Paul asks Elizabeth what makes her think that David is a killer. She explains to him how he was with his ex-wives before her. She says when they suddenly found out they weren’t wealthy anymore then things started happening to them. She says David is smart. He got away with all of it. Paul tells her he needs some proof that David did anything wrong here. Paul wonders why none of the families of the women David was married to didn’t go after David in civil suits. Elizabeth tells Paul if he values his friend’s life then he won’t ignore what she is telling him about David Chow.

Amber tells Daniel that she thinks he should go with his Dad on his tour. She tells him he should call his Dad since he missed their dinner plans together. Daniel tells her talking with her was more important. He tells her she can trust him if he decides to go with his Dad. He calls Danny and apologizes for not meeting him for dinner. He asks if they can still share dessert. Danny tells him he will bring some to him. When Danny gets to Restless Style he starts with Daniel on his pitch to get him to go with him. He promises him that he will always be there for him. He will never abandon him.

Phyllis gets a call telling her that Nick has been in a car accident. She calls Nikki who in turn calls Victor and they all head to the hospital. Adam was just trying to talk to Victor when he got the call. He asks Victor where he is going and all he tells him is he is going to see his son. When Sabrina gets home she asks if Victor is home and Adam tells her that he went to see Nick but he has no idea what for. She asks him if he has any idea what today is. He says no. She says Nick’s daughter, victor’s granddaughter, Cassie was killed in a car accident three years ago today.

Nikki and Phyllis arrive at the hospital at the same time Victor does. They look for Nick but can’t find him. A nurse comes in pushing Nick in a wheelchair and says for them not to worry because he is ok. He says he got sideswiped on the road causing the accident. When they tell Nick the MRI came out ok and that he was going to be fine he is getting ready to leave when he hears a little girl in another bed close by talking to her parents. Her daddy is telling her she will be fine and she tells him she knows. Nick starts getting flashbacks to when Cassie died. He is apparently starting to get some of his memory back and he looks scared. Then he suddenly remembers the night of Cassie’s accident and how he gave his permission for her to go out that night. He remembers the funeral and how he pushed Sharon away from him while grieving for Cassie.

He is really confused now so when Phyllis tells him he is ready to go she asks him if he is ok. Her phone rings and it is Daniel wanting her to meet with him and his Dad. Nick tells her to go and then asks his Dad to give him a ride home. Nikki leaves and so does Phyllis and when Victor goes to get the car he calls Sharon and tells her he needs to talk to her. He asks her to meet him at his place.

When Victor takes Nick home Nick thanks his Dad for the ride home. Victor tells him that he will be at the house if he needs him. Sharon comes in and Nick tells her they need to talk. When Victor leaves Nick tells her that the weirdest thing happened after the accident. He tells her he remembered it all. He remembers what happened between them too and he tells her he is so sorry. Sharon tells him she forgave him for it. He asks her how she goes on everyday. He asks how does she wake up every day and keep going. She says when she gets up she thinks about Noah and she knows she has to. She tells him he was an amazing father to Cassie and she will always be grateful for that. They go to the cemetery together and both of them cry.

Phyllis meets with Danny and Daniel back at Restless Style. She tells them about Nick’s accident. Daniel tells her that he and his dad have been talking about the offer to being Danny’s photographer on the tour. He says he has been thinking a lot about it, the pros and the cons. He said he has made a decision and he has decided to take the job offer. Danny says Daniel is going to be his head photographer. Daniel says he will have great experience when he gets back. Phyllis says he doesn’t need her permission. Then she says well a boy needs his father so she wishes him well in spending time with his father. She hugs and kisses him.

When Victor gets home Sabrina tells him she is happy that Nick was ok. She goes upstairs and Adam tells Victor that Sabrina told him about his granddaughter. He says how sorry he is. Victor thanks him. Adam tells him if he has pictures of Cassie he would like to see them sometimes. Adam says 4 months ago he didn’t even know he had a niece. 

Jan Barrett

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