yr-emblem.JPGMichael tells Daniel if Ryder comes up with an alibi it could mean he will be back in the hot seat again. Michael says it is his job to find that alibi though so he tells Daniel to hang in there. Michael goes up to Ryder and tells him to take a break as he snatches the paper from his hands. He tells him he could be sitting in jail rotting soon now that the trial is set. Michael asks him if he thinks he is being harsh with him just imagine how harsh his cellmates are going to be with him. Michael tells him he should be scared since he has confessed to killing a man so if he didn’t do this he needs to prove it. Ryder tells Michael he didn’t kill anyone. He wants him to provide the alibi or he is going to be spending the next 20 years kicking himself for being an idiot.

When Phyllis goes to see Daniel and Amber they fill her with her favorite brownies before laying the big news on her that they have set their wedding date. Phyllis is shocked that the two of them are getting married.

Katherine and Neil talk about business, Chance being stabbed and about Lily being sick. Neil says none of this makes sense and he isn’t sure about some of Lily’s decision’s lately but he would rather talk business. He says he has spoken to Mitchell and the SEC paperwork has been filed but more than likely it has leaked out by now. Katherine tells him Jack is onto them already. When Neil wonders what Jack’s next move will be, Katherine says as she giggles knowing Jack it will be something very sneaky.

Adam is back only with his arm in a sling. He calls Nick to tell him the trip was a success except with him hurting his arm. Nick tells him to check in with him when he gets back at the office.

Jack is at the coffee shop saying the joys of running a family business. He read in the paper that Victoria is resigning from Newman and he is shocked now that the only Newman’s left there are Nick and Adam. He and Nick both hate the fact that Adam is still living out at the ranch.

Ashley fusses with Adam for not using a cane after breaking his collar bone. He says he would rather not until he has to. The Ashley starts complaining about her lousy relationship with Abby. She tells him she has some business she wants to talk to him about which has nothing to do with Newman.

Jack and Nick think Ashley is her old feisty self once again but they can’t figure out why she wants to keep Adam around. They both agree to keep an eye on him and they agree to keep each other updated on anything that concerns Adam.

Ashley tells Adam she knows they don’t treat him very well at Newman. She thinks Nick will ever give him a chance. She says that is too bad because she finds him incredibly smart. He says if only someone would believe in Adam. Ashley says she does and even though she can’t share any details with him yet but if it pans out she is hoping it will be something that she and he can work on together.

Michael asks Ryder how he is supposed to work miracles when his client is fighting him every step of the way. He says either Ryder is guilty and lying about the alibi or covering for someone. He asks him to work with him and then he reminds him of the attorney-client privilege. Ryder tells him he can’t prove he didn’t do it so he guesses he just might be screwed. He tells Michael he was driving back and forth from Chicago the night of the murder but no one can verify it. Michael finally convinces him to jot down the make and model and the license plate number of the car he was driving and then makes a call to try and verify his story.

Amber tells Phyllis they will be family in June. She shows her a dress design that Phyllis can wear with her amazing figure. Amber says Summer can be a flower girl for them. Katherine calls and Phyllis tells her to go ahead they have plenty of time. Amber tells Katherine she will be right there. As soon as Amber is gone Phyllis lays into Daniel asking him if he is out of his mind. She wants to know what has Daniel so rattled now. He tells her there might not be any wedding if Ryder’s alibi checks out. He explains that he wants to marry Amber more than anything but he just might not be available to marry her at that time.

Amber runs into Deacon at the club and they say a few words to each other until she tells him she has to go because she is late. He tells her he is happy for her. When she meets with Katherine she seems to be glowing reporting to Katherine that he life couldn’t be any better since she is marrying the man of her dreams.

Jack calls and leaves a message for Ashley telling her he wants to discuss his business proposal so call him. She meets with Neil who claims he is delighted to be out from under Victor’s shadow. Ashley tells him she heard some rumblings about big doings at Chancellor Industries but Neil avoids all her questions about it. She says she only came in to see Jabot’s marketing strategy now that it has been approved at Chancellor. He tells her he could have mailed it to her. She says then she would have missed out on seeing his oh so handsome face if she had.

Adam meets with Nick at the office. Nick tells him it looks like the curb got the best of him but Adam tells him he is fine. He seems to have missed a lot though like Victoria moving to New York with JT and Nick paying restitution to those who lost their money in the Cayman’s. He says with Victoria gone he is sure that Nick must be overwhelmed so he offers to pitch in and help. Nick tells him that isn’t going to happen but there is something Adam can do. He says the person who allegedly turned Victoria into the SEC is back from vacation and since Adam is the one who turned her in, he thought he would like to be there when they bust her. While Michael and Nick look over the woman’s emails, Adam looks concerned as he thinks back to when he took the cell phone from the briefcase and using it to call the SEC.

Katherine asks Amber how the wedding plans are going. She tells her that they finally broke the news to Phyllis and she didn’t go running and screaming from the room at least. She says she is making an effort to accept her. Katherine thinks Phyllis is finally seeing the woman she and Daniel have grown to love. Amber thanks Katherine for letting them have the wedding at her mansion. She tells her that next to Daniel she is the closest she has to family. She says she is happy to be marrying the love of her life. She says she still thinks about the people in her life that she has hurt and she is grateful to be getting this second chance to do things right.

Phyllis and Daniel wonder what is up with Ryder. Daniel says Deacon hasn’t been a problem with them anymore but it could all be a part of his plan. Daniel wonders if any minute now he could find out he is being played.

Ryder goes to see Deacon. He is freaked out because he hasn’t heard from him mother and her phone service isn’t in service anymore. Ryder talks about Deacon’s plan falling apart. He says he was supposed to sell the painting and then send Ryder to a country with an extradition treaty. He tells Deacon he royally screwed that one up so now what happened next. He wants to know what plan B is. Deacon tells him he isn’t the one calling the shots here. He says his Mom didn’t tell him anything about this supposed alibi. Ryder says he might go down for a crime he didn’t do.

The woman that is being accused of calling the SEC tells Nick she has been a faithful employee there for 10 years. Adam says she has been openly complaining about the company and Michael can verify this with her emails and from statements from other employees. Nick tells her the phone was traced back to her phone. She says anyone could have borrowed it but she admits she never found her phone missing and she can’t think of anyone that would have a grudge against her. Nick says he has no recourse but to take action. He says he isn’t firing her but he is transferring her to their satellite division in Milwaukee. She swears she never made that call as she walks out shaking her head. Michael and Nick are not convinced that they have the guilty one though. Adam thinks Nick did the right thing. He thinks Cynthia Nash is the likely culprit. Nick asks is she though and then tells Adam if he ever finds out he was behinds this call … but Adam interrupts and says he won’t because he has done nothing but help.

Michael gets a call when he steps out into the hall and asks if they have found anything on Ryder Callahan. Then we are back with Deacon who is trying to calm Ryder down. He tells Deacon that he isn’t the one facing a murder rap. He tells Deacon to tell his Mom he needs her help now. Deacon says no can do because he is done with his old lady and all her crazy plots. He says he is damned right that he is not going after the Baldwin’s. He asks Deacon what about his son. Deacon gets mad and shoves Ryder up against the wall and tells him his son is somewhere safe where that bitch can’t threaten him again. He tells Ryder to enjoy his freedom while it lasts as he shoves Ryder out of his suite and shuts the door on him.

Phyllis says if Ryder is convicted then the police won’t bother Daniel again. But Daniel knows if Ryder isn’t guilty then he will be the one that goes to prison. Phyllis is sure they will reopen the investigation and find out who really did it. She knows he didn’t kill anyone. She thinks he needs to come clean with Amber though and tell her about this. She says she doesn’t hate Amber, she just doesn’t think she is the match for him. Daniel tells her he does love Amber but he doesn’t want to tell her right now, even though Phyllis tells him that a marriage has to be built on trust. She says without trust it is just a house of cards.

Katherine comes in and joins Ashley and Neil. Ashley asks if she has heard anything from Victor or Nikki. Katherine tells her yes and Victor is doing well. Katherine has no problems staying friends with Ashley now too even if her divorce to Victor makes things a little awkward. Jack comes in and is surprised to see Ashley asking her what she is doing there. She tells him she was just checking in. Neil says she wants to take a peek at Jabot’s marketing strategy. Katherine tells Ashley not to be a stranger who says she won’t.

Amber goes home after having lunch with Mrs. C and she tells Daniel she is sure his mother will come around about their wedding. Daniel looks all serious at Amber and tells her he has something he needs to tell her.

Phyllis knocks on Deacon’s door and asks if he remembers her. He tells her sure but will she try hitting him on the other side this time. She warns him to stay away from her son and to stop trying to ruin his life. She tells him it is a big mistake and she asks if he understands that. He is tired of being pushed around and says he has nothing to do with what is happening with Danny Boy. She says she knows he is pulling the strings and she will do anything to protect her son. Deacon screams out what about his son. He says he isn’t pulling the strings, they threatened his son. He says he is so sorry he ever got involved in this in the first place. Phyllis tells him she knows he has information that can clear Daniel. She begs him to go to the police or he is going to go away for a really long time. She asks again if he understands that.

Michael talks with Ryder and shows him evidence to back up his alibi. He has a red light photo taken in Chicago a half hour before the murder. He says there is no way he could have made it back to Genoa City in time. Michael notices that he isn’t alone in the photo and asks if this is the person Ryder is protecting. Ryder doesn’t see why it matters and then thanks Michael for saving his ass. When he heads back to work Michael tells Daniel to prepare himself for an investigation because Ryder has an airtight alibi. Daniel thanks him and then turns to Amber and tells her he is sorry but he can’t marry her.

When Katherine looks back in the boardroom, Neil tells her the coast is clear. He says he is sure Ashley was there fishing for info on the IPO. He says she couldn’t have been more obvious if she had bought a tackle box and pole. Katherine knows they are circling the wagons. Neil finally figures out what she meant. They think if they buy up enough shares they can regain control of Jabot again but Katherine says that will never happen.

At the club Jack wants to buy Ashley lunch. Anything she wants as they look at the menus. He says he hopes that seeing her with Katherine and Neil means she is going to join him in making a play for control of Jabot. She tells him no, she was only touching bases with Katherine and Neil. She says she hasn’t changed her mind. She tells him if he wants Jabot back he is going to have to do it without her.

When Nick assigns Adam to proofreading reports, he says sure, as soon as he gets done cleaning the executive washrooms. Nick tells him he doesn’t have another assignment for him. He says about the analysis breakdown of the 50 states that he did for Victoria, well it is in the wrong format and he will have to redo it. Nick says Adam will never ever be more than a glorified errand boy. Nick tells him well if it isn’t challenging enough he would be happy to write him a recommendation. Adam says he will pass so Nick tells him to get ripping on those reports and any other menial task assigned to him. Adam tells Nick he is stuck with him, brother.

Jan Barrett

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