yr-emblem.JPGBilly makes it very clear to Cane that his girlfriend will not be carrying Cane’s baby. He says Lily will have to find another incubator. Mac walks Cane to the door telling him she will handle this and when he leaves she tells Billy he has completely crossed the line this time.

Paul talks with Dr. Peterson at the hospital. She agrees that Patty is mostly living in the past but she encourages him not to give up. As they walk to Patty’s cell Dr Peterson gets a call and ignores it saying whoever it is can wait.

Jack is the one calling the doctor trying to makes amends with her in a message after defending Phyllis and he begs her to let him visit Patty saying she can be there when he visits and he promises to be sensitive and honest with her. Phyllis runs in to greet him in the club and tells him he has got to help her saying it is Daniel. She says no he isn’t hurt, it is worst than that. She says he is engaged to Amber. She says she tried hard to make peace with it but she can’t she just can’t.

Amber asks Daniel if he is sure he wants to get married right there and right now. When he says yes she tells him of course she will and she is OK without the hang gliding and doves as she kissed him. They need witnesses so they agree to call Jana and Kevin and they need someone to perform the ceremony. At that time Katherine comes out on the rooftop and asks if she is intruding.

Phyllis goes on and on about Daniel marrying Amber. She says he is suspected of murder again so he is scared and reaching out to something solid like Amber and adds ‘like Amber is solid given her history’ sarcastically. She is surprised that Jack doesn’t know all about Amber’s history so she enlightens him with details and when she mentions that Amber had a baby that wasn’t her husbands, Jack just looks at her. She asks what he is looking at and then tells him that her situation was entirely different. She asks why Daniel won’t listen to her. Jack says he has too much respect for Daniel to interfere and his advice to Phyllis is that she better be supportive if she wants to be the one Daniel comes crying to when the marriage ends in a disaster. Phyllis reminds herself that she does have until June to make him change his mind at least.

Katherine is stunned when they tell her they want to get married there tonight. She says and she has been out looking for them so she could knock some sense into them. Daniel says it is not going to be easy to find a minister tonight she he suggests that they ordain Katherine online and she can marry them. He says it is easy to do and a lot of his friends have done it. Katherine says sure why the hell not. Daniel takes off to tell Janna and Kevin while Amber calls Lauren asking if she will be able to deliver her a dress. Lauren tells her she would be happy to help with the fashion emergency and says she has the perfect dress for her. She promises to be there in an instant with it. Daisy thinks the rooftop wedding is so romantic and asks Lauren to give Amber her best.

Mac tells Billy it is fine for him to disagree with her but she says for him not to ever, ever speak for her. She tells him yes this is a big decision but it is her decision to make not his. She tells him his feelings aren’t irrelevant but they’re unforgiving. He worries about what will happen is Mac bonds with the baby and that they will be connected to the Ashby’s for life. She reminds him how she supported him when he wanted to buy the magazine. He tells her it is just a magazine, big difference. He says he can walk away from it if he ever wants to. He asks what happens if Lily died. He knows Mac won’t walk away from a motherless baby and a grieving father. She tells him she is proud to be a part of this miracle. It will all be worth it once Lily is holding the baby. She tells Billy it looks like they are different people with different values and different goals. She says maybe they can’t make a life together. The words from her mouth shock Billy.

Jana tells Daniel they can’t get married on a Friday the 13th. Daniel tells Ryder he is not invited to the wedding. Kevin tells Jana somewhere it is Saturday the 14th. Kevin tells him they will be there but where is there. He tells Kevin the rooftop garrett. Jana worries saying she doesn’t like this one bit as Kevin drags her out with him leaving Ryder there in the coffee shop. When Gloria walks in Ryder says he wants to talk to her saying after all he is Tom’s son.

Cane goes to see Lily in the hospital and she has some good news. She is being released from the hospital tomorrow and the bad news he has for her is that Billy is trying to talk Mac out of carrying their baby.

Mac tells Billy she has tried to be more like him, impulsive and reckless. She says she slept with a married man, broke up a family and Raul’s heart. Billy tells her that is because they belong together. She isn’t so sure of that anymore. She says she hasn’t forgotten about how he hesitated to sign his divorce papers. She says they didn’t see eye to eye on the article about Victor or Colleen’s heart and now about having the Ashby’s baby. She says they believe in different things. He doesn’t think that is such a big deal as long as she doesn’t have other people’s children. She tells him she will always love him but it isn’t all that matters.

Patty is excited when she sees Paul brought her wedding album with him when he comes to visit.  He tells her not it isn’t her wedding album, it is a photo album from their childhood. He shows her a photo of her birthday with a green cake which no one ate but Paul. As she flips through the album she tells him she can’t wait to show it to Jack. While looking more she says she remembers an incident where she almost drowned in a neighbors pool and Paul saved her, just like he did at St. Jude’s and in the woods. She says she hasn’t forgotten Paulie as she hugs him.

Dr. Peterson tells Jack she appreciates his offer to help Patty but the best thing he can do is stay away from her. She says but if he really wants to help her perhaps he will allow her to join him right now. Jack seems delighted to do so.

Even with all the decorations on the rooftop for a wedding Jana still has bad vibes with it being on a Friday the 13th. Katherine and Daniel are back with a marriage certificate and papers where Katherine has been ordained. They want to know where the hell this big gift came from. Murphy says thanks Katherine, he just delivered it. Lauren comes in with a dress for Amber so she and Amber and Jana go in to get ready. Murphy pats Daniel on the back and tells him it is great to see him so happy. Katherine is amazed that she is an ordained minister now as she laughs.

Ryder says he and Kevin had the same father, but they just share different mothers. She is happy to know that Kevin speaks so highly of her. Ryder tells her he is nothing like Tom was or at least he is trying not to be but he can’t blame her for being suspicious. When he notices Deacon watching him he goes over and tells him about Daniel and Amber getting married tonight. Phyllis happens to walk in right after and Deacon congratulates her as he tells her he heard there is a wedding happening right now on Daniel’s rooftop. Phyllis hurries out the door with Deacon wearing a smirk on his face.

Dr Peterson asks Jack about some details of his relationship with Patty and he admits there are no pleasant memories. He says he was focused on himself and he wanted to be president of Jabot. His wedding vows meant nothing to him. He has no excuses for how he was. He says his father was a great role model and he admits that Patty wasn’t the only woman in his lifetime that he mistreated. He was an equal opportunity jerk. He says he has changed since his Dad died and his last marriage taught him quite a lot. Now the sad part is he sees clearly that his little brother following in his footsteps.

Billy admits to Mac that he is vindictive, hot headed and even sleazy but he says he would never give up on her or them. He says he prayed for a second chance with her for 6 years. He says his prayers were answered because they belong together.

Lily complains about Billy trying to deprive Cane of having a baby. They say they can look for another surrogate but Mac volunteered and seemed like a sign as though things were working out like they were meant to. Back to Mac and Billy, she breaks it off with him and tells him they aren’t the same people they were 6 years ago. Billy changes his tune and takes back the ultimatum he gave her. She says it just isn’t working between them anymore. He asks her if she is telling him if he doesn’t support her on this she is giving up and just going to walk away from him.

Gloria changes her attitude with Ryder saying she isn’t working there for the money, she is just being a good mother to Kevin. Ryder looks at his watch and begs Gloria to cover for him as he runs out to run an errand. Deacon walks over to the counter and Gloria tells him she is surprised to see he is still in town since his little scheme fell through. He tells her she would be surprised to know how much this town has to offer him. When Deacon walks out Gloria is counting the cash on the counter that Deacon left she is surprised at how much he leaves there.

Daniel is on the rooftop ready for his bride. When Amber walks out on Murphy’s arm the music begins. Murphy tells Daniel to treat her nice as he hands her over to him. Katherine reads from a sheet saying she is there to join this man and this woman who has finally come to their senses. Suddenly Phyllis comes crashing through the door asking if she is too late. Everyone turns towards Phyllis as if to ask what she is doing there.

Patty goes through the photo album as she remembers more of her childhood. Paul says he wishes they had handled things differently at St. Jude’s. She shushes him as she hugs him singing a song from her past. Paul tells his sister he loves her.

Jack seems to have impressed Emily on his self awareness. His taking responsibility for Patty’s problems must be quite a burden to carry, one which most people wouldn’t try to carry. He says well for better or worse he isn’t most people. She thinks in his case he is for the better.

Phyllis asks what happened to the wedding in June. Amber assures Phyllis this marriage won’t be a disaster, saying they were best friends before they fell in love. She says sure they will have problems but not because Amber doesn’t respect Daniel and appreciate him and put him first. She says that is her vow to Phyllis. Daniel asks Phyllis if she wants to stay and cheer them on. She says yes she will stay as she looks at Amber who gives her the thumbs up. They seem to have forgotten the rings so Amber says they can just use her engagement ring. Daniel says he can borrow Kevin’s ring. Katherine talks to them about the love story of this unique couple and about their ups and downs but she never once doubted that these two belonged together. Phyllis watches Amber as she talks about her dreams crashing down on her, usually being her own fault. Phyllis looks as though she is getting a headache and Jana looks very worried.

Patty and Paul continue together as Paul seems to be testing her memory. When Dr. Peterson and Jack end their little meeting, we see Patty telling Paul she just can’t help herself, she just can’t lose him again. Paul hugs his sister with tears in his eyes. Then we see Jack and Dr Peterson again as Jack invites her out on a date.

Billy is drinking shots at Jimmy’s when he hears his and Mac’s song on the jukebox. He tries stopping it but no matter what he does it just won’t stop. Back at the hospital Mac finds Cane and Lily together in Lily’s hospital room. She tells them not to worry that operation Ashby is still a go. Lily is excited as she hugs Cane.

Daniel says words really aren’t his thing but he can’t define love, but he says it looks like he and Amber is a picture that will last no matter what. He says even if they can’t be together, they are forever. He tells her she is his world. Katherine says the final words, by the power vested in her, by whoever it was she pronounces this man and this woman husband and wife. She tells Daniel he may kiss his magnificent bride. As everyone applauds the couple and congratulates them, Lauren drags Phyllis over. We can see someone was watching the wedding through binoculars which drops to the ground.

Jan Barrett

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