Lily is back from Los Angeles and she tells Cloe that while she was there her clothes had to be altered twice because they were too big for her. Cloe likes hearing that. Lily hands Cloe some pictures from the shoot just as Cane walks in. Lily seems full of energy. He says she must be tired but she says actually she feels good. Cloe loves the pictures and says there is someone in New York that would flip if he saw these pictures.

Later Cane finds Lily with Cloe and Lily explains to him that she will admit that she has been avoiding him. He says he is glad he wasn’t imagining this. She says being with him reminds her of things she wants to forget but she is over that now. He says that is good to hear. They decide to get together and talk later on tonight.

Adam is moving his things into Victoria’s office. The moving man starts to move the baby crib but Adam stops him. The man said he thought he wanted all the baby things moved too. Adam hesitates and then says he is right, to go on and move them out. Later he goes into Victor’s office and tells him he likes the office quite well but something about it doesn’t feel right. He feels bad about it being Victoria’s office and wonders what if she comes back to Newman. Victor tells him that when an employee comes to him and tells them they quit effective immediately it would be very hard for them to regain his trust in them. He says he doesn’t look for Victoria to come back to Newman at all.

Victoria tells Nikki it feels funny being there at Jabot. Nikki tells her she will get use to it. Nikki tells her to think of this as a new chapter in her life. Victoria says yeah right, Chapter one, How the mother and daughter team up to bury the father’s company. David and Brad meet with Victoria and Nikki to welcome Victoria to Jabot when Jill walks in. Jill welcomes her to Jabot and then Victoria drops her idea on a new line to merge with an old one to everyone. They all say it has good possibilities. When they leave and go to Nikki’s office Jill let’s Brad know she doesn’t like it and wants him to continue with the way he is doing things.

Nikki, David and Victoria come up with a great business idea involving a film maker friend of David’s from Vegas. They run the idea by Jill and the rest of the board members and they all think it is a great idea. Once they get the ball rolling Nikki tells David that she thinks he was right. He asks about what. She says about them being great together. She tells him in fact she thinks they need to start making plans for a huge wedding say in four months. David smiles and says 4 months seems like it is so far away. She says making those plans for it will make it fly by.

Later Brad walks in and overhears David on the phone making a bet on a horse. He goes out and calls his bookie and tells him that there is 25 grand in it for him if he can get David to bet big on a sure loser, he wants him back in debt. Then later he tells David that he thinks considering his gambling background that they should set up an installment plan for him to pay him his money back. David says that is fine. Brad asks if they can start off with this weekend with David’s payroll check. David reluctantly agrees but doesn’t show Brad how worried he is. Brad walks off and the look on David’s face is fear and worry now.

Nikki walks in and finds David on the phone. He tells who he is talking to, to hold on and he tells Nikki he has the Colonnade Room on the phone and they have an opening for August 17th and they could get married there. She says oh, but she married Victor there. He says oh ok well he will forget that idea. She stops him and says they can do it even though it won’t give her much time to plan everything. Victoria walks in and Nikki tells her they have just set a wedding date.

Colleen and Kevin talk about Adrian’s book. Kevin wants her to get him to stop it but she says she needs more time. Jana walks up and asks Kevin if she can talk to him. He says sure because he wants to talk to her too but to give him a minute. Colleen tells Jana that she might be leaving town soon. Jana says she hopes Kevin will be happy to hear her news. She says she just got an amazing job offer.

Colleen calls Lily and welcomes her back to town. She tells her she could sure use some advice because she thinks this time she really messed up and she doesn’t think she can fix it this time. When Lily comes in they talk. She tells Lily that she asked Adrian to stop the book from being published. She says he told her they would talk to her about it tonight which usually means that he will con her into going along with him. Then on the other hand she says that she gave her Dad an advanced copy of the book and Adrian doesn’t know it yet. Lily tells her she has got to tell Adrian about it before her Dad does.

Later Colleen asks Adrian to meet her at Crimson Lights and she tells him about her giving her father a copy of his book. Adrian throws a fit. She tells him she did it because she was worried about her family. Adrian gets mad and leaves her saying he has to go find her father now. He says he is sure they have a lot to talk about.

Jana finally gets to talk to Kevin. She tells him she hopes he won’t be upset. She says she has been offered an amazing job. Kevin looks nervous and she realizes he is worried she means out of town. She tells him no way would she leave him. She tells him it is for the new Newman Art Gallery as an assistant. He says WOW that is great and he remembers how she use to work in an art gallery and how much she loves stuff like that. He asks her why he would be upset over that. She says because it would mean she would only be there at the coffee shop part time. He says oh well, she did mess up a lot of orders anyway and then smiles. She says “What?” and then she laughs.

Back in Adam’s new office Victor goes in to see Adam and he asks him to move in at the ranch. He says living at the hotel is just throwing his money away. Sabrina walks in and tells him she has an update but she will wait for him in his office. When he goes back she tells him that he just bought a painting. She tells him she is so happy with work and everything else. He tells her he is so happy she is happy.

Jan Barrett

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