Cane and Lily make love on her sofa and after he teases her saying she seduced him. She agrees saying yes she did and then tells him how happy she is. He says he was expecting Cloe and Devon to come in. She says speaking of which they should get dressed. The next thing they know Cloe and Devon are at the door counting to ten before coming in. When Cane leaves Cloe tells Lily they are going to have so much fun in New York. Suddenly she starts feeling sick and she runs upstairs. She ends up too sick to go to New York so Lily goes by herself.

Paul is at Jabot waiting on Nikki but David tells him she probably won’t be coming back. Paul sees her briefcase and her keys convincing him that she will be. David asks him if this has anything to do with his ex-wife’s daughter. Paul asks why on earth he would want to talk to Nikki about her for. David says because his ex-stepdaughter thinks he killed her mother. David knows about Paul looking for his ex-stepdaughter and tells Paul the girl has a drug problem. He has an excuse for everything Paul asks him about. Paul remains calm until David finally gets rid of him saying he has work to do and shows him the door.

Nikki goes to Crimson Lights for coffee and she sees Kevin. She asks him if he has any idea how come his mother wasn’t at work today. He asks her if she didn’t know. Nikki says no that is why she is asking him. Kevin tells Nikki that Jill fired his Mother. Nikki is shocked because she knew nothing about this happening. She goes back to Jabot and confronts Jill about it. Jill tells her she kept waiting for her to fire her so she just did it for her. Nikki says she is in charge of the hiring and firing and she would really like to discuss this with her. Jill tells her to come by her office in a bit then and she walks away.

Later Jill and Nikki meet to discuss Jill’s firing Gloria. Nikki tells her that she runs Jabot. Jill says and she runs Chancellor Enterprises which means Nikki works for her. They start arguing over who has more authority there when Katherine walks in and interrupts telling them she could hear them arguing from down the hall. Nikki tells Katherine that Jill fired Gloria without consulting her. Katherine sides with Nikki which makes Jill mad and she storms off.

Gloria is trying to figure out what she is going to do next. Michael and Lauren try listening to her Michael is against all her ideas and then finally suggests to her that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea for her to work full time for Kevin. Gloria heads over to Crimson Lights and asks Kevin for a job and tells him she wants to start right now. Jana tells her she isn’t so sure the food industry is the right employment for her. Jana tells Kevin to go on and hire her, since he only has one mother. Gloria says she wants $15 an hour plus tips.

Paul goes to Crimson Lights and finds Gloria there. He gets a call from a check he ran on David’s ex-stepdaughter. He finds out she had been expelled from school after being caught on a cocaine deal. Later he meets with the woman and she tells him all those problems were from when she was younger and she learned a lot from all of it. She encourages him to help his friend before David gets to her too.

Jeffery goes to Jack and tells him that Gloria has hit rock bottom. He tells him she can drown in all his father’s money. Jeffery says he got half of all her money in their divorce settlement. Jack says he can’t believe Michael let that happen. He says well she still is a rich woman. Jeffery says not anymore, she is broke. Jack asks how that could be. He tells Jack Gloria did something very good for a change. Jack tells him to give her back one or two million and she would be fine. He asks Jack to give her the one thing she needs and that he can’t give her. He says she needs to be close to John. Jack tells Jeffery he can see he isn’t going to back away from this one and Jeffery says no, he isn’t and then he walks out.

Jack goes back to work and does more research about this anonymous donor that donated all that money to his father’s foundation. He comes up with the name Gloria’s Karma after some deep research. He goes to Crimson Lights and orders coffee from Gloria after asking for all different kinds. When Kevin offers to take over, Jack asks if he can talk to Gloria out on the patio for a few minutes and promises to return her in one piece.

He asks Gloria what she did with all her money. She tells him bad investments. He asks her if she gave away all her money. He tells her he assumes she is living with Michael and Lauren and then offers to let her stay in the pool house in back of the Abbott Mansion. He says she can stay there rent free for as long as she wants to. She doesn’t know what to say, so she just hugs him.

Katherine goes to Restless Style to take Amber out for lunch. When they get to the Club Amber lets her know how sad she is about Daniel leaving town and Katherine tries cheering her up by talking to her about her new clothing line.

David makes a bet for $40,000 and loses. He calls the loan shark and asks for another loan saying he will be good for it. He tells the guy he shouldn’t be worried since he did pay back the bigger loan before.

Jan Barrett

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