yr-emblem.JPGWhen Billy goes back to Jimmy’s he grabs some paper towels to waves using them as his white flag to try and make peace with Mac. Mac runs around the bar and hugs him. She tells him that this is the last thing they should be fighting over. He us happy to assume that she realizes this was a crazy idea. She thinks he is there to apologize to her but he still is against her plan. He goes to make some coffee because he plans to spend all night trying to talk some sense into her.

Nina watches Chloe sitting by Chance’s side through the window on the room’s door. Phillip tells her that Chloe has been there all night. Nina says so has he and it means a lot to her and she knows it will to their son as well. Chloe sits and talks to Chance as he is sleeping and when she tells him this isn’t fair, he was getting under her skin and then check out on her like this, Chance whispers weakly asking was he getting under her skin. He tells her if she had said that hours ago he would have been awake before now.

Michael and Lauren are having breakfast with Eden and Noah and they like that the two kids seem to be good for one another. Noah says he thinks his family is in a semi good place right now.

Ashley reminds Abby that she is grounded and she can’t go study with Eden and Noah but they are welcome to come to the ranch to study. Abby says fine then. Ashley tells her she is going to talk to her teacher and then she is going to Jabot but if she is going to try and sneak out not to bother because as soon as she leaves the staff will call her. She gives Abby a quick kiss and tells her to have a nice day. As soon as Ashley is out the door Abby takes off.

Daniel announces that he has signed the marriage license so there is no backing out now. Amber says now they have the guest list, the cake, flowers and the music to deal with. Kevin reminds Daniel that a wedding is all about the bride saying it wasn’t his idea of getting married in an ashram. Daniel sees Ryder is still working there and doesn’t like it. Kevin tells him that is his brother and he is trying to start his life over. Daniel says well the guy almost cost him his life and he is sure Ryder will try to ruin Kevin’s life as well.

Nina goes in and kisses Chance telling him no more playing hero. He tells her he did three tours in Iraq so he can take some punk with a butter knife. Nina tells Chance that Phillip never left his side all night. Chance tells her neither did Chloe. Nina tells him she is just glad he is OK. She says she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him.

Ashley talks to Abby’s teacher and doesn’t get good news from her. When the teacher finds out about Ashley and Victor getting a divorce she says that explains it. She says Abby has been behind in her homework, when she isn’t daydreaming in class she is picking fights in class and she has been skipping classes. The teacher tells Ashley that if Abby doesn’t bring her grades up she will fail this term. Ashley tells the teacher right now Abby needs someone to support her, not someone that expects the worst from her. She says thank you very much but she will take it from here as she walks out. When she is in the hallway she sees there was a call from the ranch.

As Amber and Daniel discuss the wedding plans, Abby and Daisy walk in asking if that is what they are doing. Eden pokes her head in asking if they are ready. Abby rells Amber and Daniel she better go before they get busted by the hall monitor. Noah is impressed that Abby showed up to study but when she makes it clear that isn’t her plan, Eden asks doesn’t she even want to graduate. Noah tells Abby not to get grounded again because Kyle Wilkens was planning to ask her out. Daisy says OMG he is like the hottest guy at Walnut Grove. Abby has her eye on Ryder and says she wants to date older guys. She is over with dating high school guys.

Ryder tells Kevin he knows Daniel wants him out of there but Kevin tells him not to sweat it. He says he is used to being in awkward positions. When Michael comes in he tells Ryder that his trial has been set for Dec 5th. He says if they can verify his alibi, they won’t even have a trial. Ryder wants to take his chances with a jury. He snaps at Kevin when Ryder can’t tell them where he was that night. Kevin knows that Michael is thinking that Ryder doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here.

Noah sees Abby looking at Ryder and reminds her that the guy is out on bail for murder right now. Daisy even tells her she can do better and asks what is wrong with high school guys anyway. When Daisy, Eden and Noah go to school, Abby stays behind saying she will catch up with them later. She unbuttons her sweater and takes down her hair and then she walks over to Ryder and starts talking to him. Michael is worried that Ryder won’t tell them who his alibi is. Michael has a theory on why Ryder won’t and that could be because he is guilty.

Billy can’t believe Mac wants to carry a baby for that con man. Mac tells him it would also be for Lily. Billy has no problem with Lily having her dream but not with Mac carrying a baby for her for nine months. She tells him he always goes after what he wants so how come she can’t. He tells her there is no comparison to buying a magazine and carrying a baby for someone else. He says he can’t just watch Mac get huge and deal with her late weird food cravings in the middle of the night only to just hand off the baby to someone else. She thinks he just wanted her first baby to be his.

Lauren talks to Amber and Daniel about the wedding. Daniel is worried about the cost but Amber says Katherine has offered the grounds for them, and she is designing her own gown and Lauren can get her a good deal on the material to make it and thanks to her LA connections the Kings of Lions are going to play at the reception. She tells him she wants the wedding to scream Amber and Daniel. Lauren wishes them well with the plans.

Abby is at the counter trying to hit on Ryder. Kevin walks up and complains that Ryder didn’t fix the espresso machine. Abby tells him to excuse her but she and Ryder were kind of talking there. He tells her yeah well excuse him but Ryder is working and she is supposed to be in school. As she marches out Kevin jumps on Ryder for flirting with jail bait. Lauren walks up and asks what did Ryder do?

Phillip walks in with coffee for the ladies but when he finds Chance alone he offers to leave so he can rest. Chance invites him to stay saying he won’t bark or bite his head off. Phillip jokes asking did he gets stabbed on purpose just to avoid having breakfast with him.

Nina goes over to Chloe and tells her she can go home. She admits she heard what Chloe said to Katherine last night and admits that maybe she does care about Chance but it doesn’t mean she is over Billy. Chloe tells her she is and she is going to prove it. Suddenly Phillip comes out yelling for a doctor. Nina rushes over to Chance’s room while Chloe looks really upset and worried.

Mac tells Billy the baby wouldn’t be hers either but it would be a gift to two people that has been kind to her. Billy says he would do it for Lily but not for Cane. And explains reasons why he wouldn’t. Mac reminds Billy that Cane turned down the offer of the Chancellor money and there is nothing he can do to change her mind. Billy worries he will fall in love with the baby she carries and then watch the man he hates take it. He says once was enough to see that happen. He says if Mac can’t understand that then he can’t help her and he walks out.

Ryder says he wasn’t flirting with that girl. Kevin apologizes but says he knows how he himself has pulled some crazy stuff on girls that didn’t deserve it. Ryder tells Kevin just because he was a jerk doesn’t mean he is too. He tells him they may be brothers but they aren’t twins as he walks away. Kevin wonders if Ryder will make the same mistakes as he has. Lauren tells him, no. She says she hasn’t changed her mind about him though, she still thinks he is a rat.

Nina tells Phillip that Chance was just low on his pain meds and they replaced his IV bag. Phillip says he imagines Nina has seen Chance in pain a lot as he was growing up. He says he just isn’t used to it. He tells her she was right, he always runs. He says when he came back he expected to rejoin his little family. He says when Chance didn’t open up to him all he did was go to Nina and complain to her about it of all people. He says he has no right to a second chance and isn’t sure he ever will get it with Chance.

Chance holds Delia in his room and he tells her that he Mommy finally admitted he got under her skin saying it took her long enough. Chloe has an envelope with a bow on it that she hands to Chance. When he opens it he tells Delia to look, she finally signed her divorce papers too, and she is no longer Mrs. Billy Abbott. Chloe tells him she now sees what she has with Chance and he is everything she has always wanted as she leans over him and kisses him.

Michael goes out to the ranch to get Ashley’s signature and then tells her the ranch is now officially hers. She confides in him that she is having some problems with Abby about the separation. He tells her that if it helps, Eden has always been snarky with him. He says it took him forever to crack a smile with them. Ashley talks about grounding Abby. He says he now listens to Eden instead of putting his foot down to her. When Abby comes in she is surprised to see Ashley home. Ashley tells her she got a call telling her she left the house. She asks why she isn’t in school. She blocks Abby from going upstairs telling her gym and Study hall is a big deal.

Amber compromises with Daniel agreeing to call off the dove wrangler and the King of Lions and just have a run of the mill wedding. Daniel takes her phone and says he doesn’t think they need a big spectacle. She knows she is going a little overboard but after her recent wedding to Deacon and since they have both said ‘I do’ before she just wants this one to be for keeps. Lauren is happy to see Amber and Daniel have made up and Amber is going to get what she wants. Lauren shows Amber some designs on her phone but Amber covers Daniel’s eyes. Kevin walks up and tells Daniel if Ryder’s alibi checks out that will mean he will be back in the defendant’s seat. Kevin says either way someone he cares about will go to trial for murder.

Billy is happy chance will be OK and asks if Delia is there at the hospital. When he opens the door to Chance’s room he seems upset when he sees Chloe on the bed with Chance and they are playing with Delia with all of them looking happy.

Ashley tells Abby about her chat with her teacher and now she is concerned about her too. She tells Abby to sit down and talk to her like she used to. Ashley says she misses those days. Abby asks if she means before she locked herself in her room and cried all day. She asks can she just go now. Ashley tells her she really wants to help her. Abby doesn’t need help nor does she care about how mid terms will effect her future, Ashley asks what has gotten into her. Abby complains about her mother trying to be her friend instead of her mother. She asks which one of her father’s is she talking about that loves her, the one that is dead or the one that her Mom drove out of the country. Ashley is stunned and asks why she is trying to hurt her like this. Abby just walks away even though Ashley orders her to stay and talk to her.

Michael wonders why Eden and Noah aren’t at school. When she tells him she can’t find her backpack he tells her he will keep his eye out for it. Michael shares his good mood with Lauren saying he is there to meet with a potential client. Lauren tells Eden she just talked with her teacher and says they need to talk.

Mac and Michael talk about surrogate motherhood. She says this isn’t for her and Billy but she wants to be a surrogate. He explains it as a difficult process and she will need to consider how it will affect the people in her life. She admits they are already affected. He would be happy to sit down with who ever would be taking care of her through this. She says there is no one, she would be doing it on her own.

Billy waits for Chloe to come out the room with Delia. He asks if Delia and Mommy have been playing Florence Nightingale. He remarks about Chloe not leaving the hospital last night and then he says he came there to check on how Chance was doing. He says it is so horrible that he got stabbed. She asks Billy if that is it because she needs to get back with Chance. Billy admits he is having trouble with his daughter being so comfortable with another man. Chloe assures him that he will always be her father but he has to learn to accept the possibility of there being a stepfather just like she has to accept there will be a stepmother in the picture. When she goes back in the room Nina tells Chance he needs some sleep. She says that is OK because Delia needs a nap too. She tells Delia to say good bye to Uncle Chance as she waves her little hand at Chance. Nina tells Chance it is in the parents handbooks that parents are suppose to hover as she turns and finds Phillip not there. Chance tells her he left again didn’t he. She says he will be back but Chance doesn’t look like he believes that.

Lauren asks Eden about the debates she has been having with her teacher about her wanting to abolish Columbus Day. Eden says because technically he didn’t discover America. Eden says well at least she care unlike Abby who is trying to hook up with Ryder. Lauren goes over to the counter as she hears Daisy warning Ryder to stay away from Abby unless he wants to see how statutory rapists are treated in the state pen. Lauren tells Michael about the new girl she hired and that she just did something so impressive and unexpected. She says her positive impression is only getting better.

Daniel suggests that Ryder might not have an alibi and he could be guilty. Kevin thinks he is protecting someone. As he thinks back to an altercation with Ryder Daniel worries that if Ryder slips away there won’t be a happily ever after for anyone.

Jan Barrett

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