Everyone is remembering Cassie today. Jack comes to the office early from his trip so he can be with Sharon. She tells him she is hanging in there. Phyllis can’t seem to cheer Nick up. She offers to go get Summer and take her to the park to feed the ducks but Nick isn’t interested.

Nikki sees Victor at the bar at the Club and she walks up to him asking him if he is ok. She says she knows how this day is so hard on him too. She says so much has changed since then. He asks her how things ever ended up like it is now. Nikki tells him they shared almost 30 years together, some wonderful, some not so wonderful. Victor reaches out for her hand and then David walks up and asks if he is interrupting. Victor says no and gets up and walks away. Nikki tells him that she is going to the cemetery and David offers to go with her but she says she wants to be alone and walks out. At the cemetery Nikki talks to Cassie telling her how the family is so different now. She says the on thing that has never changed and that is that they love her so very much. She sees flowers next to the head stone with a note on it from Victor and holds it to her heart.

Daniel is feeling guilty still for Cassie’s death. Kevin tells him to stop feeling guilty. He tells him that Cassie wouldn’t want him to be putting himself through that. Daniel tells Kevin about his Dad’s offer to go to work with him. Kevin thinks that is great but Daniel says he has two reasons not to go. One being his Mom doesn’t want him to go and the other being that neither does Amber. Kevin says speaking from personal experiences with mothers. He wouldn’t let that stop him. Daniel asks what about the second reason. Kevin says he doesn’t even want to go there.

Gloria’s attorney wants her to sign over a check for the charities now since he is going out of town. She doesn’t want to do it but he tells her that she is the one that set the schedule to do this and there is no loop hole that she can get through to get out of it. She says she feels like a fool for giving half of her money away and losing the other half in a divorce settlement. While sitting there alone afterwards Gloria sees Jack come in at Crimson Lights and she starts in on him about him not ever liking her. He tells her that today of all days is not a good day to go into this. Jack tells her while she is sitting here in her self pity his wife is suffering the greatest loss one could ever imagine.

Paul calls JT telling him he just landed in Bermuda and he asks him if he can run down that phone number. He says he can take it from there as he is off to find David’s ex. He tracks down the woman and knocks on her door. When she answers the door he tells her who he is. She tells him she has nothing to say to him. She says she left the US to get away from David Chow. He tells her he traveled a long way to talk to her and asks her to please let him ask her just a few things. She says once again she has nothing to say to him and then shuts the door in his face. Paul talks her into talking to him. She makes him promise not to tell David she talked to him. She tells Paul that David Chow is a killer.

Meanwhile David watches the boxing match that he bet on and he sees he lost. He goes to his loan shark after he loses the bet to borrow more money. David tells him they are in the middle of having the paperwork done so he can gain access to his wife’s account and once that happens then he can pay the loan back. The man tells David he can’t carry him like he did before if this goes bad for him. David assures him nothing will go wrong.

Victor goes home and Adam asks if he can talk to him. He tells him he does not see where they can win that lawsuit against them. Victor tells him that he tried to warn him to take some time off and he didn’t listen. So now his work load will be reduced effectively. Later Victor is on the phone with Sabrina telling her to drive home safely. He reminds her that there are a lot of crazy people on the road. He tells her he loves her and he misses her.

Danny goes to Restless Style looking for Daniel. She says she thought he was with him. Then Amber asks Danny if she can talk to him but Phyllis says she has priority here, she needs to talk to him first. Phyllis tells him he doesn’t understand what he is asking here by wanting to take Daniel away. They start to argue about it when Daniel walks in and informs them both he doesn’t need them making his decisions for him. He says the decision is his to make on his own.

Jack’s attorney for his foundation to his father comes in announcing that he has some news for them. Sharon asks if it is good news or bad. He smiles and says good. He tells Jack that they just received a donation for his father’s foundation for the amount of $5 million. Jack wants to know who it is from but he tells Jack it was made anonymous. Then he tells Sharon there was also a donation to Cassie’s. She calls Nick over to hear this. Someone donated $2 million to Cassie’s foundation. It was anonymous too. Jack says WOW, Genoa City has an angel. Nick says he would love to meet that angel.

A delivery man delivers a package for Gloria. She shows him her identification and she signs the papers and he hands her the package. When he leaves he doesn’t shut the door completely but Gloria doesn’t notice it. She opens the package and takes out her diamonds. She whispers to herself that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Alistair walks by her room and overhears her talking to her diamonds amd then he sees her with the diamonds.

Amber is giving Daniel all kinds of reasons why she doesn’t want him to go on tour with his father. Daniel tells her it is just work for him. She says what about all the groupies. He says he isn’t interested in them. She says but she knows he is a guy and that is a guy thing. She says this is different though. She looks at him and says “I love you” and then stops, and asks him if she actually just said that. He said yes she did. She starts to panic and says now she knows this is over, she may as well tell him good bye now. Daniel says for her to stop. He asks her if it ever occurred to her that maybe he could be in love with her too.  Then he admits he is and they kiss.

Noah tells Sharon that his Dad talked to him about Cassie. He asks her if she thinks Cassie can see them. Sharon tells him at night when he is sleeping with his window open and he feels the wind blowing on his face, she thinks that is a sign that Cassie is there. Noah says he feels that sometimes. Sharon just smiles at him. Then Nick is in his car driving and he is thinking the same thing about Cassie when suddenly headlights are in his eyes and he swerves the car and all you hear are tires and brakes squealing.

Jan Barrett

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