Nikki is waiting for David to have dinner. When he finally shows up he claims he is late because his GA meeting ran over and tells her he thinks it was an inspiration. Nikki notices Sabrina and Victor walking in and tells David to excuse her for a minute. She says hello to Sabrina and then she asks Victor if she can have a word with him. Sabrina leaves and Nikki says she would like to speak to him about Victoria. He says that what is going on is none of her concern. She tells him anytime one of the children are involved and hurt then it will concern her. She wants to know how come he has pushed both of his children away from him. Nikki accuses him of favoring Adam over Nick and Victoria. Victor tells her to stop it right now because she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Adam comes in later and Nikki tells him that she thought he would be out celebrating. Nikki is being sarcastic with him when David walks up and joins in. Adam thinks about what Skye told him about David Chow being in the poker game she was in and won. Nikki asks him what his mother would think if she could see him in the position he is in now. He says his mother would want him to be honest and then he looks at David and says, be honest about everything. He hesitates and then he says that the fact of the matter is that he was sorry to see Victoria go. He thinks she was a very valuable asset at Newman.

Victoria tells Nick that she hopes his tuxedo is clean. He asks her why. She says Nikki and David set a date for their wedding. She tells him they are planning on having the wedding at the Colonnade Room. And she says it is where their Mom and Dad got married.

Colleen tells Kevin she thinks she made things worse. She says she told Adrian she gave her father a copy of his book and now he is on his way to see Brad. Kevin asks her if she told her Dad. She says no, but perhaps she should. When Colleen can’t get hold of Brad Kevin goes to Michael and asks him to help him stop Adrian’s book.

Adrian goes to see Brad and tells him he believes he has something that belongs to him. Brad shows him the book and asks if that is what he means. Brad tells him he never wanted him to write this book. Adrian says but Colleen wanted him to. Adrian tells Brad that once this is out his mother won’t have to hide anymore. Brad says ok but at least do this for him. Give him the chance to read it first so that way at least he will know what he is up against when the New York Times starts in on him. Adrian says he will be happy to give him the first copy right off the press autographed even. Brad throws the book at him and Adrian says thank you and then he leaves.

Brad calls Michael and asks him if he can come to talk to him. Michael tells him he already knows about the book. Colleen told Kevin and Kevin told him. Brad asks what his retainer is to take the case. Michael tells him he can afford him but he doesn’t know if it will be worth it. Michael takes the case but he tells Brad he needs to see the book. Brad says he was afraid he would say that but he gave the book back to Adrian. Michael says he assumes that was to keep Adrian off his back which was a good move but he still needs to see the book. Brad says well there is one way. Then he tells Michael that he can’t repeat anything he tells him. Michael reminds him of the attorney client privilege.

Jack tells Phyllis he is thinking about getting Jamie Whitfield to come in as a consultant. Later when Sharon and Phyllis are bickering over colors Jack walks in with Jamie. She thinks the colors Sharon and Phyllis wants are both wrong. She upsets all four of them when she sees what they have planned for the magazine. She doesn’t like any of it at all. She tells Jack he should have called her sooner. Jamie’s reaction has rubbed Phyllis and Sharon the wrong way but the good part is they are at least thinking together on it all again instead of opposite. Meanwhile Jack is with Nick and he tells him that Jamie hates the layout and everything she saw.

Victor goes home and Sabrina greets him with a hug and kiss. He tells her he just had a run in with his first wife. She tells him they can talk about it at dinner but he says he isn’t going to let that ruin their dinner. They can talk about it later. Later he comes downstairs with a gift for Sabrina and tells her there was a delivery from California for her. Sabrina has a collection of Barbie Dolls and he gets her one from the year 1959. She is so surprised and she tells him she loves it. She tells him she is so sorry that their love has cost such a high price.

Amber tells Jana that she doesn’t know what to think about Daniel. She says she asked him to move in with her. Jana wants to know how she asked him. Amber says she told him she needs him there every night to help her with the remote control because she can never figure out how to operate it and she has to see a certain program every night. She says she was sure he would track her thoughts. Jana says oh he probably didn’t. Amber realizes that just maybe Daniel wasn’t tracking her.

Phyllis sees Daniel working late and she advices him to go home. He asks her if she happens to have a spare key to the penthouse. He tells her he kind of wants to go there and surprise Amber. Phyllis just looks at him. He says Amber asked him to move in with him. He can tell by her reaction that she doesn’t like that idea. She tells him no, then yes, and then no again and then she says she doesn’t want to be one of those interfering mothers.  Later Daniel is at the condo when Amber comes in and surprises her. He tells her he has the remote and a bag of popcorn and he is relaxed now after he has moved all his things in., Amber is all excited now because he has decided to move in with her.

Jan Barrett

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