Sharon comes home she finds only Fisher home who runs over to her. She gets a text message from Noah telling her he is at the movies. She says it looks like it is just her and the dog home tonight. She says she guesses that there could be worse things than a quiet evening at home.

Jack can’t believe Phyllis told Nick. He tells her she shouldn’t feel guilty about anything. She explains to him about how Patty saw them through the window that night. She tells him that Patty thinks she is Diane and that Diane is Summer’s Mom. Jack says Nick must hate his guts now.

Katherine and Nick talk about what a great CEO Neil is. Katherine says if he becomes a stockholder that means Neil would be back at Newman in a matter of speaking. Katherine congratulates Nick on how he handled the Cayman affair saying the good will’s worth every penny. Nick tells her he appreciates her generous offer and he says he will talk to the family about it and get back to her ASAP. When Katherine leaves Nick sees Adam and has the chance to harass him. He asks if he had a tough day today at the office. Nick tells him he sees he is out hanging out with friends. Adam tells him he doesn’t see his wife anywhere. Nick tells him no, he is there for business and no it isn’t anything Adam needs to know about as he walks away.

Murphy comes home from his fishing trip. He says he cut his trip short when he heard about Phillip leaving and he tells Katherine they will talk about it after he gets cleaned up. Chloe tells Katherine about Billy getting dumped by Mac and now because she approved of Mac’s plans she is getting dumped too by Chance. She says Chance reacted the way she would to acid washed jeans. Katherine thinks Chloe’s flippant attitude is more the problem. Katherine tells her she is hiding from the very thing she wants, behind her smart remarks. She says what a sad state of affairs.

Billy and Kelly talk while getting to know one another. She tells him she is a kindergarten teacher. He tells her to get outta here! He says he teaches History at the junior high school. He asks her with so much in common why they are wasting time with idle chatter.

With Ashley at the ranch cooing the baby, we see Sharon at home with Fisher jumping all over her. She thinks it is because he smells the baby on him. She says it is the most beautiful smell in the world.

Phyllis tells Jack that Nick was with Sharon at the time, who was still his wife, so there’s no moral high ground here. Jack says yeah but would Nick agree with that. He says it sounded like Nick wanted to nail Jack’s ass to the wall. He says well he guesses they are about to find out now as Nick walks in.

Nick doesn’t think Jack know just how upset he is. Jack says that his daughter was victimized over something that never should have happened. He says what’s done is dome and he doesn’t see the point in dwelling on the last few months. He just wants to move forward. He says he is not going into business with Jack though. He says because he no longer trusts Jack. Jack thinks they can repair that and it wouldn’t be a mistake. Phyllis figures it out that Nick was Jack’s last resort to buy CI stock. Nick says he appreciates Jack being there for him when he was a kid but now not so much.

Katherine explains to Murphy about why Phillip had to leave. He says he understands but the timing is terrible with Chance just starting to get to know his dad. He says Chance must feel abandoned again. He also doesn’t hold much hope for Chance and Chloe. Katherine makes Murphy laugh when she admits she used to be one of those women who were attracted to bad boys. Now we are seeing Kelly with Billy and when he seems to have forgotten her name she doesn’t seem to mind as they are kissing and undressing out in the alley.

Chloe knocks on Chance’s door and when he tells her to come in she tells him she could have handled their conversation better and she can see why he would think she was fixated on Billy. She says the thing is she really loved Billy and it took her a really long time to admit it and when she did he walked away from her. She tells him she has had a long line of men that has walked out on her. She said she though she was used to it until Chance walked away from her before. She thinks what she and Chance have is real. She tells him to please say something. He surprises her with a passionate kiss instead.

Jack goes to see Ashley so he can talk to her about IPO thing again. He tells her he is happy she is investing even on her own. He says he won’t be buying any, the secret partner thing fell through. He mopes around about Thanksgiving without Colleen and Traci and that thinks just aren’t what they should be between him, Ashley and Billy.

Phyllis runs Nick’s shoulders and tells him she knows it was difficult to shut the door on his friendship with Jack. She says it is just so sad too because the deal would have brought in so much cash. He tells her about his chat with Katherine and her offer. He says it isn’t the risk free offer that Jack gave him. He says he ran into Adam and he has been keeping his nose pretty clean at Newman. He says he is keeping his nose pretty clean at Newman, but Nick thinks he is being too careful as though he might be up to something. Phyllis says well he needs to keep an eye open with him and not let him get away with anything.

Adam goes to Sharon’s house and apologizes. He tells her he wasn’t honest about why he cancelled their date. He tells her she has been so nice to him so he just can’t keep this secret from her any longer. He says if he doesn’t tell her now, he may never do it.

Katherine and Murphy talk about women who chase men who make them miserable and how Katherine wouldn’t have had the good sense to fall for Murphy when she was younger. Murphy asks her is she remembers that kiss last year. He wonders if she has anymore of them. She tells him she does but they are upstairs. He tells her he will race her up there and they hold hands heading upstairs.

As Chance and Chloe start getting heavy with the romance she has to pull herself away. She uses excuses from his injury to checking on Delia. When Chance objects Chloe puts her sweater back on and leaves even though he wants her to stay. He is hurting but yet he is laughing at her too.

Billy and Kelly go back inside at Indigo. She wipes off her lipstick on his face. When he invites her to dinner she says no she has to go and declines his offer for a ride. He tells Kelly it was a pleasure to meet her. She tells him her name isn’t actually Kelly and she knows his name isn’t Liam. She says she used to see Billy Abbott at the club in Manhattan and wondered if the stories were true and now she knows. She kisses him and then tells Happy Thanksgiving as she walks out. After she is gone Jack calls Billy inviting him for Thanksgiving dinner at 1 pm telling him he will see him there. Billy tells him OK he will be there.

Phyllis and Nick talk about the holidays. He wonders if she made reservations for dinner. She says no she is defrosting a turkey. He says good not sure this is a good idea though. She tells him she can read a cookbook. He tells her he looks forward to eating this meal. She says with the rest of the family gone it will be just them for the first time unless he wants to invite Adam. He doesn’t want to invite Adam. Phyllis tells him it will be sweet and simple. Just them and the kids and of course her turkey will be great!

Adam knows he is going to regret telling Sharon this. She tells him not to worry she won’t freak out because she is his friend. He tells her that is the problem and that is not what this is to Adam as he suddenly grabs Sharon and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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