Sharon tells Jack that Nick had a pretty rough night last night. He says he can’t imagine getting his memory back like that. Sharon says that she never thought she would ever say it but she is really glad that he has Phyllis with him right now.

Phyllis makes Nick some coffee as he wakes up on the sofa. He tells her she use to bring him coffee right after they got married with whipped cream in it. She says yes she did and then she asks him how he knows that. She asks him if he is remembering things now. He tells her that something happened last night at the hospital after his accident. Phyllis tells him she doesn’t know what to do, but she would like to help him if she could. He tells her she is there with him now and that helps. He says he went to Cassie’s grave last night. Phyllis says that is good. He says Sharon went with him because she is feeling the same things too. Phyllis says he was a wonderful father to Cassie. She says he was incredible with her.

He starts thinking about how Noah was supposed to be with him last night when he wrecked his car. Phyllis tells him that no one that she knows tries harder to be a good Dad as he does. She says she didn’t know Cassie that well but she knows that she felt loved and cherished every single day. Nick tells him he remembers something else too. She asks him what. He says he remembers falling in love with her. He says he knows he hurt a lot of people by them having their affair. He says but it makes it better now knowing that Sharon has Jack and is happy. He says also he likes the man he is now better than whom he use to be. And that is because of her. She has tears in her eyes as she kisses him.

Katherine comes in scolding Jill for decisions made at Chancellor and she storms out the room just as Cane enters. He tells Jill that he knows that today marks the anniversary of Phillip Chancellor’s death. Jill asks him how he knows about that. He says it was marked on Katherine’s calendar. Jill says it is amazing that after all these years it still affects her and Katherine this way. Cane asks her to tell her a little about his father. She starts talking about how Katherine was back then and eventually turns against her. Cane asks her doesn’t it bother her talking about her own mother that way. She tells him his grandmother stole him from her and gave him away and deprived her of raising him with her and she can never forget that.

Later Cane stops Katherine and asks her if she has a minute to just talk to him. She asks what is on her mind. He tells her he would like to talk about his father. Katherine says he must know what today. He says yes and he would just like to know a little about his father. Later Jill and Katherine are both cranky with one another mostly because of their memories of Phillip. Katherine sees Cane in the board room and tells him she wanted to tell her another story about his father. She tells him about a night that his father and she were dancing. Jill walks in and says yeah only when she could tear herself away from the bottle. Katherine says she wasn’t drinking back then. Cane tells them both to stop it.
When Cane walks out Jill and Katherine go at each other again over Phillip. Cane hears them and walks back into the room. He yells at them both and says enough. He says they think they screwed up each others life but what about him. He tells them instead of them fighting each other like this they should be going to church and saying a prayer for him or lighting a candle for him.

Danny and Daniel are going over their schedules and Amber suggests that they start a new blog online to follow his tour. Danny is impressed at Amber’s attitude about Daniel going away. When Danny leaves Jana goes up to Amber and tells her that is very impressive. Amber says she is crying on the inside though, and then she says make that screaming. Then she says make that both. Jana says she is doing better than she would be able to do.

Back at Restless Style Daniel is telling everyone good bye. Danny asks if he is ready to go but Daniel needs to talk to Amber. She tells him she is ok with this. He says he knows she wishes she was going. She says no, she isn’t. She hugs him with tears in her eyes as she tells him good bye. Daniel tells her she can’t run off with any other guy after looking at their stuff. She says she won’t even look at their stuff. He says she is allowed to look but no touching. She says he is allowed to look at others too as long as both of his hands are visible. When the elevator closes with Daniel and Danny in it, Amber says in tears, “He is two seconds closer to coming home”.

Jana tells Kevin she can’t believe Daniel is leaving. Kevin says Daniel is one lucky guy. Jana asks does that mean he would think if it were him leaving her that he would be lucky. Before he can answer Gloria walks in wanting coffee. Kevin asks her if Jeffery is still taking her money. She says yes he is but this morning she woke up seeing this halo hanging over her. Jana says ah a true angel.

When Gloria walks away Jana says it is obvious that Gloria misses Jeffery. Later when Kevin and Jana are talking she tells him she gets to work with Sabrina out at the Newman Ranch today and she is so excited about it. Gloria walks up and says she wouldn’t mind having a place like the Newman Ranch. She says she should have bought a place before Jeffery decided to take almost all of what she has. Kevin asks what does she mean, he thought he wanted it all. She reminds him of the diamonds she has. He says he forgot all about them. He asks her what they are worth, a couple of thousands. She tells him just one of the diamonds was worth 2 million when she first got it. Gloria tells Kevin that she is off to a jewelry appraiser.

Jana leaves for work after giving Kevin instructions of what needs to be done there today. She asks Gloria is she will help Kevin if he needs help in the coffee shop. Kevin makes Gloria promise not to help her. Later Kevin’s’ regular employee called in sick so he is by himself. Desperate, he calls Gloria who gives him a hard time about needing her but promises to come help as soon as she talks to her appraiser. Gloria gets some terrible news from her appraiser. The woman tells her that none of her diamonds are real. She says they are all cubic zirconia’s, all fakes.

Jan Barrett

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