yr-emblem.JPGChloe snuggles up to chance once again and when she apparently hurts him she apologizes. She tells him she thinks maybe he should take Katherine up on her offer to him for a job at Chancellor Industries saying it is a lot safer sitting behind a desk where the worse he can get would be a paper cut. She assures him she is not trying to change him because she loves… well likes him the way he is. He tells her he likes her too as he smiles.

Mac asks Billy if he was with Chloe when he got the message about Phillip but he explains he wasn’t actually with her, he just bumped into her at Crimson Lights. After talking about Phillip Mac starts to talk about being at Cane and Lily’s but Billy interrupts saying he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say about them. Chloe and Cane walks up and Chloe asks if Billy and Mac are having a baby. Billy tells her no, but Mac is going to have Cane’s baby. Chloe can only say WOW!

Adam needs advice on what shirt to wear on his date with a friend tonight. She asks if it is a friend he wants to impress. She picks the one on the right and when Adam gets a call she walks away. Sharon tells Adam she has made reservations at Indigo for them, because she thinks it is time for him to go out. She tells him she doesn’t want to be chaperoned tonight so she won’t need his driver tonight, she will just pick him up.

Jack wants it to keep it a secret where he is taking Dr Peterson for dinner. He tells her he wants to keep his air of mystery but she says it is a little late for that. He just wants to have one secret she doesn’t know about so he tells her to call him when she is ready. Jack calls Nick who tells him that the IPO figures look sweet and he is definitely interested so they can talk tomorrow about it.

When Nick comes home he finds Phyllis determined to get rid of their sofa saying she never wants to look at this one again. When he asks why she says because she is the reason Patty attacked Summer. As she goes on and on Nick listens when she finally blurts out that Patty was watching her and Jack from outside the window. Nick says so what were they doing talking? She says no they were not talking, they were having sex.

Patty remembers Debbie. She remembers her wanting sleepovers with her but only because she had a crush on Paul. She also remembers Paul bringing her sno-cones. She asks if he is going to go get her one. She says if so make it grape. Dr. Peterson walks in and asks what this is. Patty says it is her junior year high school yearbook. Paul whispers to the doctor that Patty is doing well and hasn’t mentioned Jack once. Patty shows them a picture from a school plat and says without the wings she looks like a bride. She shows some of the cutouts she made of Paul and Kitty Kitty. She remarks that she only has kid’s scissors though because of all the dangerous people in there. She says she isn’t dangerous though, she would never hurt anyone especially not Jack.

Ashley tells Jack that Faith is doing fine when he comes to visit. She says she is a lot like him. She says she likes the sound of her own voice and just won’t let go when she gets hold of something. Adam walks in asking if that is Jack there. Jack sarcastically says he is surprised Adam isn’t at Newman filing. Adam comes back at him telling him he hears that Jack has all the time in the world now that Jill s back running Jabot since Jack screwed up. Ashley breaks the two of them up and Adam walks out. Jack talks to Ashley again about going in with him on the Chancellor stocks. She tells him she is going to invest in Chancellor but just not with him.

Phyllis admits to Nick that it is true, she and Jack had sex but it was after Nick left her and was with Sharon. She tells him she and Jack were desperate and completely alone and they needed each other. Nick grits through his teeth, “That son-of-a-bitch!” Phyllis tells him he had left her and it was a mistake but they didn’t think they were hurting anyone but Patty saw them and that is why she did this to their child. She blames herself asking how she is going to be able to live with this now.

Chloe tries to get this straight. She says OK Mac is going to carry a baby for her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and Billy’s ex-brother. She tells Mac good for her. She says Billy must be proud that she is giving her body to Cane for the greater good. She says so this is why the two of them are having problems. She tells Mac to give Billy a few months and he will get over it and then he will be back to the ground she waddles on. She tells her to have a great evening. Mac says she doesn’t care that they know, she has nothing to be ashamed of. She doesn’t think going inside to talk isn’t a good idea. Billy just tells her then have a nice night as he walks away. Mac quietly whispers good bye Billy.

Ashley tells Jack she won’t let him take over. She thinks they need to keep family and business separate. She explains that they are their father’s legacy no Jabot. She says she cares about what happens to Jabot but she warns him not to count on her voting with him. She says he has done too many things she doesn’t approve of that were quite offensive. She says she got over it because she loves him and accepts him but now it is his turn.

Nick tells Phyllis she can’t blame herself on this. He offers her to blame him for abandoning her and sending her into Jack’s arms. She says he wasn’t even here that night when that psycho was outside. Nick says he guesses it could have been worse, Patty could have come inside the house that night while Summer was sleeping upstairs.

Dr Peterson thinks it is good that Patty is connecting with her past and not talking so much about Jack. She thinks it means they are making progress. She says she has another appointment to go to so she says good bye to Patty. While Paul walks the doctor out Patty takes out another drawing she made and whispers for it not to worry, she won’t let them take it away. She caresses the drawing of her and Jack.

When Jack is gone, Ashley apologizes for Jack to Adam. She tells Adam that when they work together it will be different but she isn’t ready to talk to him about it yet. She asks him how come he is being so secretive about his date. He tells her he doesn’t want to jinx it. She tells him good luck as she smiles at him saying he deserves someone special.

Paul goes back to Patty to say good bye. He promises to do his best to bring her a sno-cone. She tells him her paper Paul should stay with her to take care of her. When Paul leaves she brings out the drawing of Jack again.

Jack has a bouquet of flowers for Emily at the club. He tells her that there is no need to put them in water, saying they will be taken care of where they are going. He puts out his arm to Emily ready to escort her out.

Phyllis complains about Dr Peterson being so close to Patty. She says she didn’t fix her and that is her job. Nick thinks Phyllis is putting her rage on everything else including the sofa and Dr Peterson and even herself. She asks what else can she do. She says she can’t let Summer see her like this. She can’t let her see what she is thinking. Nick says she is everything to that little girl and she can’t let her see her fall apart. Nick says they all have some blame in this but no one has done more than she has to make this right again. He tells her she is the best mother Summer could ask for and she should feel damn proud. He reminds her that they are there together and safe and she needs to focus on that. She nods her head as she starts crying and hugging and kissing Nick.

Jack brings Dr Peterson to his home where they have the best table of the house. He says he is the waiter, maitre’d, chef, bus boy and the dishwasher. As he escorts her into the dining room he pours her a glass of wine. She says this is nice for a change where no one will be staring wondering if she is Patty and Jack says he plans to be the only one staring at her tonight. Then we see Nick and Phyllis in their bed.

Faith’s Nanny comes rushing in telling Adam she has to go because her Dad just had a heart attack. She hands him the baby monitor and runs out. Adam is just about to call Sharon when she shows up at the door. He tells her he can’t go out and explains how come since Ashley isn’t home. Sharon says OK they can just stay there then.

Chloe and Chance are surprised that Mac didn’t go with Billy and they offer her some hot chocolate. She says no thank you. Chloe tells her she thinks she is doing the right thing. She says Cane will be a great father. Chance can see where Billy is coming from though. He says it is a lot to ask of a guy. They ask if she thinks this will blow over though but Mac says she doesn’t think so. Chloe says she support’s Mac’s decision 100% and she can hook her up with maternity clothes too, whatever she needs. Then we see where Billy is talking to Ashley telling her that Mac dumped him.

Jack asks Emily if she thought he couldn’t cook. When they leave the dining room she suggests that maybe next time she can help in the kitchen. She is embarrassed for giving him such a hard time when they first met. He finds it refreshing. He says this way the baggage is already out there. He tells her this is the home he grew up in. He says it is his Dad’s home even though he has spent his entire life trying to emulate him but has done a terrible job at it. He had hopes that Ashley would come back to Jabot but she isn’t interested and Traci is settled in New York. He says Billy is running amuck at Restless Style. He says the dream of working together at Jabot is up in smoke. She tells him that giving up and old dream makes room for new ones.

Sharon suggests she and Adam order a pizza and says there are tons of movies in the media room. She says oops she forgot he is blind. He tells her he can still see colors and shapes though. He says the closer the better. She says they will think of something and she offers to help with the baby if she wakes up. Adam tells her there is no need to go check on Faith right now. He is going to go get some snacks and iced tea. While he is gone, Sharon smiles at the bassinet when she hears the baby crying over the monitor.

Billy has to wonder if it is too much to ask for a guy’s girlfriend not to have some other guy’s kid. Ashley tells him it would be Cane and Lily’s baby though. She has to ask isn’t this surrogacy just the last straw though. She says it seems he and Mac are incompatible in other ways as well. She says she tried to convince herself for so long that loving Victor was enough but her dreams didn’t turn out either. She says it is disappointing but her eyes have opened to new possibilities now and it is exciting. Billy says he knows what his life was like without Mac and he doesn’t want to lose her again.

Mac turns now hot chocolate again and decides to turn in for the night saying she has had about all she can handle in one night. Chance thinks that Chloe was over the top. She says but she is alone and pregnant. She says she is the type to get real big. She says this is not about Billy being available again. Chance sees that Chloe really does care an awful lot.

When Phyllis falls asleep Nick calls Jack and leaves him a message telling him about the Chancellor Industries IPO, it is not going to happen. Back to Jack we see him dropping Dr Peterson off at the club. He kisses her good night which Paul sees and is completely taken by surprise. She tells him good night and then pauses as she touches her lip. She looks down at Jack and then walks away. Jack’s cell phone beeps and he sees it was Nick.

Patty sits in her cell looking at the paper Jack she drew. She tells him the last time they were married he wasn’t a good boy. She takes her scissors and pokes the eyes out on the paper drawing of Jack and says she will make it so he never looks at anyone again.

Nick goes downstairs and grabs a beer. As he guzzles it down he looks at the sofa and thinks he needs more beer. Then he looks long and deep into the mirror at himself.

Adam comes out with a loaded tray of snacks but Sharon isn’t there. Here she comes down the stairs as he sees through his blurry eyes, Sharon is carrying the baby in her arms cooing to her.

Jan Barrett

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