yr-emblem.JPGBilly goes to the Chancellor Estate to see Delia but is told she is sleeping and that Chloe is at the hospital with Chance. He asks her how Chance is doing and they agree he is a lucky guy. Billy complains to Katherine about Cane being back with Lily and in the family. He wants to know what it will take to get that jerk out of their family.

Cane is at Crimson Lights when he notices a young couple there with a baby. Mac tells him that could be him and Lily one day soon. She tells him she just had a full physical and there is no reason why she can’t be a surrogate.

Chloe brings Chance a deck of cards so they can play some Rummy together. She brings him in some juice too. He tells her the food there isn’t so bad after what he ate when he was out in the field. When they look over the ingredients in an Awesome Aussie, Chance says he is allergic to Kiwi which causes Chloe to grab it away from him real fast. He asks if she is allergic to something and she admits to being allergic to polyester. She realizes there is a lot that they don’t know about each other. When asked had he seen Phillip, Chance says not since he left earlier.

Nina is out in the hall complaining about Phillip ducking out of there without saying good bye which hurt Chance. When he doesn’t answer his phone she calls him gutless. Jill says Phillip was there all night after all and she is sure he will show up soon. She asks Nina to give him some more time. When Nina has no sympathy for Phillip Jill wonders if maybe Nina is the one feeling abandoned here.

Paul listens to his message from Jill asking if he has made any progress in finding Katherine’s daughter yet. Phillip shows up to tell Paul that Chance has been stabbed and that Nina is a wreck and could use him there to hold her hand.

Daniel tells Amber he can’t marry her because he will soon be a suspect for murder again. He says he won’t marry her is he is going to be in prison for the next 20 years, end of discussion.

Chloe and Chance talk so they can get to know each other better. They talk about their favorite bands and movies. She tells Chance she isn’t sure she will be able to be a good girlfriend though. He says he has never been in a relationship. She knows that guys look at her for a good time, not a long time. She says she has something to show him that will help him understand that better even though he asks her not to go.

Phillip and Paul talk. Paul tells him he is going to stick by his sister even through the rough times for her. He says she is family but doesn’t mean that as a dig. Paul asks why Phillip is really there and not at the hospital. When Phillip says he doesn’t feel he has the right to be there Paul tells him about his relationship with Heather. He tells him he has to show up even if he doesn’t feel welcome, just don’t give up. Paul tells him he will go to the hospital but not to replace Phillip.

Jill and Nina disagree about Phillip not being there. They are both happy Phillip is alive but they have to wonder do they really know him. They realize even 20 years ago they didn’t know him. Nina has too wonder if maybe Phillip might just really be a selfish crappy guy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Jill refuses to think of her son in that way. She knows he has a good heart. Nina says she won’t stand by and let her son’s heart be screwed with though.

Cane tells Mac how Lily is doing and he tells her she doesn’t look forward to going home to an empty house. Mac tells him to enjoy the quiet now because once the baby comes he will be walking the floors at 2am. Cane says this will be a one time shot deal and he is terrified about how Lily will handle it if this doesn’t work out.  Mac tells him she is sure it will. She says her physical went fine and she will schedule the psych evaluation ASAP. She tells him she has even talked to Michael about the legal aspects. She asks him speaking of being prepared, even though she hates to bring this up but has Cane considered that he might have to raise this baby alone. Cane says he is praying that won’t happen but if it does he will raise and love the baby himself. She tells him she knows he will be a great father. When Cane asks how Billy is she tells him he is struggling. Cane says he can’t blame him saying he is sure it will effect their relationship. Mac says once he sees how much this means to her she is sure he will come around.

Katherine tells Billy that technically Billy is no more related to her than Cane is but he will always be her grandson. Billy asks how she can forgive like that. She says she just decided to. She doesn’t approve of the articles Billy published but she still loves him just like the way she loves Jill. She says yes Cane is a different story. He has lied and taken things that weren’t his and for sure Billy will never accept Cane as a part of his family.

Nina is happy to see Paul come in at the hospital and is shocked to hear that Phillip asked him to come. He tells her that it is hard for Phillip to be here. She wonders what she is supposed to tell her son, that his Dad has cut and run again. She asks how stupid she was to encourage Chance to let his guard down with Phillip because she thought it was going to be different now. Paul tells her he knows from his own experience how hard it is.

Phillip goes to the book store and picks out a book and reads a few lines and then decides to buy it. On his way out he runs into Chloe and asks her how Chance is doing. She tells him he she doesn’t know, why doesn’t he go to the hospital and find out for himself.

Daniel will not make anymore wedding plans with Amber. He tells her he won’t do that to her. She thinks he doesn’t trust her love for him. She tells him she would go visit him every day. He brings up Deacon and says she has no other family or her own kids. She says she doesn’t want anyone but him. She asks him is he wants to be alone. Finally she tells Daniel FINE and she pulls the ring off her finger and puts it on the table. She tells him there, now he is alone and then she runs out leaving Daniel to throw his files at the door.

Chloe tells Phillip she is there to buy a book for Chance, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She says that book changed her life. She wanted to be just like Holly Golightly. Phillip tells her he did too. He says he is there to buy Chance a book also. He shows her The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, saying he used to read it to him when he was a kid. He says maybe it will help him and Chance reconnect. Chloe says well it couldn’t hurt. Phillip is trying to figure out how to inscribe it. Chloe tells him that him being at the hospital is more important and then says she has to get back there herself.

Paul shows Nina and Chance all his scars. When he sees someone had sent Chance chocolates he guesses they are from the chief saying it is an old GCPD tradition. He says as a kid he used to hope his father would get sent to the hospital so he would get a box. Chance asks who Mary is. Paul says that would be his mother who worries more than Nina does. Nina tells Chance after he laughs at Paul even though it hurts him that Phillip is the one that sent Paul there. Chance asks if Phillip is coming back she tells him she wishes that she knew.

Daniel asks himself what he did now. He makes a call and says Perfect when he realizes she ran out without her purse with her phone in it. He picks up the ring and runs out the door.

Katherine tells Daniel to come in and he asks her if she has seen Amber. He explains that they had a little fight but it was nothing serious. Katherine laughs and then offers some advice. He says he better get going because they can’t have Amber running around out in the cold. He heads to Crimson Lights and doesn’t find her there either. Amber is outside on their rooftop freezing as she thinks back in tears to the good times with Daniel and then to when he first told her he was in love with her. We see Daniel goes to the book store and then to Jimmy’s and can’t find her anywhere. Back to Amber and her thoughts of when Daniel proposed to her.

Cane brings Mac a kangaroo broach telling her they carry babies in their pouch. She thanks him whether this works or not. Billy comes in and isn’t happy to see Cane hugging Mac and makes no secret of how he feels. He tells Cane after everything he has done to this family and now he has the nerve to want Mac to be his surrogate. He says this is a slap to his face. He says of all the women he has to choose Mac. Mac tells him Cane didn’t ask her, she offered it. When Cane tells him that Katherine and Jill have forgiven him so they are family, Billy tells him he is not his family and his girlfriend is not going to have their kid.

Daniel finally finds Amber freezing out on the balcony. He knew she left her keys and he has been looking for her everywhere. He wraps his jacket around her and then he puts his arms around her.

Chloe and Nina actually agree that a scar is not a badge of honor. Phillip walks in and apologizes for taking off like he did. Chance admits he thought he was gone for good. Paul decides to give them some privacy as Nina and Chloe watch Phillip give his book to Chance. He says Huck Fin!  Phillip says he remembers reading it to him when he was a baby. Chance says he remembers a copy of it somewhere in a box and that his Mom told him that Phillip used to read it to him. Phillip says well it seems it has read it already. Chance tells Phillip he has read it but he would like to read it again.

Jill talks to Paul asking him if he has found anything yet. She tells him that with this ordeal with Chance she is more aware of her own mortality and Katherine’s. She says they don’t have forever. Paul tells her this might take some time. He says Charlotte Ramsey has vanished. Paul says all her records have been erased but he thinks there is more to this story. He wonders if she just doesn’t want to be found. Katherine walks in and Jill tells her that she was just talking with Paul about Chance. Katherine isn’t buying it and demands to know what is really going on.

Chloe and Nina watch as Chance reads the inscription that Phillip put in the book. Phillip tells him he didn’t sign it because he wasn’t sure how to, using Phillip would be kind of odd or he didn’t know if he’d like it signed as Dad. Chance tells him Dad would be just fine as he hands him a pen.

Jill tells Katherine nothing is going on. Paul asks if she is always this suspicious. Katherine still isn’t buying it and says she won’t give up til she knows what they are up to. Jill tells her she could always read her like a book. She tells Paul it is OK she will find out sooner or later. She tells Katherine to promise to keep this a secret. She says she and Paul have been seeing each other as she plants a heavy kiss on him surprising everyone especially Paul and Nina and Phillip.

Chance asks Chloe what was it that she went to get him. She tells him never mind, she couldn’t find it. She says she did realize something about herself though. She says she tends to run away kind of like his Dad. Chance tells her they need to get to know each other better.

Cane apologizes for coming between Mac and Billy. Billy tells Mac she has to make a choice. She can either be with him or be their surrogate. Mac looks at him and tells him he does not want her to ask her to make that choice.

Daniel and Amber are out on the rooftop and she tells him she doesn’t care about having a big wedding. She just wants to be with him. He tells her he feels the same way and nothing else matters to him. He puts the ring back on her finger and asks her again to marry him right here, right now. He tells her yes he means tonight. He asks what are they waiting for, as they kiss each other.

Jan Barrett

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