Nikki talks to Paul about the difference in Victor and David. She says how good David is to her. Paul says that none of that is any good if he is lying to her. She says she can almost accept it if he is gambling again but it is the fact that he is hiding it from her that is unforgivable. The subject gets turned around to Nikki’s children. She tells Paul that she wishes her daughter was as happy at work as she is at home. Paul asks if she has problems. Nikki corrects the word to problem and she says his name is Adam. Paul says oh then it is sibling rivalry. Nikki says there is something about the man that she just doesn’t trust.

David is playing poker and his luck seems to be with him which makes him very happy. One last hand and the ante has been raised passed what Skye has on the table. She asks them if David can take a check. He says sure as long as it is good. She says it is good, and Brad says he knows it will be. She says ok, she raises the pot 50 grand. Everyone sighs and Brad says wait a minute. She says it is her money and she can spend it if she wants to. David calls her and throws down a full house but it seems his luck has left him. Skye says damn and then she says she wishes she had bet more and she rakes in the money while David almost has heart failure. He had written out a check himself for 50 grand to cover the bet and he has no money in his account to cover it.

After everyone leaves David admits to Brad that he can’t cover that check. Brad says there must be someone he can borrow the money from. He says not without getting broken knees. Brad says maybe Nikki can loan him the money. David says Nikki thinks he had a gambling problem, with the keyword being had. Brad says ok, let him try and make this up to him, he says he will loan him the money. David says he can’t do that but Brad talks him into it. He asks how much he needs to get out of the debt he is in. David says about 100 grand. Brad says ok consider it done. He says let him get his check book. David tells him thank you. Brad says that is no problem, he just asks that he doesn’t stop on his way home and use it on something else.

Gloria tells her attorney that she wants to donate half of her money to a charity. She says she wants to make sure it gets her money goes to the right places. Gloria sees Esther at the bar at the club. Esther tells her that she understands why she kicked Jeffery out. She says all she hears is Esther do this or Esther do that, Esther bring me some coffee. She lets Gloria know that Jill is not sleeping with Jeffery, they share separate bedrooms.

Victoria goes to see Victor and tells him she wanted to talk to him without Sabrina with him. He asks did she need to talk to him. She says she has been trying to talk to him fot a very long time now. She tells him she is angry, and disappointed. She says she has been completely undervalued since Adam has arrived. Victor disagrees. She says she has been switched back and forth all because that is what Adam wants. Victor says that simply isn’t so. She says she never thought she would see her father wrapped around anyone’s finger. They start arguing until she tells him she is not listening to him anymore. She says she is going home. He tells her not to walk out on him. She says she has had it. She says she is done with Newman Enterprises and then she quits her job. Then she walks out.

Jeffery tells his lawyer that he wants her to file right away for this divorce and he wants to make sure he gets half of everything. He says he deserves it. Jill walks in and surprises Jeffery. He says he thought she was working late but she says she decided to come home early. She apologizes if she is interrupting something. He says no that is ok, they are done. He tells his attorney to get things started and he reminds her that if he needs grounds for a divorce he has plenty he can use.

Victoria goes to see Nikki at her hotel room. Nikki wants to know what is wrong with her being there. She tells her that she had a fight with her father. Nikki asks how Victor took that. She says he doesn’t take fighting with her that well. Victoria says she got so mad that she quit her job. Nikki smiles and says good for her. She says it is probably best anyway. Victoria says she hasn’t been happy there since Adam came in anyway. Nikki asks her has she got any plans now. She says she would like to go to work at
Jabot. Nikki smiles again. She is so happy, she hugs Victoria.

Sabrina surprises Victor and he tells her about Victoria quitting her job after their argument over Adam. Sabrina tries to make him see how Nick and Victoria feel about having to share him with Adam now after all these years having him to themselves. She says the reason Victoria is so upset is because she adores him.

David gets back to the hotel room and he completely covers his tracks as to where he has been. She tells him she loved her massage that he got for her. He asks her if she is hungry and she says no, that she ran into Paul and they had dinner together. She tells him about Victoria stopping by and how she had a fight with Victor and quit her job.

Skye goes back to Adam’s hotel room and tells him how lucky she got. As they start talking it comes out that the man she won the big money from was David Chow. He is surprised. She asks if he knows him. He says it is his father’s ex-wife’s lover. He says he should be good for the money but Adam can’t help but wonder if Nikki even knows about this. She informs Adam that she could tell David was no small town gambler, he knew exactly what he was doing.

Gloria goes to talk to Jeffery. She sneaks in and hears him with Jill. She walks in and says “Oh Jeffery you are soooo busted” She thinks they are having sex but finds out he was only giving her a foot massage. She feels foolish. She tells Jeffery they may be separated but she is still his wife. Jill says not for long. She says what that is supposed to mean. She says he talked to his lawyer today and then Jill shuts up. She apologizes to Jeffery for telling her. He tells Gloria he didn’t see any reason to put the inevitable off. Gloria leaves but Jeffery follows her out the door and asks her isn’t this what she wanted.

Jan Barrett

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