Phyllis and Nick are at the coffee shop when Nick gets a call from Victoria to meet him and she says it is really important. He tells Phyllis that he has to go but this means she is going to have to go to the meeting with Adam alone. She doesn’t want to but Jack and Sharon are out doing other things so she has to do it.

She calls Adam and tells him she has to meet with him so they agree to meet at the Club in 30 minutes. Adam is with his friend Skye and when she hears him on the phone she teases him afterwards saying Phyllis in 30 huh? He assures her that it is business. She says from the look in his eyes she thinks it is more to it than just that.

Gloria calls her attorney and tells him to stop trying to change her mind about making this donation. She insists on giving half of what she has. She wants this to be anonymous. Jill walks in and sees she is on the phone. Gloria gets off the phone and tells Jill that someone she knows wants to make a large donation to charity but wants to remain anonymous. Jill says usually when someone makes such a sizable donation they want to be known. Gloria says they just don’t want the fame that is all. Jill tells her it is good to see her back at work and shuts the door as Gloria goes out.

Nikki sees Brad and tells him that Victoria will be coming to work there at Jabot. Brad is surprised wondering what happened with her at Newman. Nikki says she quit at Newman. Jill walks up and wonders how come this is the first she has heard of it. Nikki says well she quit Newman and Jabot snatched her up just like that.

Colleen goes to the Crimson Lights and asks Kevin if he can talk to him. She tells him that she is so scared. When they sit down she tells him that Adrian’s new book is going to the publishers and she is worried because she told him all about her Dad and her grandmother and about everything else and that he could use names. Now she is worried because his book will hurt a lot of people when it comes out including Jana. He tells her she has to stop that book from coming out but she doesn’t know how now. She says she guesses she is going to have to tell Adrian.

About then Adrian walks into Crimson Lights. When he and Colleen are sitting alone she tells him that she was wrong to tell him all that she told him that he wrote about. She says it is going to hurt a lot of people. She asks him to stop publication of his book. He tells her he can’t do that now, it is too late. He gives her his final word and then says he has to go because he has a class. When he is gone Kevin asks her how it went. She says he won’t stop the book. Kevin wants to know what can they do now. She says she has to go find her father and talk to him.

Colleen goes to see Brad at Jabot. He says this is a surprise to see her. She tells him he may not think that once he finds out why she is there. She hands him an advanced copy of Adrian’s book. He asks her if it is that bad. She tells him it is really bad and once he reads it he will see.

Neil goes to the new gallery location and interrupts Victor and Sabrina together telling him he is sorry but he had to get his signature on papers. Victor tells Neil that Victoria has decided to leave Newman. Neil is surprised. He says she is a very important asset to Newman. Victor says she has to spread her wings he imagines.

Nick goes to see Victoria and finds her and JT packing things in her office. He asks what is going on. She tells him she finally did what he has been after her to do for weeks. She quit her job at Newman. She says she has had enough. Neil comes in just as Nick is about to leave. He tells her he can’t believe she actually quit. She says well it is true. He tells her he is sure going to miss her. She says she is going to miss him too. He says he always pictured her taking over in her father’s chair. She smiles and tells him who knows, maybe that chair is meant for him one day.

JT goes into Victor’s office to give him a message. Victor tells him he wanted to talk to him. He says under the circumstances he thinks maybe he should move on and go work somewhere else. JT asks him if he is being fired? Victor says he thinks it would be better this way. JT says well if he thinks that he can’t be loyal to him and go to Victoria and tell her any security secrets then he is losing two of his best employees. He starts to go out the door when Victor calls him back. He says he likes his attitude and he likes the reaction he gave him so he wants him to stay working there.

Jeffery goes to Crimson Lights and Jana decides to plea for Gloria’s case to him. She tells him they are both stubborn and she knows he is in love with her. She thinks Gloria is in love with him to. She says she only wants the best for Gloria. After all she helped her out when no one else could. She said before she had done a lot to hurt Kevin and his family but Gloria gave her another chance by paying for her surgery like she did.

Phyllis and Adam meet for breakfast and discuss the ad for Beauty of Nature. He is upset because she wants to put Forrester’s ad ahead of his. She tells him they have purchased a larger ad though. He says but theirs was first up. She tells him to just take this and run with it. He tells her no, if they can’t give them the space that they originally were promised then he will just pull it completely and take it somewhere else. She tells him that is pretty harsh but perhaps he should just check to see what Victoria has to say about that first. He leaves saying he has another meeting to go to.

Later Nick tells Phyllis that Victoria quit her job at Newman and is going to work at Jabot. Phyllis covers her eyes and says this is very bad for them. She says that without Victoria there, they have a problem. She says Adam is going to pull his ad from Restless Style unless he can talk him out of it.

Nick goes to Victor’s office and asks him if he knows that Victoria was in her office packing. He tells him he didn’t know that. Nick says well she is and he thinks he should go in there and tell her not to leave. Victor asks why should he do that and why would he want him to since he wanted her to leave before. Nick admits he did ask her to leave but now that he sees what this is doing to her he has changed his mind. He says her heart is with Newman. Sabrina walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Victor says that is ok, Nick just made a request to him and he has rejected it so now they are done. Nick looks at his father and tells him it looks like he will never change and then he leaves the office.

Later Victor walks into Victoria’s old office and sees all her things gone. Adam walks in and asks what happened. Victor tells him Victoria is no longer working there. He says they had a disagreement and she quit. He tells Adam that he would like for him to take this office now. Adam says he would be honored to move into it. Victor tells him to move in immediately and then walks out.

Jan Barrett

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