Victoria continues banging on Adam’s door yelling for him but he doesn’t answer. She calls out for JT telling him she needs him. Then we see Victor looking at the book about Sabrina and asking Ashley where she got it from. She tells him it was in her purse.

Sharon tells Jack she doesn’t see how they will be able to make it together and raise this baby because she doesn’t know how he will ever be able to forgive her. He admits that he is hurt a lot about her sleeping with Billy but he says he still loves her and the baby so he knows they can get past this. She reminds him that this baby could be his brother’s though. He tells her this baby brought them back together again and gave their marriage a second chance.

Phyllis cries when Nick confesses that he could be the father to Sharon’s baby and he tells her he is sorry. She wants to know what he will do next. He said he hasn’t thought about it yet because he has been too focused on what this would do to her. She tells him that is sweet but isn’t it a little late to be thinking about how this will effect her. Nick says if the baby is his he will do the only thing he can do and that would be to be a father to this child. She tells him that it is history repeating itself. She is sure that Jack is not going to be the father. She tells him that she was at the grave site and she overheard him and Sharon. She tells him that the worse part of what she heard was him telling Sharon about his dream where Cassie told him he would have another daughter and how he told Sharon how desperately he wanted Cassie’s prediction to come true.

Jack tells Sharon he can imagine how scared she was that he would find out about Billy. She says that is why she has been holding back and this is why she doesn’t deserve him. He tells her they are not going to dwell on this and he still loves her. Sharon tells him then there must be something wrong with him and then she apologizes to him. He tells her she is in denial. He reminds her that she is loved and not because he has screwed up. He says he might be screwed up but not about this. He repeats to her that he is in love with her and then he hugs her. He says he won’t push her away, he says they can be stronger for this. He asks what better gift could they give their son or daughter. He says he won’t want Nick or Billy to walk away if they are the father because this baby can’t get enough love.

Ashley wonders if Estella has been back to the ranch or maybe she knows she is there at the hospital now. She says someone is trying to upset her. She doesn’t feel safe anywhere now. The monitor starts beeping when she starts to panic. Olivia comes back in asking her if she had another nightmare and Ashley lies saying yes it was another nightmare.

Victoria tells JT that Adam’s door is locked and he isn’t answering when she knocks. When they get inside the room they see the window open. JT tells Victoria Adam has the ankle bracelet on him so if he leaves the grounds he will be picked up. He says the guy is blind so he’d be crazy to try and leave. Victor looks around in the room when she sees the bag. Adam calls out, “Who’s in here?” as he comes in the door with a bottle of wine and a glass.

Olivia coaches Ashley through some deep breathing exercises to get her heartbeat back to normal. Ashley wants to go home now saying she doesn’t feel comfortable there anymore at the hospital. She begs to go home even though Victor and Olivia both want her to stay there for the night.

Jack bets Sharon she will sleep better tonight than she has in weeks. Sharon says she is waiting for the other red shoe to drop meaning Phyllis. She says that Nick is going to tell her about it tonight although she feels for sure that Phyllis knows already. She tells Jack she is going to end all the mystery about who the father is by getting a paternity test done as soon as possible.

Phyllis tells Nick what she was doing at Cassie’s grave to begin with and how she overheard him with Sharon. She wonders if Nick just wanted an excuse to end their marriage which he thinks is crazy. She says she sure hopes so because otherwise it doesn’t matter if the baby is his or how much he supposedly loves her and Summer. Nick tells her he is happy with her and Summer. Phyllis tells him Sharon has this hold on him. He doesn’t see it that way. Nick admits to Phyllis that Sharon is a big part of his life but says that doesn’t determine his future. She congratulates him for starting a new family. She wants to know what’s left in it for her though. Nick has no answer for her. He tells her when Cassie died she did for him what no one else could do. She asks what he needs. She tells him she wants him, she wants all of him not half measures or half truths. She wants him to be in this marriage all the way. She says she isn’t asking him to turn his back on the baby if he is the father but she can’t handle Sharon being a third party to their marriage. She tells Nick to let Sharon come last for once. She says if he can’t do that then they will never make it. She doesn’t want an answer from him now, she doesn’t want him to make a decision now she just begs him to please think about this before he decides. She grabs her purse and tells him she needs to take a walk.

She tells Jack the paternity test won’t put the baby at risk. It will be a simple blood test to use to match the DNA of the potential father. She tells him she has made an appointment for 3 weeks from now. He tells her he doesn’t want her to move back to the club saying that she doesn’t have to worry about Billy. Sharon worries about how he will feel holding the baby in his arms if it isn’t his.  She tells him not to make promises that no one can expect him to keep.

Adam wonders why JT and Victoria are even there. He asks if Victor asked them to check on him. He remarks how considerate of him. He says he was in the wine cellar. He explains he locked his door to keep anyone from coming in and going through his things. When Victoria and JT leave Adam digs in the bag and gets out the ankle bracelet and slips it back over his ankle.

When JT and Victoria get back downstairs Ashley, Victor and Olivia arrive home. Ashley says that she is much better and the baby is in good shape. She goes upstairs to see Abby. Victor says she seemed a bit tense to him. JT explains that they had a run in with Adam and he found them in his room. Victor thanks them as they leave to go home. Olivia asks Victor what happened at the hospital and she wants to know what Ashley is hiding from her. Victor shows her the book and she thinks Estella was at the hospital but he thinks the book was in her purse all the time. He doesn’t think she put the book in Ashley’s purse herself though. He asks Olivia if she will stay while he goes off saying there is something he needs to take care of.

Nick thinks back over time of his relationship with Phyllis. He thinks about the passion and the fun, laughter and kissing. He thinks about the time they spent in bed together and about her pregnancy and how they exchanged rings at their wedding at their country bar.

Jack asks what Sharon’s best case scenario would be. He wonders if Sharon’s best outcome would be Nick leaving Phyllis to come back to her and the baby. She automatically denies that but Jack asks her to think about it. He says he knows she still has feelings for Nick. She claims those feelings are in the past. She says if Nick is the father she is prepared to raise the baby separately like they did Noah. Jack tells her no matter what he will love this baby. He says it is his then that would be great but if it isn’t then they will have a built in babysitter if they decide they need to get away. Sharon thinks it will be more complicated than that but Jack thinks it won’t be if they all agree that the baby has to come first. He explains that he really is excited about this baby. He tells her she can trust him. She starts crying saying he was a terrible husband but he is the best friend she has ever had and she hugs him.

Sharon holds Jacks hands and tells him she doesn’t know how he can be so happy about all this but she agrees to stay even if he isn’t the father. Jack is so happy that he hugs her telling her she has made him so happy. He tells her this is best for Nick and Phyllis too. She tells him she needs to tell Nick about it though and the sooner the better.

Nick is still alone and he thinks back to his life with Sharon. He thinks about how they were King and Queen of the Polynesian Prom. He remembers a lot of kissing, hugs and tears. He remembers their wedding and her pregnancy and then more kisses,

Olivia tells Ashley about a woman from the hospital that does relaxation techniques. Olivia thinks it would be a good idea and be pretty helpful. Ashley tells Olivia she thinks she doesn’t trust her. She tells Olivia she needs her support not her suspicion. She feels she is being watched every second. Adam is listening in on his laptop from his room. Victor knocks and enters his room telling him they are back and that both Ashley and the baby are doing well. Victor wonders if he remembers ever seeing Estella in the master bedroom looking at his computer. Adam says no. Victor tells him he found some disturbing information on it. The he looks at the bottle of wine and says Castle Hill 2002, that’s a good vintage. When Adam asks if he minds him taking the bottle Victor says no, but doesn’t join him with a drink when Adam offers.

JT and Victoria are at the coffee shop when they talk about how suspicious they are about Adam locking his door. They wish they had only had a few more minutes to snoop around in his room. They wonder if Adam is writing another hatchet job on Victor in this book of his. They think that maybe Victor has been too busy with Ashley to have noticed all the suspicious things Adam does. Victoria says God only knows what Adam has been getting away with.

Adam laughs as he drinks his wine and then laughs making a toast to one hell of a productive evening. He says this should be good as he watches on his laptop. Olivia tells Victor that Ashley got upset at her for suggesting a psychiatrist. Victor hands Olivia a receipt for the book that was in Ashley’s purse that was charged on Ashley’s credit card with Ashley’s signature on it. He asks Olivia to call the psychiatrist telling her he would like to speak to them tonight. They both feel Ashley will get through this just as she has before. When Victor is alone he sits on the sofa where Ashley is napping on.

Phyllis goes to see Jack who tells her that Sharon is on her way to talk to Nick. Phyllis tells him that Nick finally told her about Sharon being pregnant. She says she didn’t bite his head off but she did give him an ultimatum. She says she just can’t believe this is how her life is going. She says her husband right now id trying to decide which one he wants, her or that hot mess (Sharon). Jack tells her he is not going to leave her as he speaks with a lot of confidence. He tells Phyllis that Sharon is going to stay with him and they are going to raise the baby together no matter who the father is. He tells her to stop worrying.

Sharon goes to Restless Style and Nick rushes over to her and kisses her which she appears to return to him. He tells her he is leaving Phyllis. He says he wants to be with her leaving Sharon speechless.

Jan Barrett

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