yr-emblem.JPGBilly tells Chloe she shouldn’t flatter herself because the only woman he is interested in is Mac. Chloe gets a text message to come back to the Chancellor Mansion saying there is a problem there concerning Phillip. As she runs out the door Billy follows telling her to wait for him.

Lauren tells Michael she knows he crossed the line by attacking Ryder like he did but she says she did call him a rat and then she is sent a live rat. She hardly considers that a coincidence.

Amber and Daniel are excited about the gift they received from Mrs. C. They say airline cards including food and hotels, how cool is that. They can pick a romantic destination of their choice. Just as they are about to take off Michael comes in and ruins it for them telling them that their honeymoon will have to wait because not Daniel is a murder suspect and he can’t leave the state.

Lily and Cane says it was sweet of Jill to bring over some healthy take out food for them. They fill Jill in on the plans for them to have a baby which she is thrilled about. She assures them that Cane is family to her. She says he is as much her son as if she’d given birth to him herself. When they tell her about Phillip possibly going back to Australia she is shocked though.

Nina is so angry at Phillip that she takes it out on Chance’s pillows. She tells Katherine that Phillip is going back to Australia tonight. She says he’ll wish he was dead when she gets her hands on him. She says he is with Chance right now unless he chickened out and ran out the back door.

Chance notices something is going on with Phillip who tells him yeah it is because he is going back to Australia. Chance asks for how long and Phillip tells him indefinitely. He says but this time he has good reason but it would be much to complicated to explain beside he knows that no excuse will be good enough for anyone there. Katherine walks in asking then why do it.

Michael tells Daniel that he is now a suspect since Ryder’s alibi checked out. Amber wants to know since when do people have to prove their innocence. She says this is America. Michael assures them Deacon won’t get off scott free here because there are other things he can be charged with other than murder. He promises to stay in touch and leaves. Daniel leaves saying he needs to get some air leaving Amber alone.

Kevin tells Lauren that Michael probably scared poor Ryder to death. Lauren asks, poor Ryder? She says he can take care of himself. Kevin just won’t believe that Ryder would have done something so twisted as sending her a live rat. She thinks he is in denial about Ryder but he says he isn’t. He is just giving him the benefit of the doubt like family usually does.

Katherine tells Phillip they are his unfinished business and asks what could possibly be so important that he has to fly back to Australia tonight. Chloe asks Chance if he is OK and he says yes but he wants to hear his father’s excuse. Nina tells Phillip that he trusted her enough to admit he was gay so she wants to know what has changed. Jill walks in asking if it is true about him leaving.

Cane tells Lily and Mac he will do the clean up after they all have eaten because they need to keep their energy up. Mac says he could peel them some grapes and Lily says or he can fan them with some palm leaves. When Mac makes a call to check on the bar Lily tells Cane he needs to go check on Jill saying she will be just fine with Mac there. When he is gone Lily tells Mac they need to discuss something really important.

When Daniel comes back he finds their apartment with an inflatable palm tree, a beach chair and everything to make it appear like the beach in Tahiti. She says she has brought their honeymoon to them. She tells him to listen, he can almost hear the waves here and she tells him to look over there, there is a cabin in the woods and in another corner is a Paris café. He asks if she knows she is nuts. She says she is and that is why he married her. He apologizes for running out earlier. He says they are in this for better or worse but he doesn’t think things could be much worse than now. She says yes it could be. He could still be single. He kisses her as he agrees with her saying they do have each other.

Michael says he didn’t come there to harass Ryder. He is just there to cut him loose. He says he is now representing Daniel. Ryder asks who is going to represent him now after making a false confession to murder. Michael tells him he isn’t the only attorney in town. Michael tells him to let his fingers do the walking. When Lauren and Kevin walk up wanting to know what is going on, Michael tells him he was informing Ryder he no longer is representing him. Kevin asks if he is going to just desert him. Then Kevin comes to the conclusion that it isn’t Ryder causing the problems, it is the Baldwin’s.

Jill says she thought they were all getting along there. She says all the talks, the dinners and then adds that even she and Katherine are not fighting anymore. She asks has she done something wrong. He tells her no so Jill asks then why is he leaving. They want to know if he is really this selfish. Cane walks in and says Phillip is not selfish. He is doing this to save Cane’s life. He apologizes to Phillip for not being able to keep his promise. Cane explains Phillip’s reason for wanting to go. Chance walks out to take Delia to bed and Chloe follows him. Billy accuses Cane of doing nothing but lie and manipulate since he came to town. He says he should go home and do his own dirty work. Katherine breaks it up ordering no more infighting. Cane leaves and Billy is told by Jill to go somewhere and cool off. Phillip explains that he owes this to Cane to take care of this problem. Nina asks if that creep is more important to him than being there and being a father to his son. Katherine says she understands now and Jill says she is so proud of Phillip as she hugs him. Phillip tells then that he is sorry he didn’t tell them all the truth all those years ago.

Chloe finds Chance sitting and talking with Delia. She thinks Cane uses people and she would hate to see Phillip risk his life for Cane. Chance thinks it is noble of Phillip but admits he does like having Phillip around. He says he isn’t sure his father will be back but Chloe tells him she should give it a chance and let go of the hurt he has kept bottled up all this time.

Lily tells Mac she doesn’t know how to thank her for sacrificing the next 9 months of her life. She says she knows how much this is costing her. Lily explains she doesn’t want to discuss the contract but she has something she needs to talk about and she can’t talk to Cane about it. She wants to know what happens to her baby if she doesn’t survive.

Kevin confronts Michael about how he is trying to convince everyone that Ryder was the one that sent that rat to Lauren. He accuses Michael of abandoning him all over again. He says he guesses some things never change. When Michael runs after Kevin as he walks off Lauren asks Ryder what his problem is with her.

Lily needs to know that if she doesn’t make it that her baby will be OK. She says sure Cane was great with Delia but a baby needs a woman’s touch. Lily is sorry she has made Mac uncomfortable by talking about this. Mac tells her this is a lot to consider. She says she has only signed up for a 9 month commitment, not a lifetime one. She asks if they can talk about this later. Lily asks if she is having second thoughts now. Mac tells her it has been a long day and they can talk tomorrow as she hurries out.

As Phillip talks to Katherine, Jill and Nina he admits now he should have been honest with them years ago, then he wouldn’t have lost all those years with Chance who is listening in now.

Billy catches Cane outside and tells him he knows he would have been gone by now if Mac hadn’t have stopped him and convinced him to stay. Cane says it was for Lily that he stayed. Billy seems to think that now Cane has convinced Mac that she is the only way he and Lily can have a baby and now Billy’s real brother is going back to Australia to deal with Cane’s mess. Billy begs Cane to hit him trying to start a fight.

Ryder claims he couldn’t have sent that rat to Lauren. He says their beady little eyes freak him out to much. Lauren tells him she and Michael do not think this is funny. Ryder tells her he likes them and starts to tell her something but Michael marches over asking Lauren if he is bothering her. She says she can handle Ryder, she has gone up against adversaries that make him look like a kitten. She tells Ryder he has no idea what he is up against. Kevin walks over telling the Baldwin’s to stop threatening Ryder and orders them to get out.

Daniel and Amber are online looking for a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. Amber starts to worry about what if Daniel is indicted. He says he won’t waste his time on ‘what if’s’. He wants to get their honeymoon started. She asks where, he says right over there as he points to the corner where Paris is, the city of lights.

Cane gets angry with Billy pointing his finger in his face warning him not to ever portray him as a madman who brainwashing people. He says he didn’t ask Phillip to take his place and he didn’t ask Mac to be their surrogate and he didn’t even ask Lily to reconcile with him. He says Billy being all alone has nothing to do with him. He tells him to have a good night as he walks off. Chloe had been listening so when Cane is gone she walks over to Billy.

Cane apologizes for what happened between he and Billy but says he has to get back to Lily now. He asks Phillip once again if he is sure he wants to do this. Phillip hugs him assuring him he does and sends him to go be with his wife. Phillip says Cane is like a brother to him and he asks if they can ever forgive him for what he has put them all through. Jill and Katherine both apologize too for using him as a weapon to hurt each other. Phillip promises them he will be back. Chance comes back in and admits he thought the worst of Phillip until he heard Cane’s explanation. He says now he feels Phillip is doing the right thing and he calls Phillip ‘Dad’ much to everyone’s amazement. Phillip tells him “I love you my son” and then he hugs him.

As Amber and Daniel snuggle in their imaginary cabin they decide to make every second they have for now count. He suggests taking a drive to someplace goofy. They say they can go for just a few days and it will be unpredictable and romantic. Amber jumps up and tells Daniel she will race him to the car.

Kevin asks what part of ‘you’re not welcome here anymore’ do Lauren and Michael not understand. Lauren can’t believe Kevin would turn his back on his brother and his best friend and her for this guy. Kevin says someone has to cut Ryder a break so now he wants them to just go. Michael says he is sorry it has come to this as he walks out the door with Lauren. While out on the patio sweeping, Ryder watches them leave. He makes a call and says, “Yeah Lauren got your present. They think I sent it. You really jumped the gun.”

Phillip hugs everyone as Katherine says Phillip gave Cane a family, Jill a son and her a grandson too. She says he did it out of love. She looks at Phillip and tells him he is a good man. Phillip tells her it is never too late to learn. At the front door he says his final good byes to Chance and Nina. As he hugs Nina he tells her he loves her so much. She tells him she has waited 25 years to hear him say that. Phillip takes a photo of Chance saying it is for his bar. When he is gone and all are back inside Nina jokes with Katherine telling her the way she takes in strays her home will never be an empty nest. Katherine says you don’t have to be related to be family. Jill still doesn’t understand why Billy went after Cane though. Katherine looks at her and asks if she has no idea. Jill says no, she just knows they have been at each other’s throats for months though.

Cane goes home and says now he wants to focus only on ‘operation baby’ and then he asks where Mac was. He notices Lily looks kind of sad but she lies to him telling him she is fine, just tired as they hug.

Chloe admits to Billy that she did see the pathetic showdown he had with Cane and she tells him she sides with him on this. She thinks it is Cane’s fault Phillip is leaving. She asks if he wants to come check on Delia with her. He tells her he does but asks if he can just come up later but for now he just wants to sit alone for a while. He is all bummed out when he goes inside. He spots Mac watching him. He stares back at her and she looks just as depressed as he does.

Jan Barrett

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