The newlyweds are on their honeymoon spending much of their time in bed together. Lily says this is some seriously amazing fresh fruit. She asks Cane if he wants a bite. He tells her he thought she would never ask and then they start kissing.

Nina and Amber are working on the script for the movie as they disagree with how they would like to see it done. Nina wants to focus on the dramatic side of the book that will put people in the streets, like the part about Katherine switching Jill’s baby. Amber doesn’t like the idea of making Katherine a villain.

Esther and Murphy have a difference of opinion about the menu for their Memorial Day BBQ. Esther wants all healthy foods but Murphy says it is an all American holiday so it is all American foods which should be burgers and hot dogs.

Mac tells Katherine that she thinks her chat with Chloe went very well. She admits she told Chloe that there was another guy in her life that was very special to her. Katherine warns her that Chloe will probably soon tell Billy.

When Chloe goes home she doesn’t waste anytime to tell Billy about the other guy in Mac’s life just as Katherine predicted she would. She tells him that Mac is really hung up on this other guy and then has to get the dig in that the guy isn’t him.

Jack offers to go with Sharon when she visits Cassie’s grave, Sharon tells him she would rather go alone. She tells Jack that she realizes something he told her was true. He was right about not grieving with Nick either. She says besides she couldn’t trust herself to keep quiet about the baby and especially about the part that the baby could be his.

Phyllis suggests that Nick go home to get some sleep. She knows he had a restless night while thinking about Cassie. He tells her he doesn’t plan to meet Sharon at the cemetery, he wasn’t able to reach her. He tells Phyllis he wants to go alone to the cemetery when she offers to go with him. When he gets on the elevator he takes out his phone

Billy tells Chloe he doesn’t believe for one minute that Mac was involved with someone else. He says she is only saying that so Chloe will stop freaking out on her.  He tells her to chill the hell out as he goes to find some lotion.

Mac tells Katherine that the fling is over but it sure was great while it lasted. Katherine asks her was the relationship serious. Mac tells her it could have been. She realizes that some things just don’t work out no matter how much we want them to.

Sharon comes in at Restless Style but she made sure Nick’s car wasn’t there when she drove up. She asks Phyllis for a favor. She wants to know if she can ask her a favor. She wants her to keep Nick there so she can spend some time at the cemetery alone. Phyllis tells her that that is where Nick is right now. Phyllis can’t help but ask Sharon how come she is trying to avoid Nick. She says she just can’t bare seeing him there. Phyllis invites her to hang out there for a while and Sharon takes her up on the offer for a seat.

Nick goes over to Jack’s and complains that Sharon isn’t answering his calls. Jack tells him he doesn’t think it would be a good idea for him and Sharon to go to the cemetery together. Nick tells him that it isn’t his call, it’s Sharon’s. Jack tells him this is what Sharon wants. Nick thinks that doesn’t make any sense. Jack tells him it makes sense to Sharon so Nick needs to respect her decision.

Billy and Chloe arrive at the Chancellor Estate for the BBQ. Mac walks away to go get some pool toys. Billy soon follows her and Chloe tells Katherine that she and Billy are getting along so much better now. While out by the pool Mac and Billy laugh about the karaoke CD she found. Then Billy brings up the story about the other man in her life. He accuses her of making up a phony boyfriend. Mac is highly insulted and walks off.

Phyllis offers Sharon a cup of tea. She assures Sharon she doesn’t want her to leave. She sees a woman that is in pain and she says she wouldn’t make this day any harder on her than it already is. Sharon thanks her for that. She really would like to know though why Sharon doesn’t want to see Nick at the cemetery today. Sharon thinks it would be better and safer for everyone. Phyllis says yeah memories of Cassie’s death could provoke interesting reactions. Sharon tells Phyllis there will be no more of that. She is committed to making a fresh new start with Jack.

Nick is starting to regret pushing Sharon away from him. He tells Jack he shut down and didn’t grieve in the right way. Jack wonders if there ever is a right way. Nick feels like helping the mother of his child and now it is too late, since she has chosen to push him away. He tells Jack he still thinks she needs him. Jack tells him this is his stuff and he has to learn how to deal with it but now he has got to let Sharon be.

Lily and Cane are back in bed again as they laugh about a muscle bound man on the beach. Lily tells Cane she never thought she’d be able to trust another man again. She thanks him for giving that back to her. They both agree that they can’t wait to start a family and a life together. When that happens they will have it all and they start kissing.

Nina tells Amber that Phillip Chancellor lll has got to be the main character in this movie. She works on Amber to tell her more about this man. Amber tells her he was a complex person. Nina thinks it is fascinated to hear out a guy in the Outback travels all the way to America and happens to land in Wisconsin where it just so happens to be where he finds his real mother. She thinks for sure he must have had help. Chloe interrupts telling Nina she can ask Amber about it but she was sort of married to him. Amber changes the subject telling Nina it must have been hard on Jill when she heard that her husband and son weren’t really Chancellor’s.

Jack tells Nick he isn’t protecting Sharon but she is protecting herself. Nick tells him he is playing with fire and he can lose everything, then he stresses EVERYTHING. Jack tells Nick he needs to go home because Phyllis and Summer needs him there. He tells him Sharon doesn’t need him, he says she has him.

Sharon tells Phyllis she leaned on Nick when she was falling apart. She says she resented her but she sees now that she actually did her a service. Phyllis admits that she wasn’t trying to help Sharon because she was jealous and hurt. Sharon says there was times when she hated her. She let their history get the better of her but now that is over. She tells Phyllis she is with Nick and she is with Jack and she is starting over with no more mistakes. She assumes by now Nick should be done at the cemetery, so she says she needs to go spend time with her little girl.

Mac tells Billy that the person she was telling Chloe about does indeed exist, she wasn’t making it up. He wants to know why she never mentioned this before. She tells him maybe her heart was broken and didn’t want to talk about it. She wishes she had never called him saying it was on an impulse so she thinks he needs to get over himself. Billy asks her why she kissed him back then. Mac is surprised that he is talking to her like this while his wife and daughter are just over on the other side of the room. He tells her then they can go inside. This irritates Mac so she huffs off telling him she doesn’t know what she ever saw in him.

Amber asks Chloe doesn’t it bother her watching Mac turning away Billy hitting on her in front of her family. Chloe isn’t sure what she is going to do, she says this was more than she bargained for. Amber tells her she got the ring and she got the guy so she should fight for him.

Jack goes to the BBQ saying there is no other place he would rather be right now. He explains to Katherine that it is the 4th anniversary of Cassie’s death so Sharon won’t be coming. She needed a little time alone. Then we see Phyllis sitting at her desk looking at a photo of her and Nick together.

Sharon brings flowers to Cassie’s grave and sits to talk with her. She cries telling Cassie how much she really needs her although Cassie might be ashamed of her. Nick squats down behind her when she says things are going to be OK and she promises. Sharon stands up to leave when she sees Nick there but he stops her telling her not to go.

Sharon tells Nick they can’t do this and walks off only to have Nick follow her apologizing. He tells her he thought they should be grieving together. He says he wasn’t asking for anything else. She turns around and tells him it has been 4 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. Nick tells her he can’t help but wonder if them moving on would be like abandoning Cassie.

Lily and Cane are really enjoying that bed. Lily talks to him about how protected she feels with him. Cane tells her it means everything to him that she believes in him so much. He says it is a gift that he will never betray.

Nina gets Amber to talk about how Katherine started having flashbacks of her memory. Amber thinks at first it was when she remembered about giving up her baby girl, but she then says that wasn’t it. She says Katherine was drunk and bitter and obsessed with getting revenge on Jill. She took Jill’s baby and gave Jill another baby that belonged to a stranger. Then she blacked that all out of her mind which Nina knows that that child was still treated as a Chancellor. All the time this horrible event was trapped inside her. Eventually in the end everyone knew all the secrets. Nina said well secrets have a way of doing that sometimes.

Chloe keeps making a point of reminding Billy that Mac is avoiding him. Billy wants to find out more about this mystery guy, saying he still thinks the guy doesn’t exist. Suddenly we hear Surprise! And we see Raul coming in. As Jack shakes his hand he says this must be a Glow by Jabot reunion. Billy introduces Raul to everyone as his best friend and best man at his wedding right here and then he hushes. Chloe nudges him as she wants a personal introduction so Billy introduces her as his wife Chloe. Rail jokes around telling her that she has done the impossible and then he looks surprised when he hears they also have a baby. He looks at Billy and tells him Dude you have been busy. Billy asks what brought him back to Genoa City. Mac walks in and is surprised to see Raul.

Cane and Lily drink more champagne when she wonders about Australia. She tells Cane she would love to go there before they have any kids. She says she wants to see how he became this amazing man that he is. Cane looks at her and tells her that she made him this amazing man. They clink glasses as they toast to them!

Amber ends her story with Nina saying it was a second chance for everyone. Nina says not for everyone though. Everyone is really shocked when Mac goes over to Raul and gives him a big kiss. Murphy notices and says out loud, that’s some kiss hello. Chloe gets her dig into Billy by saying she guesses the mystery man is real after all. Katherine tells Jack she had no idea and then says it must have started in Darfur. Jack says if love can survive there it can survive anything. He says he feels that way every time he looks at Sharon.

While sitting at the grave, Nick talks with Sharon about the day that Cassie died. Phyllis shows up with a bouquet of flowers but stays hidden in the background so they don’t see her. She hears Nick say that Cassie’s prophecy can’t come true. Sharon tells him it could. With tears in her eyes she tells him she is pregnant and he could be the father. Nick and Phyllis are both in shock.

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