yr-emblem.JPGChance and Chloe quietly enter the Chancellor Mansion. He tells Chloe she doesn’t have to worry, the doctor released him and even signed the release form. He says he just didn’t want the women folk to fuss over him and he says as he looks at Chloe well except for one certain woman that is.

Cane and Lily are happy to hear that Mac hasn’t changed her mind. They ask if Billy finally came around. She tells them no, they broke up though. Back at Jimmy’s Billy finally stops the jukebox by unplugging it and he goes back to drinking his shots until he decides to just drink it straight from the bottle. He thinks back to the good times and the bad times he and Mac have had together. He says Mac is wrong and he tucks in his shirt and grabs his keys and runs out.

Emily hesitates to accept Jack’s invitation. She says she is treating his ex-wife who is obsessed with her. She says plus there is the fact that Patty now has her face. Jack admits he is attracted to the face but it is more than just that, that intrigues him in her. He asks for a night of talking together about something other than Patty. She tells him she will consider it.

Michael brings Eden to Crimson Lights and she is surprised that her study partner actually showed up. Daisy puts together that Michael is married to her boss, Lauren Fenmore. She tells Michael she is assuming that Lauren is at Amber’s rooftop wedding. Michael turns around to leave as he barely looks at Ryder.

Everyone claps for the newlyweds. Nick arrives and is stunned to find out that Amber and Daniel just got married. He reads Phyllis’s text message out loud which says, “On Daniel’s rooftop, may jump!” Daniel looks at his Mom and says funny as he hugs her.

Billy sees Jack at the club and complains that his life is imploding. Jack tells him sorry to hear that as he walks away, telling Billy to go to someone else with it, he is through cleaning up his messes. When Billy wanders off, Paul shows up asking Jack if he has seen Dr Peterson. Jack tells him yes but asks if something is wrong. Paul tells him Patty was lucid for a while but now she threatened to hurt Jack if he left her for someone else.

Dr Peterson introduces herself to Mac in Lily’s room and tells her she would be happy to assist her with the psych evaluation that she needs to undergo in order to be a surrogate for Lily and Cane. They go together to talk while having some coffee. Cane and Lily think Mac is awesome especially with her sacrificing her relationship with Billy. Lily thinks she needs to give something back to her.

Daniel and Amber welcome Michael. He tells them Daisy told him about the wedding who sends her best to them. Kevin asks what do Amber and Daniel want to play for their first dance together. He is surprised when they want square dance music. Murphy says he has experience as a square dance caller so he calls out the do-si-do moves as they all square dance together. Finally Katherine says enough! She is worn out as she leans on a gift that happens to be addressed to Lauren.

Chloe makes sure Chance is comfortable as he gets into bed. She suggests that they play cards. He asks what they will be playing for. She says no not Tequila shots but the winner gets to ask the loser anything they want to. As she deals out for Slapjack Chance loses the first hand so Chloe asks what his most embarrassing moment in his life. He says losing to her right now is pretty good for starters.

Billy pokes his head into Lily’s room asking if the coast is clear. She tells him to come in, she wants to talk about Mac with him. She tells him it breaks her heart to think that something so wonderful as her and Cane having a baby has broken the two of them up. She tells him she knows he loves her so much and Mac still loves him too and he has to find a way to get back with her.

Mac talks to Emily about the two embryo’s assuring her that she won’t make any claims on this baby. Emily sits her down and tells her to forget about the Ashby’s for a moment. She asks how she will feel if this doesn’t take. Mac admits she will be disappointed and guilty. She admits she had a miscarriage 3 years ago. Emily talks to Mac about feeling attached to the baby and how will she handle handing it over to the Ashby’s. Mac tells her she just ended a relationship and even though it wasn’t over this it was the catalyst. Dr. Peterson is now not so sure Mac will be a good candidate for surrogacy.

Daisy says Eden might be her study partner but she doesn’t need her help. Ryder asks Eden if he can talk to her. He asks for some pointers on how to fit into the family. When he sees the new girl there spill some coffee he races over to her leaving Eden looking very suspicious about what that all was about.

Kevin suggests they start the toasts to Amber and Daniel. Murphy starts saying he doesn’t know the couple very well but that won’t stop him from sharing his advice for a long happy marriage. He says cheers! Nick says he never though Daniel would become his stepson but here he is as proud of Daniel as if he were his own son. He says always be open to love no matter where it is coming from. Everyone raises their glass to make a toast to that as they yell out Cheers!

Dr Peterson asks Mac what happens if she resents her choice or if she bonds with the baby. Also she has to ask what if Lily doesn’t make it, will Mac be able to step away from the baby she carried for 9 months and will she remember it isn’t her baby to raise. Emily tells her to think some more about this and if she is still sure this is what she wants to do them she will set up some official sessions with her. Mac sees Cane and wants to talk to him about this but Cane cuts her off to tell her how happy they are about what she is doing for them and how much he and Lily appreciate it as he hugs her.

Chance and Chloe are still playing cards with Chloe sitting next to him on his bed. She loses the next hand so Chance asks what her most perfect date was. She tells him she is having it right now and then she kisses him. She says she knows he isn’t use to having a girl giggling in his bed but asks if they can just snuggle a bit. Chance tells her he would like that as she cuddles up to him.

Jack tells Paul he isn’t worried about Patty’s threats as long as she is locked up and all. Paul says it is killing him. He says his Mom is praying for her little girl to come back but the reality is that Patty may never be able leave that place she is in. Jack realizes he is responsible and he wants to help. He asks if there is another doctor or treatment. He tells Paul he will cover all the costs. Paul thinks that is very thoughtful of Jack. Jack says he isn’t’ exactly being selfless here. He says helping Patty would help heal his own scars.

Daniel declares this the most awesome wedding ever. He says well it will be when he gets some more champagne. Kevin is dancing with Katherine as they talk about where they were a year ago. He says his career at Jabot ended with his steady paycheck when the Abbott’s regained control. Katherine offers him a job at Chancellor Industries. He asks if she is serious and when she makes it clear that she is he promises her he won’t let her down. He says for now though he has to help Jana move the presents. They find one there addressed to Lauren which she is quite surprised by. They think the box is so pretty until they both jump back as they open it when they find a live rat running around in the bottom of the box.

Nick takes the rat and releases it in the back alley of the building. When he returns to everyone he tells them that a neighbor told him the box was left out in the front with instructions to deliver it to the rooftop. Jana says she just knew something bad was going to happen but they all agree not to tell Daniel and Amber so it won’t ruin their wedding. Kevin says they can all say they are leaving so they can start their honeymoon. When the newlyweds come back with bottles of the champagne they are disappointed when everyone says they are leaving. Amber tells Jana and Kevin the party isn’t over yet. Daniel doesn’t seem to mind them all leaving as they clink the bottles together and drink.

Ryder walks back over to Eden and Daisy as Daisy interrupts the two as they insult each other to remind Eden that they are there to study. Eden plainly says she doesn’t trust Ryder so he gives up trying with her but tells her if she changes her mind and decides to help him get to know his family she knows where she can find him.

Emily is pleased to hear that Patty remembers what happened at St Luke’s with Paul. She says that means she is still reachable. Paul tells her that Jack has offered resources to get whatever help Patty needs. He says it is so strange to feel grateful to Jack since he is the main reason Patty is so messed up. Paul says maybe it is because Jack seems to be taking a good look at his actions. He says Jack had been nothing but compassionate since Patty got arrested and he was also behind Traci in her decision to donate Colleen’s heart to Victor. Paul thinks that surely this could mean that Jack has changed.

Billy admits to Lily that this surrogate thing is a huge hurdle for him and Mac and yes it is because it will be Cane’s baby. Lily tells him to go to the cafeteria and talk to Mac. She says he needs to tell her he isn’t going to let her go and they will find a way to work this out. Billy goes out the room to look for Mac but when he gets in the hallway he sees Mac with Cane talking. He hears Mac saying she has no regrets and then she hugs him. Billy looks angrier now and just walks out without her seeing him there.

Nick and Phyllis come back to the rooftop because they forgot a jacket up there. She says sadly that Daniel actually married Amber so now it is over. Nick tells her he knows being Amber’s mother in law won’t be easy but he is so proud of her for not trying to put a stop to the wedding. Nick says they have a sitter for Summer for as long as they want so he thinks they should go out for dinner and a nightcap and perhaps even get a room for the night. She knows he is only doing this to distract her but she is all for his idea.

Emily joins Jack at the club. She tells him she did talk to Paul but she can’t discuss what their talk was about Patty. Jack starts to go but she invites him to stay for a drink with her. She says but no shop talk which Jack is all for as he sits back down.

Chloe is snuggling in bed with Chance as they talk about how the Backstreet Boyz got her to wanting to be a stylist to the stars. He says he doesn’t care about fashion or celebrities. He tells her that Billy may have let her dress him up but that is not for him. She says first of all she never dressed Billy and second she never wants Chance to change. She tells him he better believe that she is only interested in him now. She leans over to him to kiss him just as Billy barges in the door asking Chance is he has seen D…

Cane is with Lily again and he tells her to stop worrying about things she can’t control when she tells him she is worried about Billy and Mac now. Cane tells her to have faith,. Faith in that dream she has as he reminds her about the dream about Colleen coming to her.

Katherine and Murphy cozy up together on the couch. She says thank heavens Amber and Daniel weren’t there when Lauren opened that box. They wonder who would do such a mean thing. When they hear the door opening they assume it is going to be Mac so Murphy says he will leave them for some girl talk. He tells her not to be too long though as he heads upstairs. Mac walks in crying telling Katherine she and Billy are over.

Billy tells Chance he must be some kind of super hero to have come straight from the hospital and already having Chloe in bed with him. Chance asks Billy what he wants. He says Delia and asks where she is. When Chloe tells him she is with Esther, he says how convenient and they tell him it is best if he leaves. On his way out he sees Katherine and Mac crying but she is too upset to even talk to him. Katherine tells him he should go and leave Mac alone. Amber walks out the bathroom with a black and blue teddy on as she models it for her new husband. He asks where she got that. She asks if he likes it and he says YES he does. Amber tells Daniel as she slides in bed that so much for Jana’s thoughts about it being a Friday the 13th, since nothing bad happened. She says things couldn’t be more perfect. Daniel tells her no more talking as he sets the bottle of champagne down.

Lauren is still upset about the rat in the box thing. She wonders who would want to scare her like that. Michael wonders who knew about the wedding. Jana tells him that Ryder knew and Kevin looks at her with his eyes rolling. When Eden and Daisy walks by to ask how the wedding went, Lauren tells them about the gift someone sent to her. When they asked who sent it Lauren has a sneaky suspicion as they all look towards Ryder.

Nick and Phyllis go to the club. When Nick asks for a room Phyllis makes her way over to the bar where Jack and Emily are. She is surprised to see the two of them together. She asks Jack to tell her he has got to be kidding her. She tells him this is the woman who wants to rehabilitate the freak that almost killed her daughter. She tells Jack that she thought he loved Summer. She asks why he is there with this woman. When Nick drags her away she says she can’t believe him. Emily tells Jack it is ok but he says no it isn’t OK. He says Phyllis is out of line and he will put a stop to her public outbursts. She asks Jack if his offer for a date still stand. He tells her yes it does with a grin on his face. Phyllis is watching the two of them as they clink their glasses together.

Jan Barrett

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