Victor goes up to speak to Adam who tells him his Braille lessons are coming along just fine. Victor tells him he is worried about Ashley. He says Olivia wants her to see a psychiatrist but she won’t agree to it. Victor asks Adam if he will encourage her and let him know if he picks up on any signs of another episode. When Victor leave Adam says hmmm he wants him to spy on his wife and then pulls his box out from under his bed.

Cane orders a bottle of champagne when Lily walks out wearing a bath robe teasing him asking if he is keeping secrets from her already. She opens the robe and lets it drop to the floor showing off her new bikini. Suddenly Cane is no longer interested in going for their scuba diving lessons and he starts kissing Lily.

Nina and Katherine visit the grave of Phillip III. Nina places a small American flag on his grave. They say to his father that Phillip IV is thinking of him today. Both Katherine and Nina remember the day of the auto accident when they only had a few hours with him before he passed away.

Mac thinks about how hard this day must have been for Jill, who refused to join them for the BBQ or to spend any more time with Katherine than she had to. Someone said it isn’t like she missed anything earth shattering. Mac whispers to herself, not for you, but she was thinking about the ring and Raul’s marriage proposal to her.

Billy is thinking about Raul wanting to marry Mac too. Chloe suggests that they go on a picnic in the park and that they could invite Raul and Mac to join them for lemonade and he could tell them how much it is killing him that they are together even though he is married and has a daughter now. Suddenly Billy hops up and tells her he has to go.

Sharon has to leave because she is running late for a meeting about Cassie’s Challenge. Jack claims he is fine and he didn’t mine her mourning alone yesterday without him. Sharon tells him she would like to tell him about a conversation she had yesterday and asks if he will be around later. He tells her he is there and after she is gone Billy comes in asking him how come he didn’t answer his phone. Jack explains that his phone quit working after he threw it up against the wall. He goes on to tell Billy that he found out his kid brother slept with his wife. He asks Billy to tell him he is wrong, to tell him he it’s not true. Billy shamefully tells him it is true.

Jack tells him Sharon didn’t tell him. Billy pleads with Jack that it meant nothing, they were drunk and Sharon was in a mess. Jack asks if he took advantage of her since she was drunk. Billy tells him he wasn’t thinking about her. He explains how they met at Jimmy’s. Jack asks about the other times they were together because surely Billy doesn’t expect him to believe it was only once. Jack asks how he could do this to him after all he did for him saying he was the only one watching his back. He asks if this is getting back at him for taking over Jabot. Billy tells him this isn’t about him, but Jack says it sure as hell is. He asks of all the women out there why did he have to take the one woman he is in love with. He tells Billy that he defended him even when his own mother called him reckless, and irresponsible and selfish. Jack tells him God he sure proved him wrong.

Victor walks in on Ashley while she is working and he tells her she can’t be working, reminding her no stress! She complains about being treated like an invalid. She reminds Victor she still thinks Estella is behind all this madness. Adam is on his laptop upstairs listening and watching. He adds a roll of duct tape in his bag and says perfect timing, thanks dad as he leaves.

Nina reads a letter from Phillip IV wishing he could visit his father’s grave today and he is looking forward to coming home. Katherine says he’d have been so proud of his son. Nina asks wouldn’t he be shocked to know that someone took his place but Katherine assures her that no one could ever take his place. Nina says it is so odd to think of Cane as the real Phillip. Jill walks up asking if they are still harping on that. Jill looks at Katherine and tells her, “And you! You just had to beat me down here didn’t you?.” Katherine thinks it is good that Jill joined them saying they both loved Phillip and both played a part in what happened to him.

After taking their scuba diving lesson Cane says surfing is much cheaper. He explains to Lily they didn’t have much money when he was growing up. When someone knocks at their door Lily tells Cane surprise #2, lunch! She hints around to him that surprise #3 is the big one but she is saving it for last.

Raul comes by the Chancellor Estate anxious to find out an answer from Mac to his proposal. Mac tells him she just likes to think things through but she has made a decision and her answer is YES! And then he kisses her.

Billy has no excuse for himself other than to say he is a bad guy. Jack tells him he won’t let him use that as a cop out, saying it is a pathetic way to live his life. He tells him he is somebody’s husband and father. He tells him to concentrate on that instead of mooning over Mac like some lovesick teenager. Jack tells him it is time to grow up. He says Billy is not a kid anymore, in fact he has a kid now and maybe another one on the way if Jack or Nick isn’t the father that is. Billy didn’t know about Nick, but he says with Nick in the picture that lessens the chance that it could be his. He says though if it is his he will do the right thing. Jack can’t even look at Billy right now. Billy yells at Jack asking does he want to hit him, or throw him out of the house, out of Jabot. Jack says he is his brother and he loves Billy, but he doesn’t think he will ever be able to forgive him of this. Chloe walks in with Delia asking what’s going on in there. Jack snaps at her telling her to ask her husband, not that he will tell her the truth though. Suddenly Sharon walks in looking at everyone and wants to know what is going on too.

Sharon asks Jack what it is. Jack lies and says Billy has messed up again by screwing up a business deal he has been working on for months. Billy admits he was careless and apologizes wishing he could take it back. Jack tells him he can’t, it is done now and then sends him off telling him to go take care of his family now. When Billy and Chloe leave Jack asks Sharon tells him she has never seen him so angry at Billy like that before but all Jack says is what was it she wanted to tell him about, saying he is all ears.

Cane nags at Lily to tell him what his last surprise is. She hands him an envelope that says Australia on it. She tells him she has extended their honeymoon and asks why they shouldn’t go. He isn’t so sure that they can, saying they have the bar and her modeling job as an excuse. She asks if he doesn’t want to go. He says he does but he is just so happy there with her and he kisses her.

Katherine and Nina think about what a charmer Phillip use to be and that he had the biggest heart. Jill sarcastically questions that saying how could he have been that way with having her for a mother. Jill thinks back to how Phillip complained about her not giving him any attention. Nina talks about how mad he got when she told him she was pregnant and he denied that the baby was his. She says he was overwhelmed but who knew he was battling demons. Jill looks at Katherine and says some knew. She thinks back to Katherine shouting at Phillip that he was an alcoholic and him threatening to leave if she made an issue of it saying she’d never see him again. She tells Katherine if only she had told her that he was drinking she might have been able to have stopped him before he drove off that night. Katherine explains she was afraid of losing him but they all did anyway. She says she is sorry, so sorry.

Adam sets up a camera in Ashley and Victor’s bedroom. She is standing outside the door and she hears him bang into a table and calls out for Victor. She goes in the room anyway and Adam hides under their bed. Victor comes in and asks if she called him. She said she did but she is fine. Adam reaches out for the duct tape that he knocked off the table. Ashley tells Victor thanks for caring so much and for the tea. She gives him a kiss. She goes into the bathroom and Adam runs out the room with his bag. She pops her head out of the bathroom and asks Adam?

Adam claims he was only there to check on her. She is touched that he cares but asks what is in his bag. He lies telling her it is Braille stuff, asking her if she could quiz him on the alphabet. He tells her it can wait and assures her he isn’t going anywhere. As he was going out the door he tells her oh and one more thing, Victor asked him to spy on her. He admits he didn’t exactly ask him in those words, but he asked him to alert him if she had anymore episodes and to try to convince her to seek professional help. She agrees not to say anything to Victor when Adam says Victor means well. When he walks out, Ashley shows her anger when she throws pillows off the bad and climbs into her bed.

Victor tells Olivia that Ashley is struggling but they can’t force her to seek help by talking to someone. Olivia says well there haven’t been anymore episodes since Estella left even though Victor doesn’t think Estella was behind any of it. Olivia says all they can do at this point is offer their love and support for her.

Katherine is thrilled to hear that Mac has accepted Raul’s proposal. Since he has already asked for Brock’s permission Raul needs to tell his parents about it. Katherine asks Mac how come since she has been home for over a month now, how come she never mentioned Raul before now. She admits her old feelings for Billy interfered when she first came back to town but she is not that girl anymore and Billy is certainly not the same guy. She and Raul are friends and she does love him. She says Billy is her past and Raul’s her future. Katherine says as long as Mac is happy then so is she and she hugs her.

Chloe tells Billy she thinks it is a bit too early for him to start drinking. She asks what is going on between him and Jack. She knows it is more to it than some business deal. He snaps at her for pressuring him all the time and to top everything else off he tells her that Raul wants to marry Mac. Chloe tells him that he was right, she was nuts to think they could make this work between them. Billy tells her he has to get out of there and he slams out. Chloe stands there and covers her mouth as she starts crying.

Jack yells into the phone to fix it!  Sharon figures Billy must have really outdid himself this time. Jack asks her again about the conversation she had yesterday. She said she told Noah she was pregnant because he was being so sweet that she just couldn’t hold it back. She says he was totally supportive and was happy for them. She says he has no reason to think the baby might not be Jack’s. She tells him yesterday was agonizing but she feels this baby could be a blessing and she feels so lucky to be having it with Jack and she hugs him.

Billy goes over to Katherine’s to see Mac saying this was possibly the worst day of his life. Raul and Katherine walk in and Raul asks Mac is she showed him. Mac holds her hand up showing him her ring. Billy looks at her and asks if she is engaged. He tells Raul he didn’t think he meant right now and then smiles saying congratulations.

Cane tells Lily how sweet it was for her to buy tickets for them to go to Australia but he admits that he doesn’t want to go. Lily says she realizes he had a rough childhood but surely there are people or places there that he misses. Cane admits there is nothing he wants to go back to. Meanwhile we see a guy named Langley (who is also known as Phillip) sending his bartender off thanking him for his hard work and then telling him he will see him tomorrow.

Nina is surprised to see Jill still at the grave. Nina pays no attention to Jill’s attitude but says she is glad to hear that she still calls him her son. Jill tells her he will always be her son. Nina questions Jill about how they came to find Cane. Nina tells her it is weird that a stranger is now part of their family based on a nightmare or a psychic. Jill tells her they did have a DNA test done. When Nina says DNA tests can be wrong, Jill admits yes that they can be, in fact the first one was wrong but the second was right.. Jill admits they didn’t go for a third one though because they had other proof. Nina asks like what? When Jill gets huffy and doesn’t want to tell any more, Nina says she was just asking.

With Adam back in his room he has his laptop out again and listens to Victor and Olivia talking about them giving Ashley some space. He switches over to the master and hears Ashley crying out and Victor and Olivia running in to check on her. She tells them about a nightmare she had about Sabrina. Adam sits there smiling.

Sharon pours Jack a drink and asks if he is still tense over Billy. When he tells her he is fine, she tells him no, he isn’t. She says she thought he’d be happy about her telling Noah about the baby.  She asks if he has changed his mind. He tells her nothing has changed and he still loves her. He thinks it is a good chance that this baby is an Abbott and if not he stills wants to be the father to the baby.

Billy goes back to the pool house and finds the place empty. He sees that Chloe has packed all her things and she and the baby have moved back into the Chancellor home just in time to hear Mac and Raul’s happy news. Katherine tells her that Raul just proposed to Mac. Chloe says that is funny because she and Billy just split up.

Jan Barrett

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