After dropping the phone in a panic Ashley starts screaming that she has to get out of there. She runs right into Victor’s arms when she opens the door. She screams that Sabrina was just on the phone saying she was going to die.

Nick and Phyllis offer Nina a job writing for Restless Style which she says she would love to do but she can’t talk about what she is working on right now. Neil walks up and welcomes Nina and Mac both back in town and hopes he gets to see more of them. Meanwhile Jill talks to Billy and Chloe and says how odd that both her sons getting married within weeks of each other. Then she thinks back to when she got the news that the Cayman bank was going under. Billy asks her what’s going on. He says Jack said she was in trouble or something. She assures him it is nothing for him to worry about.

Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana arrive and Kevin is nervous saying it feels weird. Daniel tops that by saying Amber’s ex-husband is marrying his ex-wife. Katherine and Murphy walk up and tries to ease Kevin’s mind telling him to take it one day at a time r one second at a time if he needs it because they will be there for him.

Tyra says she loved Cane and Lily’s vows to each other. Devon thinks Lily and Cane is the one couple that will stick to their vows too. Anna puts Devon in an awkward position when she offers to sign as a witness when he and Roxanne get married. He tells her she sure knows how to get her brother in trouble, when Roxanne grabs his arm pulling him close to her and asks well Devon?  Mac walks over to everyone and asks if they had seen Colleen but Billy says she had to leave because her grandmother got into an accident.

Lily tells Cane she loves hearing him call her Mrs. Ashby and as soon as the elevator doors open everyone applauds the newlyweds. Katherine is the first to congratulate them and then Nina is right behind her telling Cane she is sure that Phillip would like to meet him too. Devon gets Anna telling her Lily’s surprise is here. Amber tells Chloe she is so sorry she missed her wedding. When Jill overhears them calling Lily’s dress simple and boring like the bride, she tells her that dress was her dead mother’s wedding dress as she insults them both thinking of them as the two other women that tricked her son, Cane into marriage. She tells them that Lily has impeccable taste.

Ashley tells Victor the rest of what she heard Sabrina telling her on the phone. When he asks why she thinks it was Sabrina. She says my God she kept saying it over and over again that she was Sabrina. She said the voice told her there was no escape, something about her being the next to die. She tells Victor she didn’t imagine this. Adam blames Estella saying maybe she used a recording of Sabrina. Victor tells Ashley to calm down and he checks the phone and finds it was an invalid number.

Victor calls Estella but Rafe answers. He asked him to check on Estella’s phone and see if she made a call to his home lately. Rafe scrolls down on the list of outgoing calls and says none were to his home. Victor thanks him and hangs up. He tells Adam Estella didn’t make that call. Adam asks well then who did.

Devon comes in with his big surprise. Tyra hears someone saying, Tyra baby! All she can say is, Aunt Virginia, what are you doing here? She introduces her to Anna and then goes around introducing her to everyone else in the family. Devon says he found her online. Aunt Virginia thanks Neil for all he has done to take such good care of her family. When Devon takes Aunt Virginia over for a drink Neil says how nice it is for her and Devon to have more family there saying it is just terrific. Tyra agrees but doesn’t really look too excited.

Olivia tells Lily she looked like such an angel walking down that aisle in her mothers dress and she is sure that Dru is smiling down at her right now. Lily tells Cane her mother would have loved him. Lily and Cane are introduced to Aunt Virginia just as Olivia gets a call from Victor. She tells everyone she has to go but she promises to come back. Cane tells Aunt Virginia he is honored to have her at their wedding as Lily welcomes her to their family. Lily asks her if she will be staying in town for a while and Devon tells her that is the plan.

Daniel jokes around with Phyllis and Nick about having to take wedding photos of his ex-wife but then says he will upload the pictures tonight. Phyllis thinks back to her and Nick’s wedding reception and how they didn’t make it to the reception. He said it was because they were in holding cell with Michael. She thinks they are doing better now though. Nick agrees with her saying yes they are. Phyllis is still upset about finding Sharon in his arms at the club though saying it seems she is always sort of not feeling so well these days. She tells him it is hard not to be paranoid even though she doesn’t want to be. He asks how he can convince her. She says she doesn’t know and then he suggests he parades his wife around proudly and have some fun because they are way overdue for that. They both grab a glass of wine and toast to survival and fun.

Everyone starts applauding when Cane and Lily are on the dance floor dancing their first dance. Cane dips Lily as he kisses her. Devon introduces the father of the bride and mother of the groom. While Jill and Neil dance they talk about grandchildren jokingly. Now everyone else is invited to join in dancing. Chloe tells Billy the baby is sleeping now. She pouts because they never got to dance at their own wedding. Billy says what the hell as he takes her to the dance floor telling her they are going to show them how it is done. Neil cuts in asking to borrow Lily from Cane. She tells her father she feels like she is living in a fairy tale. He tells her how proud he is of her and that she is a beautiful young lady. He has to get use to another man taking care of his baby girl. She assures Neil she trusts Cane with all of her heart. Neil promises her he will always be there for her. Neil tells her that her marriage to Cane will be as amazing as his was to Dru, and he agrees that Cane does love her.

Meanwhile Jill is dancing with Cane telling him how proud she is of him and that she loves having Lily as her daughter in law. She asks Cane has he considered taking his father’s name. He is surprised as he asks her is she wants him to become a Chancellor. She tries to encourage him to take the Chancellor name so he can carry on his father’s legacy. Katherine overhears it and she interrupts telling Cane she’s be honored if he would carry on the name. Cane asks for some time to think about it and then he dances with Katherine. Murphy asks Jill to dance and she says why not. Cane tells Katherine he is happy to see him mother being civil at least. He says the best wedding present ever would be for her to continue doing so.

Amber and Daniel finally get a dance together. They say Cane and Lily seem happy, and then they wonder is they will soon have kids. They bump into Jana and Kevin and switch partners. As a joke, Daniel and Kevin start dancing together which makes Phyllis laugh calling Daniel her incorrigible son. Nick says he wonders where he gets that from and then surprisingly dips Phyllis and he tells her he has her. She agrees that he has her and they kiss.

When Olivia gets out at the ranch after Victor called she is told about Ashley’s call. She wants to check Ashley out but Ashley wishes they hadn’t called her. Olivia tells them the wedding was great and as soon as she checks Ashley out she is going back. She asks Adam for a little breathing room who them excuses himself. She sits Ashley down and then assures her that Victor doesn’t think she is losing her mind. While Olivia checks Ashley, Victor asks Adam about the call but Adam tells him he didn’t hear a voice on the other end of the phone nor can he swear he heard the baby crying. When Victor mentions the recorder Adam tells him that it is possible that someone else could have put it in with the laundry bag.

Phyllis and Nick are back at Restless Style and she can’t find her keys. Nick kisses her on her shoulders and admits he had a good time tonight, saying it was the best time they have had in ages. Phyllis agrees that they have fun together and reminds him she still has her blue cowboy hat. They start kissing then decide to get out of there but then give it second thought about them just staying there. Suddenly the desk is cleared in a flash and they are on top of it.

Olivia takes Ashley’s temperature and then asks if she has been depressed or anxious about something. She tells her yes because someone is trying to torture her. Olivia says her temperature and blood pressure have slightly elevated. She tells her not to panic but because of her history she’s like to check her into the hospital for observation. She tells her she needs to talk to someone but Ashley says she only needs her and Victor and she needs them to believe her. When Olivia says she does, Ashley tells her to tell Victor that. She promises Olivia she will take it easy and not answer the phone anymore tonight. When Olivia talks to Victor Adam tells Ashley Victor hasn’t called the police. She is upset because Victor keeps defending Estella. Adam tells her that Estella has an airtight alibi, so it wasn’t her. Olivia tells Victor that Ashley is scared but Olivia can’t rule out that she could be having a breakdown which is what Victor was afraid of too.

Olivia takes Ashley up to her room. Ashley thanks Adam for his support. Victor says some good things come out of bad situations, then thanks Adam for being supportive of Ashley. Adam sits there saying it is a little late for that don’t you think, to himself as he fiddles with something underneath the table.

Nick and Phyllis are now snuggling naked on the sofa as they wonder if they use moments like this to feel closer. Phyllis thinks they do and asks if that bothers him. He says no but he sure would like to be closer again as he kisses her. She says she feels closer to him now more than they have been in months. He tells her he likes that.

Aunt Virginia talks to Devon and asks questions about how Tyra was able to adopt Anna. Devon tells her that Tyra raised Anna. Aunt Virginia says but they usually want a blood relative, don’t they? Then she excuses herself to go freshen up.

Some guy named Billy walks up to Kevin and Jana and says, well, well if it isn’t the Silver Chipmunk causing Jana defends Kevin right away. He tells Kevin he is still a pervert and they should lock him up calling Kevin a psycho freak. Mac jumps in asking Billy how he can be so cruel. She points her finger at him telling him he is not the person she remembers him as and she is so disappointed in him.

Jill tells Katherine that they have discussed Cane taking the Chancellor name before he has children. Nina is fine with that. They all agree that Cane is Phillip’s son. This will be the final chapter in making things right. Amber comes over talking about making a movie about Katherine’s life which causes Nina’s mouth to drop, not to mention sending Jill into shock.

When it is time for the cake cutting, Cane leads Lily over to it and they thank everyone for coming. Lily says she will cherish this day for the rest of her life. Devon yells out for them to cut the cake already. Cane and Lily both make wishes that all their friends will be inspired by all that they have been through, yet they never gave up on their dreams and they hope all will be as happy as they are. Everyone applauds them as they cut the cake. Mac is still fuming as she glances over at Billy which Chloe notices.

Jan Barrett

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