yr-emblem.JPGLauren jokes around about the rat someone sent to her as a gift. Nick comes in with a check for the Bardwell’s. He says it is good will and good PR. While inside Gloria says she can’t wait to shed her apron for good there. She sees Nick out on the patio and says that is what she is going to do right now as she tells Kevin to consider this fair warning.

Sharon tells Adam she doesn’t care if everyone sees her out with him. She says those certain people who have a problem with it can take a flying leap. She tells him they can meet later and yes there in open public. Adam seems worried when Ashley comes along. She tells Sharon she has been swamped with things and Sharon relates that she remembers those days saying she almost forgot what that was like. She asks how the baby is doing.

Heather goes to see Paul to update him on what’s been going on in her life since she and Adam split up. Paul admits he could be ready to start dating again and Heather wonders if he has an interest in Nina. He tells her it is too early yet but he admits it is kind of nice.

Katherine remains suspicious of what is going on between Jill and Paul. She says it wasn’t that long ago that Paul was so in love with Nikki. Back to business she says her emails  are jammed about the IPO. She says the sharks are circling them.

Jack corners Neil at Jabot saying he is sure that Chancellor has decided to go public and he wants in on the ground floor. Neil won’t talk to Jack about this matter in the hallway of a subsidiary but the boardroom would be just fine.

Ashley tells Sharon the baby is doing just fine. Sharon tells her she has no problem with Ashley using Faith’s name. Ashley says the nanny is bring the baby by and asks Sharon if she would like to join them Adam interrupts telling Sharon she is there to meet her trainer and he can’t do it later because of a meeting he doesn’t want to put off. Sharon says she better stay with her plans. When she leaves Ashley asks Adam about his counting perfume trip. He tells her he has to run and leaves quickly.

Jeffery isn’t as happy with the check from Nick and as he is about to complain Gloria interrupts saying she thinks it is very generous. She thanks Nick who says it was the right thing to do. Nick hands Michael a check asking if he will deliver it to Jill for him. Kevin complains that now he will be two employees short but at least he still has Ryder who has been dependable. When alone Gloria complains to Michael about the size of the check Nick gave them. Michael tells her he can’t believe her, saying they are lucky to get that. He says they shouldn’t have put all their money in an offshore account with no insurance. Michael gives Jill her check and seems satisfied with the amount saying she plans to invest it and she thinks the Bardwell’s should do the same which only makes them think Jill must be up to something.

Neil and Jack talk about hypothetical things. Neil tells Jack IF they were to go public he isn’t the type of investor they would approach but says no offense. Jack says none taken but why not set a price and make a deal. Neil says maybe Katherine doesn’t want to give Jack more leverage. Jack tells him his father built Jabot so he should be let in. Neil tells him to read his lips, “It ain’t going to happen” and he is going to have to learn to live with that. Jack says the hell he will as he walks out.

Adam hands in 50 state analysis reports in the correct format and asks Nick what is next. Nick tells him to check the reports for errors. Adam says there is no need to transfer them to Braille, all he needs is a big magnifying glass and a bright light. He asks didn’t Victor want him to have more responsibility. Nick says that is true but he is in charge. He admits he does like Adam’s can do attitude about being able to handle this but he still doesn’t trust him completely.

Katherine warns Mitchell that Jack won’t give up so easy. She says Neil has handled him for now though. Mitchell thinks they need to brace themselves because once it is filed with the SEC it is going to generate a flood of interest. Neil says he is excited about moving forward with this. Katherine suddenly wants to know where Jill is saying she was supposed to be there.

Jill goes to see Paul who jokes with Heather as he asks Jill should they announce their engagement. Then he explains to her that they are having a meeting about a case. When Heather leaves Paul says she shouldn’t have told Katherine they were involved. Jill wonders if she should take that as an insult but says them claiming to be lovers is a great cover saying this way they can work day and night on this and no one will expect a thing..

Michael is appalled that Gloria and Jeffery are considering suing the Newman’s for more money. She says they have lost everything. Michael tells her that most people could live very well on what Nick gave them, so how come they can’t be happy with what they got for once. He tells them to invest wisely and no more get rich schemes that will put her in jail. Ryder walks over and Michael informs him that he is off the hook for murder and now Kevin tells him he is going to give him more responsibility there are the coffee shop.

Lauren talks about how mad she is about someone sending her that rat. Phyllis thinks it is a good thing someone like Ryder didn’t send it to her. She tells her she can’t take things lying down r ignore it. When Ryder comes out asking if they want refills he agrees with Phyllis telling Lauren she has to hold her own in this dangerous world and then he asks how the wedding was.

Jill tells Paul he can have access to Katherine’s house and that includes her office. She looks at Paul and asks if it is that impossible to think he would be attracted to her. He tells her she is attractive. They agree to pretend to be a couple and she thinks they should go to the club as their first official fake date. She asks him if he thinks he can handle this or not.

Jack bumps into Sharon and tells her what a nice surprise. He tells her if things go his way he might have something to offer her like a job. He tells her to come by and talk this afternoon but she says she is busy and asks how about tonight. He says he has plans but they can work on when to talk.

Gloria and Jeffery think that Jill owes them so they say whatever it is that she is up to, they want in on it. Jeffery says he is going to make a few calls while Gloria has some things she needs to do. She says they have a sale going on for caviar and private jets.

Lauren tells Michael all about what Ruder was asking them. Michael makes it clear he doesn’t like Ryder but asks if they could be mistaken. Phyllis tells him not according to her gut feeling. Michael calls Kevin over and Kevin assures them that Ryder was working there that night. He says they just aren’t ever going to give Ryder a break. Michael tells him that is all he has been doing and he is on their list now.

Ashley comes in to talk to Katherine and Neil and tells them what she knows and asks to be a ground floor investor too. She says she is a huge fan of Katherine’s company and with Neil running it, it would be a great investment. Neil reminds her it would be a public stock offering and they can’t just offer it to her and Jack. Ashley assures them that she has no plans to partner with Jack and in fact she doesn’t even want him to know about this meeting with them.

Jack approaches Nick saying he is sure that Katherine would deal with a Newman. Nick tells Jack he doesn’t have the funds to purchase 25% of Chancellor Industries. He says besides IPO’s are risky and he can’t afford to gamble the company’s money. Jack says yes but his offer isn’t. He says he will provide the cash and Newman will benefit if the stock does well. He tells Nick he is offering him a hell of a deal here. Nick tells him not so fast. He will need more information before going into business with Jack like why would he want to do this for him.

Heather sees Adam at the club and tells him he looks stylish in his fine Italian tailoring. He corrects her saying it is Canadian and adds that he has paid for his crimes. She says it has always amazed her how he has escaped through everything. He says slowly going blind isn’t exactly skating through it. She says she can’t be fooled. She knows he is a liar and God help the next woman he gets involved with. Just as Heather walks out Sharon is there waving for Adam to come over to the bar.

Nick tells Jack he is no dummy. He says he is sure he went to Katherine and she shot him down. Actually he says it was Neil but he asks Jack can they talk turkey. He points out that Jack wouldn’t get Jabot back. Jack says no but he would get his splintered family back. Nick tells him he will look into it and consider his proposal. Jack says he is sure he won’t pass this one up. He says he disapproved a lot of things Victor did but Victor always knew a good deal when he saw one and he knows Nick shares that trait with his father.

Ashley talks about being boxed in because of misguided disloyalty. She says she is sure Neil can relate to that. She asks him how it is going from Victor’s shadow to the direct sunlight. He tells her it feels pretty damn good. She assures him she would be investing by and only for herself. Katherine tells her she respects a woman who stands by her own and promises to be in touch no matter how things turn out.

Adam whispers to Sharon that he doesn’t want her to get hassled for being out with him. She tells him fine, they will play this his way as she asks him to pass the nuts. He tells her he doesn’t want to press his luck but he ate all the cashews anyway. She has to ask him how come he rushed her out the room when Ashley asked her to stay and spend some time with her and the baby.

Gloria walks in wearing a fur coat and us loaded down with lots of gift bags. She says Hallelujah she has a life again. Kevin says well so much for saving for a rainy day. Jeffery says they won’t have to. He has learned that every banker in town is buzzing about Chancellor Industries. He thinks this must be what Jill is up to. Kevin tells them that he is going to work at CI but he refuses to help find out what is going on.

Michael and Lauren grill Ryder with questions. He says he heard about the rat thing and knew where the wedding was. He admits running an errand in the middle of his shift alone but he won’t say where he went. Kevin tries to keep the peace by telling Ryder just to answer their question. Michael loses his patience and grabs Ryder screaming that he did this to his wife. He tells Ryder to look him in the eyes and tell him he did it. Ryder is a bit shook up but admits nothing. Kevin tries pulling Michael off of Ryder.

Adam says he knows it isn’t his place to protect Sharon but he thought seeing the baby would upset her. She says that seeing the baby would have been hard but it is the kind of thing she has got to learn to handle. When he asks if she is mad at him, she tells him yes she is mad. So mad that she would slide over and hug him if it weren’t for the spy cams. Adam asks guess what. He would have hugged her back too.

Neil and Katherine relax as they decide what they want to eat after having a fascinating day thanks to those Abbott’s. Neil thinks their timing was excellent. He says CI is being talked about all over town. Katherine thinks it is much better to be talked about rather than not to be talked about at all.

Ashley walks over to Jack’s table when she sees him at the club and tells him she won’t join him because she has just ordered lunch to go. She says it has been a productive day but that is all she will say about it as she takes her order. She tells him to have a nice afternoon as she walks away leaving Jack with a confused look on his face. Jill walks in and sees Katherine at the club so she is all over Paul making a good show. She asks Katherine if she minds if she and Paul join her.

Phyllis visits Nick at his office and when he tells her about Jack’s offer she encourages him to take it. He says with Jack there is always a catch to it but she advises him to let the lawyers handle it. Nick thinks Newman can recoup the Cayman payout loss and won’t lose if the stock falls flat. He says even Victor couldn’t accomplish this.

Kevin drags Michael away from Ryder telling him he can’t attack him without proof. Ryder shrugs it off saying that is how people are, they never give you a chance. Michael shrugs Lauren off saying no, it isn’t OK. She tells him this isn’t the way. He agrees it is like he dares them to catch him just like he did with her and Phyllis. Michael says even if Ryder didn’t do this he still says he is a bad seed.

Jan Barrett

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