When it is time for the newlyweds to cut the cake Daniel practically begs Cane to smash the cake into Lily’s face when they feed each other the first slice. Cane says she is too pretty to do that but then they all laugh when Daniel tells Lily to do it to Cane then. That’s when Lily shoves a large fork full into Cane’s mouth. Then they kiss. Murphy makes a toast saying it has been a long road and love conquers all. Jill yells out to Lily and Cane, and they all raise their glasses.

Devon talks to Aunt Virginia about why she told him that Tyra wasn’t related to him. She tells him that when Tyra’s mother died their family took her in but never legally adopted her so technically they aren’t really family and never has been. She didn’t realize that Devon didn’t know. Devon looks over at Neil dancing with Tyra and he asks if Tyra knows. Aunt Virginia says yes she knows she isn’t related to him nor Anna.

Katherine wants to see a smile on Billy’s face. He admits he isn’t smiling because he is thinking of Mac. He says the wrong things just seem to fly from his mouth when he is around her. He says Mac thinks that ship has sailed. Katherine tells him besides having an anchor around his neck called Chloe, he seems to be still chasing that boat.

Lauren fills Michael in on how everyone is since he has been gone. She tells him Eden and Fen are fine but he hasn’t heard from Gloria since she and Jeff left town a few days ago. Michael says that must mean trouble so he reaches for his phone. Lauren tells him that she feels they would have heard something from them by now if they were in trouble. She tells him tonight is only about them, asking just how long it has been since they were out on a real date.

Kevin and Mac talk about Billy. He asks her what did she ever see in him anyway. Jill complains to Nina about her wanting to make a movie from Katherine’s book. Nina says she thinks it would be a great idea saying she can dig up other information that isn’t in the book too. Amber thinks it is exciting, especially the part about when Mrs. C comes back from the dead. Katherine jokes around saying Sean Connery should play Murphy and Amber thinks Glenn Close would play Jill since she reminds her of Jill when she played the part of Cruella DeVille. Jill grumbles and says just when she starts to trust her again too, and then Katherine shows her what a bad idea it was.

Neil and Tyra dance together. He tells her there is so much he doesn’t know about her but he will enjoy finding out. Tyra sees Devon staring at them so she tells Neil she doesn’t think he has ever forgiven them for what he saw at Indigo. Neil tells her he will talk to him about it. She thinks it is best they just leave it alone. He says he doesn’t need his son’s permission to date the fascinating and beautiful Tyra. Daniel and Lily hug each other as they both wish each other the best. Amber watches and then tells Chloe that Lily has it all. She says she is welcome to Cane but she can’t help but wish it was she that had the ring and the big fluffy dress and the fairy tale ending. She worries that she will be Katherine’s age before Daniel is ready for marriage.

Billy can see that his mother is worried about more than just the movie so he talks to her about it. She makes him promise he won’t tell anyone. She explains about losing all her money from the bank in the Cayman when it collapsed. Billy is shocked but offers to help her with the trust fund his father left for him. Jill tells him she is touched that he would offer his help but she tells him she will be fine.

Lauren hands Michael an envelope with the Monte Carlo trip he gave her for their anniversary. She tells him she is ready to go. Michael says he loves the way she thinks. Then she surprises him with more when she hands him a key telling him they can enjoy brownies in bed upstairs. Michael yells out for the Check Please!

Devon is set to go ask Tyra about all this when Anna pulls him away. Cane asks Billy if Jill is ok and he tells him she is just emotional. Cane says this is a beginning for all of them. Chloe tells Cane and Lily it was a beautiful wedding and then apologizes for delaying it for a year. They tell her they are just happy it turned out this way and they can all be happy. Cane sweeps Lily off her feet telling her it is time they got out of there. When Lily tosses her bouquet, Amber jumps in front of Mac to catch it.

Jana teases Amber about being the next to marry. Daniel asks if she has another guy on the side or something. He says because he isn’t getting married anytime soon. Daniel tells her if it’s not broken don’t fix it. He asks why mess up a good thing.

Roxanne, Devon and Anna decorate Cane and Lily’s home with banners and stuff as a surprise to the newlyweds. Roxanne asks Devon if he is OK when she notices he looks like something is bothering him. He tells her he is annoyed that Neil and Tyra are acting like they are together so soon after Neil and Karen were divorced. She thinks they were only dancing so she doesn’t see why he is so freaked out by it.

Neil asks Tyra if she is ready to leave and offers to drive her home instead of her calling a cab. Billy runs for the door when he sees Mac about to leave. He apologizes to her for what he said to Kevin. He admits he is a jerk and asks for her forgiveness. She tells him too many weddings and too much history and then she leaves with Chloe watching.

Billy sends Chloe out to get the car and then he attempts to apologize to Kevin. Jana jumps in right away telling Billy to get out and leave them alone. Kevin tells him to drive safe and then calls him Willy. Billy tells them to have fun and he turns and walks away leaving with just an arm wave. Jana tells Kevin she is so proud of him.

Back at the Chancellor Estate Jill interrupts everyone telling them she was hoping for some peace and quiet at home. Murphy suggests she rents his trailer from him if that is what she wants. She says he would love for her to live in squalor but she isn’t going anywhere. She says nobody is taking anything from her and then she leaves the room. Mac feels sorry for Jill but Nina says it is Jill’s own fault that her life is always a mess. Katherine has tried reaching out to Jill but she feels she was wasting her breath.

Amber wants to talk to Daniel who has his mind on uploading wedding pictures. She mentions the 2 miscarriages she had and admits she still isn’t over that, saying maybe she never will be. She thinks her biological clock is clicking and with so many weddings lately… Daniel tells her he is not ready to make that kind of a commitment to anyone. She asks him if he is saying that they are another mistake he would rather avoid making. He tells her not to put words in his mouth. She wants marriage and kids but he would rather focus on their careers. Amber doesn’t want to waste time on something that isn’t going anywhere. Daniel tells her if that is an ultimatum, then she needs to do what she needs to do because he is not ready for marriage.

Cane carries Lily over the threshold and they love how the house was all decorated by Devon and his helpers. They find a note saying to get a good night’s sleep- NOT! They think perfect and then they look at each other and ask can they believe this is really their wedding night.

Jana and Kevin are the last ones at the reception to leave and Jana gets Kevin to dance with her. She says she has vowed to stand by him in sickness and health. He thanks her for being so patient with him. He tells her he has missed her so much and then they kiss.

Aunt Virginia tells Devon her room at the club is just fine. He tells her Anna is puppy sitting and Aunt Virginia says she has grown up so fast that she wouldn’t have recognized her. She starts talking about Yolanda and how she was a lovely woman before she got mixed up on drugs and the wrong people. She gives Devon a letter Yolanda wrote years ago but she kept it because one day it might be important. She explains the letter was to his father.

Neil and Tyra are at his apartment when she accepts a glass of wine. He makes a toast to the most beautiful woman at the reception tonight with the exception of the bride, and then they kiss each other.

Nina says it is weird being back in Genoa City. She says she walks out to Phillip’s grave site and even though she knows he is gone, they move on and now Cane is part of the landscape too. Mac tells her she has enjoyed getting to know her as she hugs her and bids her a good night. When Mac starts to go outside to get her book from her car she is startled when she opens the door to find Billy standing there about to knock.

Michael and Lauren come downstairs looking rather happy. He says that is what he calls a date night. He says tomorrow he will book the tickets for Monte Carlo. He goes for the car while Lauren returns the room key. He tells her she makes him feel like a teenager and he loves her.

Devon reads the letter out loud and he realizes it is his about his mother’s love for a man who was just passing through. She states that besides her broken heart he left behind something else, telling him she just gave birth to their son. Devon asks if she ever mailed it, and if this means his father never knew about him. Aunt Virginia tells him no baby.

Lily changes into a white lacy lingerie. Cane makes a toast to the new Mrs. Ashby. He tells her he thought he had lost her forever and he meant his vows to her and he feels rich much beyond compare. Then he confesses her doesn’t want the Chancellor money. She tells him she didn’t marry him for the money, she married him because she knows he will never let her down. He says he isn’t perfect but he promises from this moment on her will never disappoint her again. She says she is in this for the rest of their lives together as they start kissing.

After Neil kisses Tyra they head for his bedroom. Next we see Amber on her bed clinging to the wedding bouquet crying. Then we see Kevin and Jana leaving the reception and they start kissing on the elevator and they hit the stop button. At the Jabot pool house we see Chloe holding Delia close to her and she looks so sad. The finally we see Mac losing it with Billy. She asks what he is doing there and orders him to leave and to get out. Katherine walks up telling him he heard what Mac said. She thinks he should go home as she hugs Mac.

Jan Barrett

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