Victoria walks up to Billy and slaps him in the face and tells him this is her way of saying thanks jerk and then she marches out of Jimmy’s. Kevin is amazed calling that simply awesome. Billy tells Kevin to go rob a bank or something but Kevin says there is no way he is going to miss this entertainment. When Daniel and Amber walk in they ask what entertainment. Billy says it is just another day in the life of a publisher. When everyone heads off to the bar for drinks Billy tells Mac that Victoria isn’t upset about his article about Victor. She is upset about the new one he put out on her and Deacon. Mac is appalled that he has accused Victoria of having an affair as she walks away from him.

Abby and he friend get to know each other as Abby says she isn’t in any hurry to getting a drink . In the meantime her mother is at Crimson Lights looking for her. Ashley sees Noah and Eden and asks if they have seen her. When neither has Ashley is puzzled about where she could be.

Adam opens Sharon’s door to see Phyllis and Nick standing there with Summer. He bends over and asks if that is really Summer. Nick asks why he is answering Sharon’s door. Adam says because a beautiful princess rang the door bell. He says he is visiting Sharon, that is all. Sharon comes up and invites them inside and then she tells Summer she is the most beautiful princess she has seen all night long. She tells her she has some chocolate that is peanut free just for her. The Newman’s say they don’t have time to stay as Summer is anxious to go trick or treating. As Phyllis runs after Summer who ran out the door, she yells out for Nick asking if he is coming. Nick follows her out.

Victoria is back at Newman and she asks the receptionist if her husband was still there. She is given a letter from JT telling her he has accepted his new job and he is leaving for New York tonight. He tells her he loves her as much as the day they married. Then we see JT at the airport waiting on his flight out as Victoria is reading his letter.

Nikki tells Victor not to worry about Jack and his idiot brother. She tells him the J-word and B-word is off limits to him. She tells him he has to get to a stress free environment so he can come back stronger than ever. Victor says and when that happens Jack better watch his step.

Daniel and Kevin argue with Billy about his article about Victoria. He asks why they care about Victoria anyway. Amber says she saved Amber and Daniels’s relationship and the Terroni. She says Victoria has too much integrity to cheat on her husband and besides she wouldn’t go near Deacon Sharpe. When Billy turns to Mac for backup she tells him she can no longer support him, he is on his own.

Outside Jimmy’s Ryder watches the kids run by trick or treating. He has his old photo in his hand and it makes him think back to him arguing with another kid that had called him chicken. He whispers that he didn’t mean to do it. Kevin walks out and asks if he is coming inside to join the parties. He says Halloween isn’t really his thing but he agrees to go in for one drink with them.

Chloe and Amber recognize Abby sitting at the table and say look teenagers hanging out in a bar. They remember the good old days and decide to go over and bust them. They go over and pretend to ask them for their autographs and Abby and her friend ask them to go get them some drinks. When Amber and Chloe go get the drinks Abby and Daisy boast at how easy that was.

Victor is upset asking Victoria doesn’t she think what Billy said about her was libelous. Nikki says the people won’t judge her. Victoria thinks it is better if she resigns. Victor doesn’t understand why she would allow that punk to run all over her like that. She tells her father she made it very clear to Billy how she felt about this. She says Nick can manage at Newman. Victor insists that Victoria remains a part of Newman but Nikki suggests that Victoria takes some time off to focus on her family and her marriage. Victoria tells Victor she isn’t sure about her future with JT saying it is difficult to be married to Victor Newman’s daughter. Victor hugs her telling her to do what is best for her. He says family is the most important thing.

Phyllis reports to Nick that Summer fell asleep with her costume still on. When she finds him distracted she accuses him of being upset that Adam was with Sharon. When he tells her it is Sharon’s life s he tells him yes it is Sharon’s life but if Nick has a problem with it, the least he can do would be to admit it. He says OK, it does bother him because he is sure that Adam has an ulterior motive. Phyllis says she can understand that especially with Noah living there. She tells him she doesn’t have a problem going over there and telling Sharon what a creep Adam is. He says OK, he will. He says he has to stop by the ranch to see his father and then he will go talk to Sharon.

Ashley still can’t find Abby so she goes back to Crimson Lights. Eden remembers last year how they tried to crash Jimmy’s bar so maybe that is where she is, at Billy’s party. Ashley says she is surprised she didn’t think of that so that is where she heads off to.

Amber and Chloe continue talking to Abby and Daisy as they are asked what is in the drinks. They say all sorts of good stuff. Abby recognizes the guy from Crimson Lights saying it was Kevin’s brother. When Daniel walks over Amber introduces him as her fiancé and then Abby introduce Daisy as a senior from Walnut Grove High School. When Daniel is concerned about the girls drinking he is assured that it is all good. They all make a toast to new friends when Chance walks up. He asks them for an ID. When they are told they were not drinking any alcohol in their drinks Chance tells them he will give them a pass this one time but only if they go straight home from there. Abby and Daisy say yes sir as they all but run out.

Billy tries patching things up with Mac. He tells her that once the magazine has legs he can go all humanitarian. He says this is a part of his job now and asks if he is supposed to get her approval on every article he publishes now. He tells her he hates it when she tells him she is disappointed in him, it is like he can’t do anything right. He says maybe he should just get out of there and Mac agrees saying that is a great idea. When he sees she is serious he asks if that is how she wants to say good night. He tells her fine have a pleasant evening then and he walks out.

Victor called Adam to the ranch too and Nick is surprised that he could tear himself away from Sharon long enough. Victor tells them he is leaving for Belgium tonight and Victoria is leaving too. Adam asks what for and Nick says for personal reasons. Victor tells Nick he has faith in his abilities to run Newman and he is leaving him in charge of the entire company but he does want him to give Adam some more responsibilities. Victor tells Adam he is to behave himself and not to disappoint his trust in him. Adam says yes sir and Nick tells Victor he’s got it.

Daniel and Amber ends up in the back stock room at Jimmy’s making out. Chance gives Chloe the cold shoulder attitude and tells her he is not going to share. She says she doesn’t get it. Then he says never mind and says Happy Halloween. On his way out he sees Ashley come in and he tells her about the underage girls that he kicked out. He tells her they should be on their way home by now. She thanks him and she leaves. Mac announces that the party is over and tells everyone to drive home safe and not to go swimming. Chloe tells her it looks like they are both going home alone tonight. Mac tells her with the way she feels about Billy right now Chloe can have him. She tells her she will meet her outside as she locks up and sets the alarm. Daniel and Amber are locked in but they haven’t even realized it yet.

Nikki and Victor walk out to the stables. Nikki tells Victor that when they come back they need to go riding together. She tells him she misses that. He says he missed a lot of things but she says he doesn’t have to anymore as he hugs her.

Billy goes to the cemetery with a beer in his hand to talk to Colleen. He tells her he hopes her Halloween is going better than his is. He tells her about the hot issue of Restless Style that he caught hell for. He says Jack has disowned him, Daniel and his friends hate him, and Mac is going to walk and then Victoria slapped him. He says the whole night just stank except for Delia. He says she was the cutest football you’ve ever seen. He says it is because of Delia that he and Chloe are stuck together but he says that isn’t so bad. He tells Colleen he misses her and then makes a toast to her as he drinks his beer.

Adam goes to Nicks but Phyllis tells him Nick isn’t there. He says he came to talk to her. He knows that the more riled up Nick gets the more chances are that he will run to Sharon’s rescue. She accuses Adam of wanted her to convince Nick that he is harmless so Nick will back off. Adam says he and Sharon are only friends and Nick needs to accept that. She thinks that is a really stinky fish even for Adam. She tells him if he wants to convince Nick of something he will have to do so himself.

Nick goes to Sharon and asks why she would want to hang around someone like Adam. She doesn’t see what the big deal is. She says Nick needs to give Adam a break, saying he is just trying to fit in as Victor Newman’s son. She says he is sweet and funny and he understands people. Nick accuses her of having a thing for Adam. She looks at Nick and smiles when she denies it.

Eden and Abby have a few insults for each other while Noah tells Daisy she will like it at Walnut Grove. When it is clear that Daisy is flirting with Noah, Eden cuts in and asks Daisy if she is dressed up as Bubble Wrap. Ashley walks in and thanks Jana for calling her. She calls out Abby’s name and surprises Abby. She asks her Mom what is wrong. Ashley orders her to get in the car. When Abby questions it Ashley tells her they can get into it right there in front of her friends or at home, it was up to her. Needless to say Abby goes to the car.

Daniel and Amber realize that Jimmy’s is closed and they are locked in with no way to leave without triggering off the alarm sp decide who cares about leaving as they dance together.

The doorbell rings and Chloe answers the door while only wearing her robe. When she sees Billy standing there neither say a word. It is clear that Billy is drunk as he leans over and kisses her just as Chance happens to pass by. Chance looks like his heart is broken.

Victor and Nikki talk about all the happy times they spent in the stables. She asks him why this is sounding like a good bye from him. He says he has given the ranch to Ashley but Nikki says the horses are still his. Nikki asks what he is thinking about. He tells her he is just at peace, that is all. He says this trip to Belgium would have been very lonely if she wouldn’t be going too. He says they will share this adventure together. She says she will crack the whip lovingly of course. They agree that one thing is for sure. They can’t live without each other as they kiss. She tells him isn’t it lucky for them that they don’t want to.

Chance turns and walks away and misses what Chloe does. She pulls away saying she knows Billy is alone right now but she can’t be his consolation prize. She says they will always be friends but she can’t do this. She asks him to just please go. He says OK and leaves after telling her he is sorry.

Phyllis shows Adam to the door telling him she thought he was brighter than trying to get her on his side. He tells her he is sorry he wasted her time. When she gets him out the door she tells him she will be sure to tell Nick he stopped by and the next time he decides to come by, to call first.

Sharon tells Nick he is reading more into this relationship with Adam than there is. He says oh but it is a relationship? He says he bets Adam didn’t tell her he was gay. Sharon tells him Adam told her all about that. Nick thinks Adam has her under his spell. She says that is it, she has had enough. She tells Nick she can take care of herself, thank you very much. Nick says he hopes Adam doesn’t hurt her but if he does he will be there for her and for her not to forget it.

Victoria catches JT at the airport just as he is about to board the plane. She has a bag over her shoulder and carrying Reed. She tells him how sorry she is about everything. JT says thank God. He takes Reed from her and says they will have a great time in New York.

While still out at the stables Nikki tells Victor she got him a gift that he can take with them to Belgium to the estate that they rented for them over there. She opens the box and Victor sees a puppy that looks just like Zapato. She says she made a donation in Zapato’s name to lab research and then rescued this one from the puppy mill. She says he has a second chance just like Victor does and like they do together. She says all he has to do is decide on a name now. They think about the name ‘Segundo’ which means second chance or ‘Corazon’ which means heart. Victor says it was such a thoughtful gift as they both say they love each other with all their hearts.

Jan Barrett

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