Billy sees he missed a call from Mac. When Chloe comes in with Delia Billy tells her he has to go to the office. Chloe changes his tie as she tells him he needs her, and then she gives him a quick kiss goodbye. Jack comes to visit and Chloe tells him he just missed Billy who left for work on some secret new project. Jack looks disappointed saying to himself that he just bets he knows where he can go to find him.

Katherine walks in on Mac and wonders what on earth is that she is listening to. She remembers to tell Mac that she only feels it is fair to warn her though that Billy and his wife have been invited to the BBQ tomorrow.

Mary Jane plays dumb when she asks, “It’s uh, Paul Williams, right?” She asks him if he followed her there, when she gets to her hotel suite. He tells her he is a PI and he tracked her down, and then suggests that perhaps she already knew that. He tells her that he is sure they have met somewhere before. She says maybe on a plane ride. He invites her to lunch saying maybe they can jog one another’s memory, because he won’t sleep unless he can figure it out. She tells him they can’t have that happen so she agrees to meet him downstairs in a few minutes. Paul smiles saying that would be great.

Nick thinks back to when Cassie gave him the painting she made for him. She told him she never had a family before. While watching Summer he tells her that she is a terrific artist, when she drew a picture of them on a vacation. He asks her to draw some more and he would try to guess where they are in the picture. Phyllis asks Nick if he is OK. He tells her yeah and he is glad he is there. He says he still can’t believe Cassie is gone and then states that this is supposed to get easier. She tells him she wishes she could make this easier for him but he tells her she already has by giving him his little angel, Summer. He says she will get him through the next few days.

Sharon sits and cries as she looks at the painting. Billy comes in and asks her if she and Jack are OK. She tells Billy she wouldn’t tell Jack about them without warning him about it first. She tells him her tears are for something else. He says he really doesn’t want Chloe to know but if she tells Jack it will break his heart. Billy asks if the baby she is carrying could possibly be someone else’s.

Jack tells Chloe he likes the color she chose for the walls in the pool house. He tells her she has good taste. She tells him jokingly, but not in men and then says but Billy has been great. She says she doesn’t know what got into him, saying who knows maybe Jack gave him a big kick in his pants. Jack admits to her that he did tell Billy he would be a idiot to let her go. Jack says Billy acts on impulse, but Chloe wonders if he was acting on impulse that morning. Jack says maybe they should give Billy the benefit of the doubt.

Phyllis wants Nick to open up to her and talk about why the anniversary of Cassie’s death is hitting him so much harder this year. She tells him not to blow her off or shut down like he did when Cassie died. She tells him she won’t let him sugar coat things with her. He thinks she is amazing but doesn’t give him the right to keep piling stuff on her. She can’t seem to get him to open up and tell her what is really bothering him.

Sharon tells Billy that Jack knows there is a third man involved in this that she slept with. Billy is worried all this will blow up in their faces. He says if this baby is his he would fall in love with it but he admits it is not the ideal situation. He says believe it or not he loves his brother and he hopes to God Jack never finds out. Suddenly Jack walks up asking Billy if he wants to tell him what he just interrupted.

Chloe talks to the baby asking her if Uncle Jack is right. She wonders if Billy got the message. She thinks back to that amazing morning with Billy telling her it was nobody on the phone. She finds that he left his phone when he left so she grabs it and checks it. She sees a message from Mac and she screams that Mac is Daddy’s new project. She says he can forget it playing cool when it comes to Mac. She says well scratch that, from now on she is going to stay on that man’s tail every second.

Mary Jane joins Paul in the dining area at the club wearing dark sunglasses telling Paul she has them on because she has a migraine headache. Paul tells her he has always been pretty good with faces but she says she isn’t. She tells him she lived in a tiny town in New York that he probably never heard of. Paul asks her what about college. She tells him she went to an all girl’s school so if they went to school together it would only be if he had a sex change. He says no but he definitely does recognize her laugh from somewhere.

Jack asks what the tense conversation was about between Billy and Sharon but Billy takes off leaving Sharon alone with Jack. Jack asks her what that was all about and she lies saying Billy is just worried that she is going to hurt him again. Jack asks if she is taking that seriously. He says they have a fresh new start now. They are bringing this wonderful new baby into the world and they will have a steady happy life. Sharon says she does want a second chance. Jack says he feels grateful to get another chance at parenting too. Sharon says she does feel that she owes him and Nick the truth though.

Nick tells Phyllis he is worried about Sharon. Phyllis says she is too. She tells Nick Sharon is going through a rough time but at least she is finally getting some help now. Nick tells her that he regrets the way he left Sharon alone to grieve over Cassie’s death like he did. Phyllis asks him if he has forgotten that he was going through hell himself at the time. When he says he wishes he could go back in time and shake himself. Phyllis tells him it is time he just has to accept it is time to move on saying he is a different man now and she knows he’d never do that again. Nick tells her he saw Sharon today and she told him to stay the hell away from her. He says it is what everyone wants but he sees Sharon is drowning and he just can’t watch her go under. He says it is all his fault.

Mac tells Katherine that she will always care about Billy and it is so hard watching him being so unhappy. She said he would still be miserable if he left Chloe because he would miss his little girl so it’s a no win situation. Katherine tells her that since she came home Billy has shifted all his focus on her. Mac says she can’t do anything about that saying she has tried several times. Later when Mac is alone Chloe comes in and when asked how she is she tells Mac she is not great and she thinks she knows why.

Jack thinks if Sharon tells Nick it would be a big mistake. He thinks she should get the facts first. He reminds her that this could tear Nick’s marriage up hurting both Phyllis and Summer. He asks what she would do if she finds out Nick isn’t the father. Would she apologize? He asks how she could even consider telling him. She tells him she needs Nick right now.

Phyllis teases that Nick wasn’t even going to tell her he saw Sharon. She says if Sharon wants him to stay away it doesn’t mean she is unraveling. She says Sharon is back with Jack now and that is Healthy. Nick disagrees saying there is nothing healthy about that marriage. He thinks he might be the only one that can bring Sharon back now. Phyllis argues asking if he is a miracle worker now. She tells him he is not her priest, doctor, or her counselor or even her husband. She tells Nick Sharon has Jack and he loves her. She asks if he ever considered that he is getting in the way of Jack and Sharon’s marriage. She says maybe Sharon wants to move on with her life but Nick is holding her back.

Katherine invites Chloe to come to tomorrow’s BBQ but she declines saying they need some family time. Katherine takes the baby out to the pool area leaving Chloe alone with Mac. She asks Mac why she was calling Billy. Mac tells her she found something stupid that would have made him laugh. She claims that calling him was on impulse. Chloe tells her it is hard enough for her to try building a life with someone as immature as Billy without her interfering. She tries to tell Mac that she and Billy are happy like they were this morning but she can’t even make love to her husband without her calling to remind him of what he is missing. Mac tells her she is not a threat to her marriage, Chloe asks then what the hell does she wants from Billy.

Paul is still trying to figure out the connection he feels with Mary Jane. He asks if she knew his ex-wife. She laughs saying New York is a big city. He asks how she knew April was from New York. Mary Jane says that was just an assumption, but now she has to go lay down because her head is pounding and she excuses herself leaving Paul still determined to figure this mystery out.

Jack understands that this is about Cassie and that Nick is the only person that loss what she lost and he is the one that truly knows about the loss she is feeling inside right now. She explains that their hearts stop and then the pain is far worse than anything you can imagine. When Jack’s arms are around her she realizes that maybe she could be wrong needing Nick. Jack asks if she really wants to add this to Nick’s problems. He thinks for her sake and Nick’s she shouldn’t tell him. Finally she agrees not to as they hug again.

Phyllis gets Summer ready to go home to eat a hot dog. Summer wants to show her Daddy the pictures she painted. Before she does, Nick pulls Phyllis to the side and tells her not to think for one second that he doesn’t realize what he has there and how lucky he is. She tells him she doesn’t want him to think for one second that she doesn’t need him as much as Sharon does and she kisses him.
Chloe admits to Mac that if it wasn’t for Delia she would say the hell with Billy and her instead of humiliating herself like this because it isn’t who she is. Mac tells her she won’t be the ‘other woman’ and doesn’t plan to start being and admits she shouldn’t have called Billy. She says it sent the wrong message, but she really misses her friend. As they talk Chloe is surprised to hear that Mac and Billy never had sex together. Mac asks her not to tell Billy, because it might hurt his ego but she had never had sex until just recently with another friend in Africa and they both laugh. Chloe asks what happened. Mac says the timing wasn’t right and then admits she sucks at that.

When Billy goes home he finds the house empty. He grabs his phone and finds no messages. He puts the phone in his pocket and then leaves.

Mary Jane calls Victor to give her progress report. She tells him everything is fine and that she and Jack are working very close together but it is strictly business because she knows how important that is to him. She says there is nothing really to report now so she will check in with him later.

Paul is still downstairs at the club on the phone spelling out the name Mary Jane Benson and orders a complete background check saying he wants everything and anything they can find for him.

Katherine smiles at Mac when Chloe says that she and Billy will be there tomorrow for the BBQ. Billy comes in and hears Chloe’s voice saying she was leaving. He hears Mac promising Chloe she will keep her distance. Chloe suggests she bring a date to the BBQ and then asks if the guy she told her about still in Africa. Mac says he came back to the states before she did but they barely stay in touch and she thinks she will just let that be. Chloe says yeah, play it cool. She says she does the same thing. She hears a door close and she calls out, asking if that is her Mom.

Nick guesses that Summer wants to go to the beach on a vacation. Nick says yeah they do need a vacation. He asks Phyllis to let him get through the next few days. Phyllis remembers she has to go take care of a wedding dress that Nikki likes. When she kisses Summer good bye, Nick asks for one too. She tells him he can have whatever he wants, he just has to figure out what that is. When she is gone Nick wastes no time calling Sharon. Sharon is still crying and when she sees it is Nick calling she just holds the phone while it is ringing up to her chest.

When Billy gets home he is surprised to find Jack there. He tells Billy that Sharon told him what he had walked in on before. Billy is relieved when Jack tells him he appreciates him looking after him and it is nice knowing he has his back but asks him to take it easy on Sharon. He says the baby might not be his but Sharon has been honest with him through all of this and he is ok with it. He wants Sharon and this baby saying it is the second chance he has been waiting on. Billy tells him he hopes it all works out for him and this baby couldn’t ask for a better father. Billy is still worried but hides it from Jack as they hug.

Jan Barrett

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