Nikki is in a meeting with Victoria and Brad. She tells Victoria David is in a meeting right now with a chemist and she thinks she should give him a call. In the meantime David is on the phone with his bookie and finds out the sure bet they talked him into making fell through and he lost. He gets so mad he throws his phone at the wall. The bookie calls Brad and tells him about David’s loss. He asks the bookie how much did David lose. He was surprised when he hears how much and tells the guy he did good and he will get the 25 grand that he promised him. He tells him to let him know if David tries betting more.

Victor asks Sabrina to marry him. She says this can’t be real. He tells her that he knows in his heart that this is the right thing to do. She says then in that case yes, she will marry him. She says she wants to talk to Nikki. She thinks she should tell her. He says they can do it together. She says this is going to be a shock to his children so they agree to tell them right away.

Sharon and Jack can’t seem to agree with Phyllis and Nick over the layout for their logo for the magazine. Nick says they can’t all be perfect and Jack sarcastically says that’s a great attitude to take with it. Jack talks to Nick like he doesn’t care about the magazine being a success or not. Nick tells him not to talk to him like that again. He does want to make this succeed so he can get out from under the shadow of his father. The phone rings and breaks the tension in the room. Phyllis answers and she hands Nick the phone telling him it is his shadow. It is Victor telling him he needs to see him right away. Nick says he is in the middle of something. Victor says he needs to see him now so Nick hangs up.

Jamie Whitfield tells Jack that she went over their magazine and it ruined her night. Jack says that it can’t be that bad. She says he is right, it is worse. Phyllis says there is no way they are going to cancel this first issue, they just aren’t going to do that. Jamie thinks they need to reschedule, rethink and retool. She thinks that the first move for them to do would be to get rid of Lily who is on the front cover of their first issue. Phyllis wants to know why they would want to do that. She says they have gotten a lot of positive feedback from using Lily.

Colleen tells Adrian good bye. He tells her that she should leave now so she can say good bye to her friends before her flight leaves. She goes and tells Brad and he told her that he will drive her to the airport. She goes to Crimson Lights and just as she gets there her phone rings and it is Lily, but they figure that they are both there so they sit and talk. She tells Lily that she is leaving tonight for Shanghai.

Nikki shows Lily the first issue of Restless Style with her picture on the front cover and congratulates her. Lily tells her this is so cool seeing her picture there. She says it feels funny though. Nikki says she thinks she did a wonderful job with it. Lily asks her if she can take the magazine home to show her father and Nikki tells her of course she can.

Victor calls Jabot for Victoria and when she is about to leave for the ranch she gets a call from Nick. He wants to know if their Dad called her too. She says yes and she is on her way now. He asks if she knows what it is all about. She says he didn’t say. Nick wonders if maybe he is sick but she doubts that. She says maybe he wants to announce the new heir to his fortune. When she hangs up she sees Nikki who wants to know why she is going out to the ranch. She worries that maybe Victor is sick. Victoria tells her she doesn’t think he is sick but promises to let her know what is going on as soon as she gets back.

When everyone gets out at the ranch Nick and Victoria asks Adam if he knows what is going on but he doesn’t. Victor and Sabrina walk in and they tells the kids that they are getting married. A little small talk and then congratulations are said and then the room clears out.

When they get outside Nick asks Victoria if she thinks Sabrina is after Victor’s money. She says she honestly doesn’t know. He says well he hopes he gets her to sign a prenuptial agreement. Victoria says he better. Nick says well good luck telling Mom. She says why she has to tell her. He asks does Mom know about this little meeting here. She says yes she knows. He says well you can bet she is waiting at the elevator for her to come back to find out what is going on.

Adam accuses Sabrina of being after Victor’s money. She and he argue over how they feel about each other. He tells her he is going to a movie and then says he hopes she doesn’t get upset when he doesn’t call her Mom. Meanwhile when Victoria gets back to Jabot Nikki was there waiting for her. Victoria tells her that Victor is OK but they announced to them that he and Sabrina are getting married. Nikki says “He is going to marry her”. Then she says well it is his life to do what he wants but it is clearly evident that she is upset over it.

Brad goes into the board room and talks to David. He hands him a deposit slip from Colleen’s bank account. He tells him the first payment for his loan should be deposited in her account. He says she is going to Shanghai and he wants to just make sure she doesn’t need anything while she is over there. David tells him he can’t make the payment. Brad acts surprised, but agrees to let him slide this week but he expects payment next week.

Colleen goes home once more to try and talk to Adrian. He tells her she is just in time. He says he just got off the phone with his publishers and they say that there are no other publishers interested in publishing his book now. She tells him can’t he rewrite or something. He says the main reason for this book was to let the truth get out. Without the truth no one would want to read it. Brad comes in to take her to the airport.

David walks in and talks to Nikki. He wants to know out of curiosity how Nick took the news of them setting a wedding date. She says he already knew because Victoria beat her to telling him. She asks David if it really matter s to him that they have a big wedding. He says no what ever she wants is fine with him. She says good because she has decided she doesn’t want to wait til August. She wants to get married right away. David tells her she has no idea how happy he is to hear her say that.

Jan Barrett

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