David comes into the office and tells Nikki he had a gamblers anonymous meeting this morning. She tells him she understands because she has been there. She asks him if he is ok. He says no, there is something that bothers him. He said he lied to her when he told her that he was ok with them having separate bank accounts.

Adam comes down and asks Sabrina if Victor is home. She says he is in the study just as Victor walks in. He asks to talk to Adam alone so Sabrina leaves for the office. Victor tells Adam he wants him to listen to him. He says perhaps if he had listened before then they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in that is going to cost them millions to fix. Victor yells at Adam, “Don’t ever do this again, without consulting with me!”

Danny shows up at Restless Style and tells Phyllis he wants to talk to Daniel. He tells her he is about to leave to go on a tour to Europe and he wants Daniel to go with him. She reminds him that Daniel has a job now and he has his own responsibilities. Danny says to relax it will only be for a few months. Phyllis says it is just out of the question. She tells Danny to please not talk to Daniel about this today. Danny wants to know why not today. She tells him to just trust her on this one, today is not a good day for Daniel.

Daniel and Amber come in and he sees his father. He asks Danny why he is still there. Danny asks Amber if he can talk to Daniel alone. Phyllis tells him to remember what she told him. When they get alone Danny tells Daniel about his tour in Europe and he tells him he would like for him to go with him. He even offers him a job as an assistant to his photographer along with a paycheck. Phyllis steps in and says Daniel has responsibilities here but Danny tells her that Daniel is an adult now and he can make up his own mind.

Daniel tells Danny that he needs some time to think about this before answering him. Danny says ok but he can only give him a day. Daniel says ok. Danny leaves and Daniel tells Amber she will never believe what his Dad just told him but her phone rings and changes the subject. Later Daniel tells Amber that his Dad asked him to go on the road with him. She thinks he means only for a few days and says maybe she can go with him. Daniel says he was thinking more like the whole tour. She wants to know when he will be leaving. He says he isn’t sure, but he will have to talk to his Dad. Later Amber worries that if Daniel leaves he won’t want to come back.

Nick goes to Crimson Lights where they have a picture of Cassie. He stands there staring at her picture when Sharon walks in. She says hi and then she tells him she wasn’t so sure he would remember. He says he doesn’t remember but he saw a memo on his calendar reminding him. Sharon apologizes and says it must be awful not to be able to remember his past. They sit down and talk. He tells Sharon he remembers after his accident how he felt when everyone told him Cassie was gone. He said he can’t remember any of it. She tells him at least he has memories of when she was growing up.

Paul tells JT no one else can know this but he is going to Bermuda today. He wants to go see David Chow’s ex. He is curious now why this woman would automatically assume that David’s new wife would be rich. They go over the papers that Paul has on David. There isn’t anything incriminating on him but Paul thinks wife #3 holds the key here. They agree that the problem here is that wife #1 and #2 are dead now but wife #3 is in Bermuda and they want to know why. They think she went there to hide from David because something scared her.

Adam goes to talk to Neil. He wants to know the bottom line, what are they dealing with here. Neil tells him if they lose he doesn’t even want to know. He tells Adam that before he took this from Victoria she ran a check on them so the information was there and it was his job to look for it. Adam tries to say it was buried information but Neil says no it wasn’t, he just didn’t dig deep enough for it like he should have before investing 7 figures into it.

Sabrina is getting coffee at Crimson Lights when she sees Victoria. She tells her how sorry she is after saying she knows how hard today is for her. She tells Victoria she hasn’t ever seen Victor so angry as he was at Adam this morning. She says she never thought she would ever say this but she could emphasize with Adam. She says it is so hard to fit in with a family with such little margin for errors. When she leaves Victoria orders flowers to be sent to Nick Newman and Sharon Abbott.

When she hangs up she sees Adam walk in. She asks him why he looks so glum. He walks over to her and says thanks for reading that report that he should have read. He tells her he just thought he was doing so great and something to make him proud of it. She tells him to admit to Victor his error and then let him know how sorry he is and then Victor will tell him how to fix it. He says Victor won’t listen. She says of course he won’t. She tells Adam she could have helped him if he had only given her the chance.

Nikki is coming downstairs at the hotel when Victor comes in. He accuses her of gloating when she tells him she heard about what happened with Adam at Newman. She tells him this is business and he has always said never confuse business with pleasure. He starts in on her about running off with a man that’s no good so she goes back at him for sleeping with his daughter’s best friend. He is so mad that he walks away from her.

Sharon asks Nick if he wants to go to the graveyard with her but he says he hopes she doesn’t hate him but he can’t go. She says she can never hate him but she just wanted to ask him before she leaves. Victoria walks in and they thank her for the flowers. She tells Nick about what happened with Adam at Newman.

Neil tells Victor that Michael Baldwin advises them to settle with Jabot. He thinks it would be better if Victor would call Nikki. Victor tells him for his own reason not today. Adam comes in and tells Victor he knows he made an awful mistake and admits he should have researched it better. When Adam leaves Sabrina walks in and asks Victor if he isn’t being a bit harsh on Adam.

JT goes to the office at Jabot to pick up Victoria when he glances at the newspaper where there is an article about boxing. When they start to leave he tells her he is coming but he was just looking at the paper about the boxing. He asks David if he is into boxing but David says he hadn’t noticed it. JT says to bad the odds are 5 to 1 on it and then he leaves with Victoria. David calls and makes a bet on the boxing.

Sharon goes to the cemetery and talks to Cassie in tears. She talks to her like she is there and then lies on the ground next to the grave with a stuffed animal. Meanwhile Victor is telling Sabrina about the good times he can remember with Cassie as he remembers this day too.

Jan Barrett

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