Cloe is suffering with a hang over at Crimson Lights when Cane sees her. She tells him she doesn’t remember anything about last night. He explains what all they did and suddenly she remembers kissing Cane but asks him not to tell Lily about it. Lily sees Cloe at Jabot later and they sit and talk about her hangover. Cane walks up and teases her about last night. He asks her if she told Lily. She says it doesn’t matter whatever it was it is over with now. Lily asks what are they talking about and Cloe says nothing.

Later Cane pulls Cloe into the empty board room. He asks her why she is so concerned about Lily finding out about her kissing him. He says he wants to get something straight here. He says she was the one drunk and she was the one that kissed him. He warns her that she can not use to this to try and frame him and he reminds her that she is an employee there.

After a photo shoot Cloe shows Nikki the proofs that she downloaded and printed out of Lily. Nikki likes what she sees and says she will show them to her art department. Later Cloe calls someone in New York and tells them Lily is money so if they want her they are going to have to fly them both to New York. She smiles and then hangs up looking very pleased with herself.

David corners Brad and tells him that the remark he made about Nikki’s ring were uncalled for. Brad tells him that ring looked mighty expensive and then reminds him that he owes him $100,000. David lies to him about the ring saying it is an old family heirloom and he has no idea how much it is worth. David tells him he hasn’t forgotten that he owes him the money. Brad reminds him a payment is due this week and warns him no to get in over his head and miss the payment. David says he will get his money. And in the future he would appreciate it if he stops with the remarks to his wife. Brad says oh that is right, he needs to remember that David is married now to a very rich woman at that so he knows he will be good for the money.

Jill spots Alistair with sunglasses on his eyes lurking around at Jabot. She rushes him into a room and tells him she told him not to ever come there. She tells him if he is there for money or booze he can forget it. He tells her he has some information to give her. He says Gloria is keeping a secret from Jeffery. He tells her she has jewelry stashed away but he doesn’t know anything about them.

Jeffery knocks on Gloria’s door telling her he is leaving town but she has his passport so he needs to find it. He rumbles through her files she has and they argue over their marriage being over. Finally she looks for the passport and finds it and throws it at him telling him to take it and go. He notices her trying to hides some papers. He asks her what she is hiding from him and she tells him it is none of his business. He reaches for it and sees it is a paper from some bank.

After Gloria is gone Jeffery tries to get the house maid to let him into Gloria’s room to leave a note and flowers for her but the maid says she can’t because it is against their policy to do so and she walks off. He goes after her and talks her into it this time. She lets him into the room. He searches the room and can’t find anything so he leaves but when he comes out the room Alistair is out there. Alistair tells Jeffery, “If it is dirt you are looking for on your ex, this could be your lucky day!”

Nikki and David and Brad have a meeting at Jabot. Everything that is going on, Brad has to explain even though Nikki and David both have received memos about. Brad tells them about a business decision he had to make while they were both gone and someone had to make the decision right away yet neither of them could be reached. Nikki isn’t happy with that but not much she can say about it. She receives a phone call and asks David and Brad to excuse her so she can take the call. Out in the hallway David tells Brad, “That was an obvious power play.” Brad tells him he is no position to question anything he does. He says if he wanted to pull a power play he has the right cards to do so.

Gloria goes into Jabot telling everyone good morning. Brad tells her he would say good morning back but it is afternoon now. She tells him she was working in her suite all morning. When Brad walks off she notices Alistair there. She tells him not to call her anymore and then promises not to call him. He walks off and then Jill walks up to her and tells her she is surprised she isn’t out celebrating their divorce. She tells Jill she is sure she is sorry that he is leaving town. Jill says at least he is leaving because of her though.

At a meeting, Jill, Gloria, Brad, Cane, Nikki listen to a new proposal David has come up with for a new line. Jill says it sounds revolting but Gloria says it could work combined. Nikki agrees with Gloria and tells her to run with it. A call comes in and Nikki tells David it is for him so he asks for a 5 minute break. Gloria thanks Nikki for supporting her idea and then notices the ring on Nikki’s finger and asks if she is the last to hear about this, then asks for details.

Nikki tells her that she and David were married over the weekend. She notices Gloria’s ring is gone and she asks where it is. After the meeting Brad is baiting David by reminding him that Nikki is rich and he is sure they have joint accounts now. David asks what he means. Brad asks if Nikki had him sign a prenuptial agreement and David says no.

Jan Barrett

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