Victor and Sabrina are having breakfast when he looks at her and tells her how beautiful she is. She says he is spoiling her by telling her that every morning. He tells her that is because she is very beautiful and he tells her how happy he is now. She tells him she wants him all to herself and she doesn’t want to share him. He tells her to go get dressed and when she does he checks his messages and finds the one from Adam telling him he has decided to take him up on his offer.

When Sabrina comes downstairs she sees Victor relaxing on the sofa. She tells him how happy it makes her to see him relaxing like this. He asks her to sit down. Then he tells her that he asked Adam to move in with them. She asked why he didn’t tell her this before. He says because he didn’t expect Adam to accept the offer. She asked did he? Victor says yes he did and he hopes she will be ok with this. He says he is his son and he has neglected him enough in his life. He just didn’t think living in a hotel was good for him. Sabrina tells him she won’t try to stop this. She says she and Adam are both grownups so she thinks she can try to put their difference to the side. Victor thanks her and calls Adam and tells him he would love to have him move in there so he tells him to pack his things and come home.

When Adam comes in he tells Victor he is happy to be there. Victor says this is one way he will be able to get to know his son. Sabrina offers Adam something to drink. He says he is fine but he could use a floor plan for the house to learn his way around. Victor asks Sabrina if she would mind showing him around because he has to go to the office. When Victor is gone Adam tells her he bets she doesn’t like this. She tells him she is fine but she wants him to know he has no idea of who she is. She says she knows she is a good person.

Michael meets with Brad at Jabot. He starts going over the case when his phone rings. It is Adrian’s attorney. Michael gives them pages and facts from the book that has not been approved of and then he asks if their client, meaning Adrian, even bothered to interview Brad or his mother over this. When they say that isn’t routine, Michael makes threats to cause the man to say he will consult with his client. Michael tells him to buzz him when he knows something. When the attorney hears more he finds that they have this in a critical position now.

Adrian asks Colleen if she would like some of his French toast. She tells him she is not hungry this morning. He asks her to go with him his book tour. She asks him if he really wants her to go with him even though she gave her Dad the advanced copy of the book. He says well at least Brad gave him the book back. After Colleen gets dressed she hears Adrian on the phone. When he gets off he tells her his book is now officially on hold with the publishers. He tells her that the only one he knows of that could do this would be her father. They argue over it and he finally tells her that she has done enough for him and he walks out.

Colleen goes to see Brad. He tells her that book can not be published. He tells her she knows what would happen if it does. She says she knows. He hugs her and then she starts crying telling him that she loves Adrian so much but he is so mad at her now and she doesn’t know what she is going to do if it is over between them now. When Colleen goes home Adrian tells her that he needs to decide for himself and she needs to decide for herself. She tells him she decided to go to Shanghai.

Michael talks to Kevin about Adrian’s book. He tells him he has it officially on hold right now. He says hopefully it won’t be published. Jana wants to know what is going on. Kevin makes up a lie but Jana can see right through him. She says she knows when he is lying to her. So Kevin admits to her about the book being published and all that she told Adrian at the hospital is in the book. She gets upset but Kevin says Michael is working on getting the book stopped. Michael says as of right now the book is officially on hold at the publishers but he intends to make sure it never gets published and he won’t let her down. She hugs Michael thanking him.

Amber and Daniel walk in at Crimson Lights and tell Jana and Kevin that it is official now. They are living together. Jana is all excited. Amber invites them over to the penthouse tonight. She says she and Daniel will cook for them.

David and Nikki are having breakfast at the club when Victoria walks up. When David leaves Nikki tells her that she doesn’t have to keep her and David under a microscope. Victoria tells her she just wants to make sure David is right for her but she says she can see by the look on her face that David makes her very happy. Nikki tells her that life goes on. Once she and David are married, she has to give up on the idea of her and her father ever getting back together. She says she is with JT and she has David and her father is with Sabrina. Victoria says that is one thing that will take a while for her to get use to.

Later Nikki sees Victor at the club and stops him. She asks if she can talk to him for a minute. He tells her he doesn’t want to rehash from the other day. She says she doesn’t either. In fact what she wants is to call a truce. She says she is tired of all the fighting. He tells her if she is serious then he thinks that is the best idea she has had in a very long time. She says it is what she wants and then asks can they stop all the fighting. He asks her where he can sign for it. She smiles at him.

Sabrina runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights and asks how things are going for her at Jabot. Victoria says great, better than at Newman. Sabrina says that is good and asks if she can join her. Her phone rings and she can’t stay because she has to go to get a delivery at the gallery. When she starts to leave she says good bye but Victoria says nothing so Sabrina leaves. She gets to the gallery and finds Victor there. He tells her he got there and there was a delivery. She thanks him for taking care of it for her. She says she ran into Victoria, he asks how that went. She says they are taking baby steps which Victor thinks is a good start. He asks her if Adam got settled in at home and she says yes he seems to be.

Victor gives Sabrina a gift. When she opens it she finds a ring. She can just say “Victor”. He tells her the last thing he expected to do so soon after his divorce was to fall in love. He tells her he just wants to be with her, because she makes him happy. She asks her to marry him.

Jan Barrett

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