Nikki sees David talking to Brad and shaking hands. When Brad leaves Nikki asks David what was that little pow-wow about. He acts innocent and tells her he doesn’t know what she means. She tells him she saw him. He looks at her and says there is something she needs to know. He tells her she isn’t going to like this. He lies and tells her that he and Brad were discussing the lawsuit with Victor. He says Brad thinks they should settle. Nikki is completely against it. He suggests that maybe they could come up with a settlement offer that they all can live with and asks her what she thinks about it. She says she thinks she can’t believe what is coming out of his mouth.

Later when she sees David in the office she tells him to go ahead and make Victor an offer and see if he is willing to pay what they want. She tells him though that even though she doesn’t want to control him she does want in their marriage for them to work together. He hugs her and tells her that he has her back.

Lauren and Paul hired a renovation crew to change their third bedroom into an office for Lauren. Gloria walks in just as the crew is leaving and she wants to know what is going on. When Michael tells her she asks where’s Fenmore’s beautiful grandmother suppose to sleep then. Michael says hanging in leather to cover her wings would work.

Jill calls Gloria and tells her she just went over the proposal that she submitted and she would like to discuss it with her. Gloria gets all excited and tells Michael and Lauren that Jill likes her proposal and wants to talk about it to her so she has to go. She says finally something is going right for her as she goes out the door.

When Gloria gets to Jabot Jill tells her to have a seat. Jill tells her that there is no real easy way to tell her what she has to tell her. She looks at Gloria and tells her she is fired. Gloria asks how she can fire her when she just turned in that proposal. Jill tells her that proposal sucked. Gloria admits to her that she has had some personal problems and then begs her not to fire her. She says this is John’s company and he would want her to be there working. Jill tells her using the grieving widow routine won’t work. Gloria says she is the last Abbott working there. Jill corrects her by saying no she is.

JT and Adam have a slight run-in at Crimson Lights. Paul comes up to JT and tells him he has a lead on someone else to talk to about David. David and Nikki walk in and JT says he cringes every time he sees that guy. Paul suggests that they talk to the newlyweds and asks about the wedding. JT tells him he is on his own there, he has no interest in talking to David Chow and he leaves.

Paul goes over to Nikki and asks how the wedding was. David isn’t too interested in talking to Paul but Nikki is more than willing to tell him all about it until her phone rings and she excuses herself to answer it. Paul says no problem. This will give him time to catch up with things with David. Paul tells David that Nikki is a terrific woman and says he is a lucky guy. David agrees with him. Paul asks how the Mexico wedding came about. Paul warns David that he better not hurt Nikki. He says he and Nikki go way back and she has been through a lot. David assures Paul that he loves Nikki and he has nothing to be concerned about with him. Paul looks at him and says he sure hopes not.

When Nikki gets back she and Paul talk about some of the old days. Paul’s phone rings and he excuses himself. Paul answers his phone. It is David’s stepdaughter on the phone. Paul tells her he wants to talk to you about David Chow. She replies, “I’ve been waiting since my mother’s funeral for someone to listen!”

Heather is in the gym when Adam notices her and strikes up a conversation. They start talking and Adam invites her to join him for a martini after they workout. When they get dressed and go to the bar. When they start talking more they find out they are arch rivals from the colleges they went to. They find out they do have a lot of things in common after they talk even more. She invites him to go up to her room and watch a basketball game with her. Adam says he really has a lot of work to do and she says yeah so does she. She says she has a feeling though that they both say that a lot. Adam agrees to go up with her and when they get there she realizes she doesn’t have a TV for the game. She says it must still be in storage. They start kissing and he ends up carrying her off to bed.

Michael and Lauren are attempting to have a romantic evening alone while the baby is sleeping until Gloria comes banging on their door begging him to open up. Michael is mad as hell at her and ready to throw her out the door when she tells him that she just lost her job. Lauren feels sorry for Gloria so they offer her their sofa to sleep on but only until she can find something else. Lauren tells her that perhaps she can find those feelings she was having for Jeffery hidden somewhere. Michael suggests that she makes Jeffery an offer he can’t refuse for their settlement in the divorce and perhaps think about a little for herself too.

Jeffery calls Jill and tells her he is back in town. Jill is pleased to hear from him. He asks her if she is free for dinner tonight. When they meet she tells Jeffery that hearing his voice was a treat. She tells him how she had to fire Gloria today. He says that couldn’t have went over very well. She says she didn’t take it too well. He tells Jill that Gloria never was the business woman she was. He said she never took her job too seriously.

Gloria is standing in the doorway of the restaurant and hears what he says to Jill. She asks Jeffery if she can speak to him a moment in private. She asks him how come he didn’t return any of her calls. She asks him to settle for 98% of everything . She tells him $48 million is still a lot of money. He tells her no. She asks him to please not leave her with nothing. He asks why he should care after he poured his heart out to her confessing his love for her and she laughed at him. Then he tells her he has to get back to his date and walks away from her.

Jan Barrett

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