Lauren is shocked when she comes into the living room to find Gloria there on the sofa. She tells her they said she could sleep on their sofa but she didn’t expect her there so soon. When Michael comes in Gloria tells them that she had to check out of the hotel because now she can’t afford it as of today.

Devon is irritated with Cloe in their apartment. She threw out his favorite cereal and replaced it with some health food brand. He tells her that his things are his and he doesn’t want her fooling with them. When Lily comes down he tells her not to eat the cereal because it is poison. She asks him what is bugging him this morning and he says Cloe is. She says her apartment is replacing all new pipes so as soon as that is done Cloe will be out of there. Cloe comes back after talking on the phone and announces to Lily that they are flying to New York tonight.

Lily talks to Cane on the phone and he asks if they can get together tonight. She tells him no but she asks if he can come over right now. She talks Devon into taking Cloe out of there so she can have some free time with Cane alone. They talk Cloe into going shopping with Devon and just as they are about to leave Cane walks in. She tells Cane that she misses how they use to be together. She tells Cane she realizes that she has always ran from the problems in her life, like when she lost their baby and when her mom died. She says she doesn’t want to run anymore.

Paul and JT are at the gym working out. Paul tells JT he noticed that Chow doesn’t like him asking questions about him or Nikki. He says he puts a smile on his face but you can tell he wants to say go away. Paul says he has this deep gut feeling to just go to Nikki and tell her everything he knows about David. JT says hold on, he thought they agreed not to say anything to anyone not even Victoria until they get some solid evidence about David. Paul says he can’t get anyone he has talked to say anything good about Chow. He says he thinks he is going to go to Nikki now and warn her about him at least.

Adam wakes up next to Heather this morning. They both tell each other they have meetings. When she sees the time she says she never sleeps this late. Later he is getting dressed and Heather finds his socks. When he is about to go she hands him his watch and tells him not to forget it. He says now he doesn’t have an excuse to call her later. She tells him he doesn’t need an excuse unless he was going to call just to be doing the nice thing. He says he is a nice guy but that’s not why he would be calling. He kisses her and then they kiss again.

Gloria has a meeting with Jeffery and their attorneys to make a property settlement and divorce. Jeffery tells the judge he wants half of what she had as of May 1st. The judge tells Gloria she doesn’t have to settle for this and she does have options here. She says she is aware of that. She knows though that if she doesn’t give him the money she will go to jail. She says she won’t contest it. The judge offers her one last chance but she just says let them get this over with. Jeffery’s attorney tells him that the final papers will be filed tomorrow and by the end of the week the money should be transferred to his account.

When Jeffery and his lawyer leave the room, Gloria’s attorney says he doesn’t understand why she didn’t fight this but she just motions for him not to ask. He walks away muttering that he guesses it is only money. She whispers with tears in her eyes that yes, it is only money.

When Gloria gets home Lauren asks her how it went. She says it went. It is all gone now. She says she doesn’t understand how he could be so mean to her. Lauren tries to calm her down but can’t so she calls Michael and tells him he needs to come home now because his mother is in very bad shape. When he gets home he and Lauren try calming her down. She tells Michael she just wants her life back. She says this ring is the only thing Jeffery didn’t take away from her. She says let him come back and try to get it. She says this isn’t the ending, it is just the beginning.

Nikki and David have a meeting with Michael and Adam over the lawsuit with Newman. When Michael and Adam walk in Adam is shocked to see Heather there working for legal with Jabot. When Michael introduces her to Adam she just smiles at Adam. At the meeting David tells Michael that they are prepared to offer Victor a settlement and they suggests that he takes it. They show Michael the lab results but Michael isn’t impressed. Michael has his own lab reports and David accuses Victor of paying someone for it. Adam objects to them questioning his integrity and says he put together that report himself. Nikki says they aren’t but they are questioning his father’s. Michael asks Nikki why she is doing this. She says because Victor is stealing from her and she’s not going to let him get away with it!

Paul meets with David’s step daughter. She tells Paul that she just knows David killed her mother but the cops cleared David. She tells Paul she looked David up on the internet and she sees that he married Victor Newman’s ex wife. She says she knows that she is rich. Paul tells her that Nikki is a personal friend of his. He says right now she is in the honeymoon stage of her marriage and she thinks David is the man of her dreams so he has to have some sort of solid evidence to take to her before she would believe anything he tells her. When he leaves he goes to Jabot and tells David he is there to see Nikki. David tells him she is out. He asks for how long, David says perhaps for the rest of the day. Paul comes into the office and says he will wait and sits down.

Jan Barrett

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