Mac and Raul sit together and talk about the good times they had while in Dafur. They remember how everyone use to call them ‘Maul’, compared to ‘Brangelina’, saying that was better than ‘Rac’. Billy asks if Raul was the man she had been seeing. Raul is surprised that Mac didn’t tell Billy.

Neil and Tyra are getting ready to go to the BBQ when she tells him she feels strange attending as Neil’s girlfriend but Neil assures her there is nothing to worry about because Katherine is a real sweetheart. Devon comes in and while Neil takes food out to the car to take with them Devon asks Tyra how come she didn’t tell him they weren’t related.

Jana says she just can’t wait to jump into Katherine’s pool but Kevin can’t wait to see Jana in her new bathing suit. When Jana goes off to find Daniel, Detective Wallace comes in and tells Kevin that he and Amber must really think they are slick getting Mrs. Chancellor to get the governor to step in on their charges. Kevin tells him Mrs. C is a special lady and Kevin does regret everything he did. The detective tells them about all the emails and letters they have received at the station over the past few weeks and he thought he should read them. Kevin starts reading and all he sees is negative ones saying they can’t believe the two of them aren’t going to be prosecuted. Jana looks for Daniel but Kevin says he might be working out some of his stress as this is the anniversary of Cassie’s death.

Nick is shocked when Sharon tells him she is pregnant and the baby could be his. He realizes now that this is what she went to the park now to tell him. He asks if this is why she moved back in with Jack. He asks her was she not going to tell him and just let Jack raise the baby as his own. Phyllis is still hidden in the bushes not knowing what to do.

Jack talks to Billy about Mac and Raul’s relationship. He tells him to keep some perspective and focus on him being a Dad, not a long ago lost love. He tells Billy he is proud of him for stepping up like he has. Billy appreciates Jack’s support and it helps having him in his corner. Jack tells him he is always in his corner and then Billy goes over to Chloe with some food for her. Chloe jokes with Esther about how she has Billy in training. When he walks off she tells her Mom that she hopes Mac is out of Billy’s life for good now.

Raul explains to Mac that he had a few days off so he decided to fly in from DC. He asks how come she didn’t tell Billy about them. She asks what was she supposed to say anyway, that she just spent a year with his best friend from high school. She reminds him that besides they were supposed to be on hold right now. Raul says there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think back to the nights they spent in their tent. He explains that the whole experience they had down there working side by side and then going to bed at night knowing they had literally saved lives, he has never felt closer to anyone else like that. He tells her he still loves her and then he kisses her.

Jana tells Daniel that no one is blaming him for Cassie’s death. He says he knows, Sharon forgave him a long time ago. She tells him then he needs to let it go. He says he regrets drinking too much at that party that night. After a good pep talk Jana talks Daniel into going to the BBQ after all.

Still at the cemetery, Sharon tells Nick she confessed everything to Jack already and he has forgiven her. Nick asks her did she think he wouldn’t. He tells her not to worry about Phyllis. Sharon admits she thought about leaving town for a year and having the baby and no one would know the difference, they would all think the baby was Jack’s. Nick tells her they will deal with this together. He hugs her while Phyllis is watching who drops the flowers and runs away.

Devon doesn’t understand why Tyra didn’t tell him she wasn’t related to him. She tells him she couldn’t risk losing custody of Anna. She tells him his Grandma took her in and raised her but they never officially adopted her. She said Anna needed a home so she provided one for her. Devon complains about having to hear about this at his sister’s wedding. She tells him they ARE related and they are family. She says she is a Hamilton just as much as he is a Winters. Neil comes in wanting to know what’s going on in there so he tells Neil to ask his girlfriend what he just walked in on and Devon storms out. Devon says he is done with both of them.

Mac explains to Raul about what has been going on with all her ex boyfriends. Billy and JT are both married now and they both have babies and Kevin is married. She tells him Africa was her life saying she had a purpose there, but she doesn’t so much here. She sees Billy walking in so she calls him over and tells him she should have said something. Billy wants to know where things stand now. Mac and Raul just stand there holding hands indicating they must be back together.

Kevin shows Amber an email from the wife of the owner of the check cashing place he robbed. He says there is more hate mail in the car. He says people are pissed that they got off with a slap on the wrist. He says he was a lunatic but Amber tells him not to let all this ruin the progress he has made since this has happened.

Jack calls Sharon and asks her to join him at Katherine’s if she is up to it. Chloe goes to Jack to find out more about Raul but Jack gets a call from Phyllis needing to talk to him right away saying it is an emergency.

Nick is so sure the baby is his. He starts after Sharon asking if she has been taking her vitamins and tells her he wants to be there for the ultrasound. He wants to be there for her and their baby. He knows it is his because Cassie told him. He tells Sharon about his dream where Cassie told him they would have another baby girl. Sharon tells him they can’t believe in dreams. She couldn’t forgive herself if she broke up his marriage on top of everything else she has done. She tells Cassie good bye and then she leaves Nick standing there alone.

Tyra explains to Neil why Devon was so upset. She says she is sorry, she wanted to tell him but with Karen fighting for adoption she was scared to. Neil understands that her option would have disappeared had she told him. He tells her that Devon feels betrayed now but he tells her he is not upset with her. Tyra doesn’t know what to do now saying Devon hasn’t forgiven them for betraying Karen and now this, she thinks he will never talk to her again.

Amber reads more emails out loud with one telling them that God will punish them. She tells Kevin these people are crazy. She tells him to get rid of them saying it is time to move on. Jana comes in with Daniel so Kevin puts the mail on the side. Daniel tells Kevin he has one bossy broad.

Katherine welcomes Sharon when she comes in saying what a lovely surprise. She tells her that Jack should be near by somewhere. Daniel sees Sharon come in and he stops in his tracks as he sees her staring at him.

Chloe tells Mac, Raul and Billy that everyone is looking for them. Raul holds Billy back for a minute as Chloe and Mac join the others outside. He tells Billy that it never occurred to him that him hooking up with Mac would be a problem for him. Billy tells him it isn’t a problem. Raul says that is good because he wants to marry her. Billy tells him he has his blessing and then suggests they go back to the party. When he goes back outside he spots Sharon looking around for Jack and they look at each other for an awkward moment.

Jack goes over to Restless Style complaining about her tearing him away from a party when Phyllis slaps him across the face. She calls him a liar. She says he told her that everything was fine between him and Sharon. She tells him she knows she is pregnant. She overheard Sharon telling Nick at the cemetery that she could be carrying his baby. She warns him that their relationship with these two people could very well be over now and it might be all for nothing if it turns out the baby is Billy’s. Phyllis doesn’t even realize what she has said as she continues to rattle on when Jack stops her asking her if she just said Billy could be the father. He asks if she means Billy his brother, with a devastated look on his face.

Neil and Tyra walk in at Katherine’s joining everyone for the BBQ. Murphy takes their order from the grill. Katherine tells them to please make themselves at home. Neil hugs Nina saying they need to catch up. Kevin is in the pool playing with Jana’s feet while she sits on the edge of the pool. She asks him if his mood has anything to do with those papers he has been hiding under his towel all day. Kevin doesn’t want to spoil her day but she insists he shows her. Daniel tells Amber he doesn’t want to swim while Sharon is there. He said his Mom told him that Sharon is on the verge of a melt down so maybe he should just go home.

Noah joins Nick at Cassie’s grave saying he came to say something to Cassie but he wants Nick to stay and hear it too. He apologizes for drinking that night Brad died. Now he understands why Cassie drove Daniel’s car for him even though it was a stupid act that he never understood before he met Eden. He hates that their family is so messed up now. Nick promises him it is going to get better though, saying there is hope for them. He tells Noah to have faith and he hugs him.

Billy thanks Sharon for covering for him the day Jack walked in on them. She said she told him the truth that Billy was trying to protect him. Billy notes that she just didn’t tell him the whole truth though. She tells him that now is not the right time nor place to discuss this and she walks away passing up Chloe. Chloe notices that Sharon isn’t too happy but Billy just says she is upset because she can’t find Jack. He says he is going home, so Chloe tells him she is going with him.

Phyllis tells Jack she assumed that Sharon had told him everything including that she slept with Billy too. Jack asks when did this happen. He yells at Phyllis WHEN. She doesn’t know for sure but it was just after Brad’s death. She says she saw Sharon kissing Billy just outside her hotel room suite and then they went inside. Later when she spoke to Sharon she admitted it to her. Jack tells her to shut up! He tells her that she and Sharon and Billy all knew about this for months but didn’t say anything to him. He tells her that then she has the gall to call him over and ask him how they are going to deal with this pregnancy, and then again he tells her to STOP! He says she has said quite enough for today and he stomps out.

Sharon asks Daniel is she can talk in private to him. She tells him she was at Cassie’s grave today. He tells him every time she tries to talk to him he disappears on her. She asks if he is trying to avoid her. She tells him they all make mistakes. She tells him Cassie made the decision to drive his car that night so it is time he forgives himself like the rest of them do.

Murphy calls everyone over and thanks them all for coming today and welcoming him int their extended family. He says it is great getting to know everyone that loves Katherine. He talks about the meaning of Memorial Day. He leads the group into a moment of silence and then makes a toast to everyone calling them all his friends.

Chloe tells Billy it that she knows it might be weird for his first love and his best friend to be hooking up. She asks him why he is sulking over it. She tells him the cheer up and besides he still has her. He starts to walk away as he tells her to give it a rest, adding that she doesn’t know anything about Raul or Mac.

Daniel is in the mood now for a swim. Amber is happy they decided to stay. Jana tells Kevin after she read some of them hate mail that he should do as Amber says, throw them away. She says if dealing with those he hurt is part of his recovery then she supports him. Then she tells him she wants them to go swimming.

Katherine asks Nina how the working with Amber is going. Nina tells her they don’t see eye to eye on whether to include the baby switching. Katherine is surprised that Amber would want to include that part. Nina says Amber doesn’t but she does.

Neil and Tyra agree that this is the life as they lounge by the pool.  They say too bad Anna had to finish her school project. She tells Neil she bets he really likes working for Katherine huh. He says he made a lot of mistakes this year but leaving Newman isn’t one of them. He says he doesn’t regret being with her either. He says Lily and Anna approve and he knows in time so will Devon. She asks if he really thinks so, he tells her he is his father so he knows so.

Devon is reading the letter to his father that Aunt Virginia gave him from Yolanda. She tells his father that she is not trying to trap him and her family is there to help her raise the baby but someday their son might wonder about him. She tells him in case their son looks for him, his name is Devon.

Katherine tells Daniel she knows today hasn’t been easy for him. He thanks her as he hugs her good bye. Kevin, Jana and Amber all say their goodbyes as they are leaving telling Katherine they love her. When they are alone again, Katherine tells Nina she can use the baby switch in the movie if she feels it is important. She tells her she trusts her judgment. Then she offers Nina some tea.

Esther calls Chloe asking her why did she leave. She asks if the baby got cranky or something. Chloe looks at Billy and then tells Esther yes very cranky. She says she has to go when Delia starts crying. She hangs up and asks Billy did he not hear her crying. She tells him this attitude of his is getting old really fast. She tells him she is the only good thing he has left these days. Billy just shrugs his shoulders and says whatever as he walks off.

Raul tells Mac he wants her to go back to DC with him. He says he has been walking around with something since last summer waiting for the right time. He opens a little box revealing a diamond ring. He says, “Mackenzie Browning, will you marry me?”

Nick goes to Restless Style and Phyllis tells him she hated thinking of him alone at the cemetery. He tells her he wasn’t alone, that Noah showed up. She asks if it was just Noah and he lies telling her that is all. He asks her if everything is alright there. She asks why wouldn’t it be. She says there was a minor crisis but nothing for him to worry about. She says it has all been taken care of.

Noah sees Sharon at Crimson Lights and apologizes for fighting with her. He says he should have been there for her instead of freaking out. She tells him it is ok, she forgives him as they hug. She tells him she has something important to tell him. She says she is having a baby. Noah thinks that is cool and he bets Jack is excited about it. He tells her he is totally ok with it himself. He hugs her again.

Jack is at the club thinking back to Billy coming into his office smelling of booze and perfume. And then he remembers Sharon with her hangover in bed claiming she had had a rough night. He thinks about the empty glass on her night stand. Now back to what to do next, he takes a huge swig of his drink and when his cell phone rings he sees that it is Billy calling. He throws the phone across the room creaming out … son of a bitch!

Jan Barrett

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